22 Toys Chosen by Kids – Hot 2015 Toys

Below is a brief description of the 22 toys that were “chosen by kids” as the hot toys for 2015. Click on the toy name and it will take you to my comprehensive blog article so you can find out all about that toy.
1. Disney Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Checkup CenterKids love nurturing their pets when they need some help. Using their imagination in play helps them be more creative, but there are toys that can also boost their creative side as well as give them lots of fun playtime.
2. Candy Craft Chocolate Pen – This is the perfect toy for kids of all ages. With it, your child can easily create a variety of treats including candy pops. It can be used to decorate cupcakes or make separate delicious designs that are completely edible. Kids love this toy because it gives them a chance to express their creativity and explore the fun world of baking.
3. Barbie Dreamhouse – One of the most iconic toys relating to Barbie is the Barbie Dreamhouse and year after year, it continues to be a bestseller. The toy is suitable for kids ages three and older. The three story home has elevator accessible floors and comes with an amazing assortment of accessories for Barbie and her friends.
4. Fisher Price Bright Beats Dance & Move Beatbo – If you’re looking for a great toy for a child between the ages of 9 months to 3 years old, then this is it. This toy is an animatronic friend that not only promotes physical activity, but is a learning tool as well.
5. Nerf N-Strike Mega Series RotoFury Blaster – There’s nothing like engaging in a game of Nerf with your friends. You want to make sure that you have a top of the line blaster that will quickly settle the question of who’s the best and that answer is found in the Nerf N-Strike Mega Series RotoFury Blaster.
6. Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex – Dinosaurs are creatures that really spark a child’s imagination and now with the Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex, they can bring to life a multitude of adventures.
7. Disney Frozen Elsa Castle – Kids everywhere loved and adored the world that Elsa lived in. Now, thanks to the Disney Frozen Elsa Castle, kids can explore their imaginations and experience the world that Elsa created.
8. Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset – One of the hottest sets right now is the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset because it’s power packed with hours of entertainment for your child and his friends.
9. Marvel RC Hulk Smash – If there’s one thing that kids love to play with, it’s vehicles of all shapes and sizes. They also love to use their imagination to create scenes involving their favorite heroes. With the Marvel RC Hulk Smash vehicle, they get the two combined.
10. Fisher Price Little People Big Animal Zoo – This toy will help to foster your child’s desire to explore and discover how things work. With this zoo, your little one can pretend that when it’s dinnertime for the animals, that he’s feeding them their supper.
11. Fisher Price Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Shipwreck Rails Set – Based on the Thomas and Friends movie featuring a lost treasure, this playset will be a welcome addition to any TrackMaster connectable set. With this set, kids can experience the thrill of the action in the movie as they also locate the remains of the shipwreck.
12. My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Canterlot Castle Play – The My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Canterlot Castle Play is a magical playset. Now your child can experience the wonder of love and friendship with the ponies as they go on fun, imaginative adventures together.
13.  Little Live Pets Clever Keet – The Little Live Pets Clever Keet is just like a real parakeet but without the mess a bird makes or the responsibility it takes to care for one. This toy is an interactive toy that will delight your child.
14. Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit – By using the Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit, your child can work on different experiments and find answers just like the characters on Project Mc2.
15. HoverTech Battle FX – This toy is one that offers up something new every single time kids play with it. And it’s so challenging that kids will find themselves competing to improve their skill level each time that send it up into the air.
16. Girl Scouts Deluxe Cookie Oven – Now girls can use their very own Girl Scouts Deluxe Cookie Oven to create special treats to eat and to share with friends.
17. Pie Face GameThis game offers up one of the funniest experiences with games that you’ll ever have. It’s not complicated to play and everyone will want in on the fun.
18. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway – If your toddler is showing an interest in race cars, then this toy is sure to delight him. This fun playset comes with one SmartPoint race car, one remote controller, and 13.5 feet of track – so there’s lots of room to play.
19. 1:10 Full-Function 12.8V Pro Reaper RC Car – One of the most in demand remote control cars on the market right now is the 1:10 Full-Function 12.8V Pro Reaper R/C Car. Driving this car will give kids a one of a kind off road test of endurance and fun.
20. Max Tow Truck Turbo Speed – This truck is the kind of truck that puts all the others to shame with what it can do.

21. Shopkins S3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck Playset – Kids of every age love collecting Shopkins. These are cute, tiny characters based on objects and foods. There are hundreds of different characters and kids can continually grow their set. In addition to collecting the individual characters, kids can also get playsets like the Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck Playset.

22. FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn – This animal is huggable and lovable and has the ability to react when your child touches her. She’ll move about just like a real pet would. The unicorn has the ability to react when your child speaks or touches her.

I hope this post helps you find the perfect gift for the children in your life.