The Bounce-Off Game is the most popular new game of the year. Touted to be for ages from 8 to 88, this game was a finalist for the Toy Industry Association’s Game of the Year.
Two to four players can meet the challenges of the game as they bounce ping pong balls into the patterns on the challenge cards. Bounce-Off looks easy, but the play is at a feverish pitch as the challengers race to match the challenge card.
The play is based on turns, but the actual action is played at a frenzied pace. No matter how young or old, everyone will enjoy the game of Bounce-Off, so it’s great for family get-togethers or game nights where you bring the guests and the family together for an evening of fun and laughter.
The older people will especially enjoy the challenges and the family bonding experience. The youngsters will enjoy the attention from parents and other adults and the challenges that they can easily compete in.
Perfect your game and get better at landing the bounce and soon you’ll be able to meet even the best of the competition. The complete game of Bounce-Off comes with 16 balls, four ball holders, nine challenge cards, one game grid and the instructions.
The difficulty of the challenge depends on the pattern on the card you draw. Challengers will each be assigned a color and the first color to complete the challenge on the card wins the card.
You must win three cards to be the winner of the game. Mattel, who makes the Bounce-Off game, is the master of game-making. You may want to look at other games from Mattel such as the Ker Plunk Game, the most popular game of Mattel for over 35 years, the Tumblin’ Monkeys Game, a perfect game for younger kids and the Pass the Popcorn Game – a game based on movies where the players are given movie clues.
Mattel has made a point of creating games that delight both young and old and promises a good time for everyone. You can’t go wrong with choosing a Mattel game for a gift for a loved one or friend.
While you’re at it plan a game night, some great snacks and bond with friends or family members. Enjoy your holiday season with one of the many Hasbro games games make memories that will last forever.