Barbie Doll Characters

Barbie Dolls and Accessories
Barbie is one of the most well known fashion dolls in the world. From the moment the doll burst onto the toy scene, she’s been a consistent bestselling toy that’s loved by children and collectors alike.
There are so many versions of the doll that you can buy along with her plentiful accessories, playsets and even household items like bedding. Many of the Barbie dolls are created after movie characters and some are created with a particular career, such as Barbie as a veterinarian.
The Barbie and The Secret Door Princess Alexa Singing Doll is a princess doll based on the story of Barbie and The Secret Door. The doll can play tunes from the movie and comes with a magical light up bodice.
The neon skirt of her dress shimmers with beautiful flowers. The doll comes with a wand and tiara and the batteries are included with the doll. The Barbie Beach Summer Doll is all ready for summer with her stylish swimsuit and sunglasses.
The doll will go great with the Barbie Glam Pool. Now Barbie can have all her friends over for a day of fun in the sun. The pool comes with a slide, umbrella and tropical drinks. Barbie’s sister Skipper is also available with the Barbie Sisters Skipper Doll and Tiki Hut Playset. In the set, along with the doll, you’ll get the tiki hut, a volleyball net and ball for games with friends, drinks, stools, a cash register, sunglasses, flippers, a snorkel and more. The Ken doll is a great doll to go along with your Barbie dolls.
You can get Barbie Beach Ken Doll if you’re looking for a Ken doll to go along with your Barbie pool accessories. Or you can get the doll as part of a two pack set in the Barbie Careers Barbie and Ken Doll Giftset.
This set has both dolls dressed in pilot outfits complete with luggage and passports. But if you’re looking for a more relaxed Barbie and Ken, you can go with the Barbie and Ken Date Night Doll, which is also a two pack set.
Even doll needs a vacation – and the Barbie Glam Getaway House makes the perfect place to relax and have fun.
I’d love to know which Barbie is your child’s favorite. Please comment and let me know!