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Tyco Terra Climber Remote Control Vehicle

If your child is a fan of remote controlled toy vehicles, the Terra Climber Remote Control Vehicle from Mattel will be a perfect addition to his collection. It made it to this year’s Walmart Hottest 25 Toys list!

This remote control car will keep kids entertained for hours with its ability to scale terrain both indoors and outdoors. The car can climb over logs, rocks and even piles of wood. It’s so tough and durable, that it can even go up stairs that are up to eight inches in height.

The remote is also lightweight and easy for little hands to hold because the remote only has two buttons, which can be worked in tandem. You can also use the buttons separately, which works well for those with smaller hands.


The toy is sturdy, which makes it perfect to use for playing in sand or dirt. The toy does flip sometimes when climbing, but because of its design, it will right itself. The toy is also great for indoor use.

It’s sturdy enough that it can be used to knock over toy blocks or buildings, but it’s not big enough to cause damage to walls or furniture. The toy can climb over small blocks and plastic toy figurines without damaging them.

The wheels have rubber treads, which allows the toy to go through mud without getting stuck. It also allows for the car to be able to climb stairs of any kind – including carpeted, patio, deck, and playground steps.

Although the toy conquers a lot of tough terrain, the tail works as a counter balance. If the tail isn’t extended, there’s a greater chance of the toy flipping, especially if it’s scaling stairs.

The Terra Climber measures two feet in length when the tail part is extended. The remote control toy is green with an orange underside and orange wheels. The tail is silver with a green tip.

The bright colors make it easy to spot – whether it’s hiding in the toy closet or ran out of battery juice in the bushes. This toy comes with 9.6v rechargeable batteries so it can be played with as soon as it’s taken out of the package.

The charger is also included. The toy has an extensive battery life and can be used for hours of play before it needs to be charged again. Two standard AA batteries are needed for the remote control.

The little toy doesn’t need a lot of set-up once it’s removed from the box. You just have to snap the tail on and it’s good to go. If the toy gets excessively dirty from outdoor use, it should be wiped down with a damp cloth. The Tyco Terra should never be submerged in water.

Fisher Price Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway

Little kids love playing with cars and the Fisher Price Little People Sit ‘n Stand Skyway offers plenty of fun to spark their imagination. There are little roads that they can propel their vehicles up and down over.

The skyway – which made Walmart’s Hottest 25 Toys List for 2016 – has plenty of bright colors and interesting stops along the way – such as the town that’s part of the Skyway. Kids can run imaginary errands in their vehicles or stop for a visit just like Mom and Dad.


When their tank of gas is getting low, they can pause at the gas pump to get a refill and keep on playing. From top to bottom, the Skyway will entertain your child. The set is a little above three feet in height, which makes it the perfect size for toddlers to be able to reach.

By putting their cars at the very top of the Skyway and letting go, they can delight to see the vehicles speed down all the roadways and ramps. Kids love making their cars go into the car wash and being in control of lifting up the gates to let their cars go on their way.

The ramps are spiral, which helps keep the vehicles in place as they zip around the toy until they reach the end of the road. The set takes minimal assistance once it’s put together to get it ready for your child to play with and it can switch from a roadway to the tower.

This two way configuration doubles your child’s playing fun. You can change it from a sit down toy to a stand up one. What some parents do is they use the toy in the sit down mode for younger children until their child is a little older.

You can also use the Matchbox cars with this set as your child gets older. Included in the set are two of the Wheelies cars. This toy is suitable for kids who are one and a half up to five years old.

As well as being a fun toy, it also offers some educational value. It encourages physical activity, hand-eye coordination and putting objects in place. Batteries are not needed for this toy, but there is some assembly required and depending on your handiness with putting things together, the timing to get it set up might vary.

The skyway doesn’t dismantle once you have everything screwed into place. So you can’t store it in a toy box, but you can tuck it in a corner or into a closet if you need to get it out of the way.

Scalextric ARC One

Plenty of kids know the thrill of playing with slot cars. Racing them around the track for fun or in competition to try and beat your opponent was a great way to spend a few hours having fun.
But Scalextric has changed the game so that the cars use modern technology to up the stakes when it comes to racing. What Scalextric has done is to take the benefit of the classic racing and mix it up with technology to increase the functionality of the cars and the fun of the game.
You can get different sets and they each offer different features. Some of the features are the same throughout – such as being able to race against an opponent, getting to keep up with the times of the laps, battling it out in tournaments and even holding a drag race event or two.
Technology makes it all possible and by combing the technology of Bluetooth with the fun of racing cars, Scalextric created a game that can work with your smartphone.
There are no more guessing games with the races once you situate your phone in the holder the racetrack has. Kids no longer have to guess when it’s time to set off from the starting line and there’s no figuring out if one player jumped the gun.
The app will let the drivers know when it’s time to take off for the laps and at the end of the game, it tallies the score to show you which car came in first. The speeds are accounted for and each aspect of the race is covered so that kids get to view it once the race is over.
Just like running cars at a real racetrack, the game adds an element of reality here by offering pit stops. The cars will be notified when they need to come in to get the once over and if they don’t listen up, they’ll get the penalty for not listening to the notice to come in.
The pit stops can cover things like a tire puncture or engine trouble, fuel or more. The app will clock the time the race began and has the feature that will shut down the power if a car ends up off the track.
There’s also a jump start penalty, the option to change drivers, and a lap counter as well as a qualifying laps. The cars can race neck and neck or kids can employ whatever driving decision they want that they think will make them take first place.
The app you use with the system will give you the racing modes, the setting and more. You do get hand throttles, but some of the sets do offer wireless play. The cars from one set are compatible with the cars from another Scalextric set, including the older models. The set is for use with Apple or Android phones.
Have fun,

Parrot MiniDrones Jumping Sumo

If you’re into technology, then you know that the latest rage right now is drones. You can find a ton of different drones available but you’ll be hard pressed to find one as cool and exciting as the Parrot MiniDrones Jumping Sumo.
That’s because this drone reved it up a notch with what it’s capable of doing and this one makes many of the hot toy lists. This is a light up drone so it can maneuver in dark places in the house such as under furniture or with the lights off.
It’s fun to use at night outside as well as during the day. It’s light up so it can easily be seen from a distance, too. The LED lights shine on anything in its path – plus, it has a camera so you can see where it’s going.
The camera can stream video so kids can watch replays. And it’s built for speed with a top of the line motor. Plus, the body is durable and can withstand tough play and situations. Not only does the Jumping Sumo have the corner on how fast it can travel but this one is unique in that it has the ability to jump.
Not just small little heights, either. This drone has the ability to leap a mind blowing 2.5 feet up into the air. You can send it flying up over objects and it’s amazing to watch it go.
The back wheels are super large, which help the drone keep its balance – but the wheels also give it the ability to keep that faster speed that leaves other drones sitting still.
This makes it difficult to beat in a race with the width coupled with the traction ability. The drone is tough and agile too with the ability to make 90 and 180 degree turns with ease.
There are app controls that kids can use to have the drone make whatever movements they want it to make. Plus, the drone can move forward and backward or leap.
You do have to have access to Wi-Fi to be able to use the drone and it is compatible with smartphone and tablet devices. The drone operates using the menu and it has the capability of being able to communicate from about 50 meters away. The set comes with the drone, a battery, the USB cable, stickers for customization, and a quick start guide.

Anki Overdrive

There are racing cars and then there are Supercars that own the track. That’s what Anki Overdrive is. Long gone are the days when you simply run a car across a racetrack trying to be faster than your opponent.
Not so with this. Anki Overdrive has the cars that allow you to disable the car you’re racing against. It’s a little like using the cars in an epic battle of laser tag. These futuristic cars race around tracks that are more than just tracks. By the way, this is recommended for ages 8-15.
They’re battlefields – and only the most cunning players will taste the victory. There are different game modes you can play and you can customize your car so that’s a personal battle of one on one.
You can decide how fast the car goes and the weapons that it will use to defend itself. It’s easy to get started battling it out. You have to decide which battlefield of the eight that you want to use and construct it.
Some of the top contenders are the Overpass, the Loopback and the Wedge. When you’re done setting up the track, then you download the Anki Overdrive app and you’re ready to make the road your own.
Each of the sets come with two of the Supercars, a variety of track pieces, both straight and curved, as well as two risers, the charging piece, and a tire cleaner. You can add to the sets.
The cars that you get in the set are the Groundshock and Skull and what’s really cool about these cars is that they’re the ones that can make decisions about racing and defending themselves to beat the other car.
There are many variations on how you can play the game so that no battle is ever the same as the one before. The cars themselves are quite awesome to see in action. Groundshock can make the track electrified which creates lightning to be able to disable the opponent.
It does this through electropulse. These electric blasts make it a top challenger on any of the track designs. Skull is made for speed and has a cannon that can stop an opponent in his tracks.
He comes ready to play to win. The plasma cannon shoots energy toward the other car and if it hits it, the car explodes. You can choose to upgrade variations with the cars when it comes to the speed and the weapons that they use.
These virtual weapons the cars use can be quite cunning as they work to create chaos for their opponents. When you buy this set, you will have to have a mobile device that’s compatible such as an iOS or Android. If you use the mobile devices for the battles, you have to have WiFi.
Happy Racing!
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Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset

The Hot Wheels vehicles are so much fun to collect and it’s even more fun to collect the many different playsets that relate to these vehicles. One of the hottest sets right now is the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset because it’s power packed with hours of entertainment for your child and his friends.
This is the king of sets and is said to be the largest Hot Wheels garage on the market. It has a total of 36 places for kids to park their Hot Wheels vehicles. On top of that, there’s room for play, so kids have the opportunity to do a lot of different things with the set.
There are different places on the garage that lets kids choose which type of play they want to engage in. There’s the tune-up shop where they can pull in a Hot Wheels car and make it run beautifully with a top-notch tune up.
The set also has a gas station where kids can pull a car in and pretend to gas it up and get the windshield all cleaned and shiny. There’s also a chomping shark kids can make the cars zip past along with a helipad and pier.
That way, kids can use their imagination in a lot of different ways. This is a multi-level garage that features a ramp kids can use to zip the cars down. Kids of all ages will love the chance to prove that their car is the fastest as they set them up to race down the ramp.
They won’t have to guess which car won because a winner flag will show who won the race. There is a total of eight different fun areas that kids can use to play with the cars. The garage comes with both sound and lights.
The garage is fairly tall since it has four levels for the parking spaces. Kids use the ramp to get into the garage but there are two elevators that can move the cars from one of the levels to another.
When a car races through certain areas of the garage, this causes the lights and sounds to turn on. When you get the garage, it comes with the garage, five different Hot Wheels vehicles and the helicopter.
The helicopter has the ability to lift up the cars one at a time. You can use the garage as a standalone set or it can be connected to other tracks. When your child is through playing with the garage for the day, it makes a great place to store and show off his Hot Wheels collection.
The toy is suitable for kids who are at least 5 years old and older. There is some assembly required and this can take a little time because of all of the adhesive decals to put up. Make sure you buy some AA batteries because they’re needed for the garage to make the sounds and light up. These aren’t included in the box.
P.S. As an added gift, check out the Pack of 20 Hot Wheels.

Paw Patrol Paw Patroller

There’s not a moment to waste, especially when someone needs to be rescued. Getting into the action, especially if that action is rescue, is something that kids of all ages really enjoy.
When those rescue characters are ones that are featured on favorite games, series, and in videos, they’re all the more special to kids. With the Paw Patrol Paw Patroller, kids can go from one adventure to the next with their favorite animal heroes.
The adventures of the Paw Patrol series are led by Ryker, the boy who helps the brave rescue dogs on their many different missions. This toy is a rescue vehicle that can be used to carry three of the different Paw Patrol vehicles at once and the side of it can be closed when not in use.
But during play, it can expand to hold up to six if you use the Patroller when it’s open and there are two different levels to the rescue center. Ryker comes as part of this set along with his ATV.
When the kids aren’t playing with the ATV and using it on various rescues, it can be stored in the rear of the Patroller. Kids will be thrilled to be able to play long with the different adventures using the Patroller.
The vehicle comes with sound effects just like kids get to experience when they watch the stories on Nick Jr. It also has an elevator that works. The elevator has the ability to lift the different vehicles to the top where the command center is located.
This tough toy has wide, durable wheels that allow it to be taken from one location to another through even the toughest rescue adventures. The top of the rescue vehicle can open so that kids can seat their rescue pups in the cab.
You can use the Patroller to set off on rescue missions with firedog Marshall or track down those who need help with Chase, the police dog. These different rescue dogs all have separate skills that can be used to create hours of imaginative play time.
Along with their gadgets and vehicles, your child will have never-ending fun. The rescue vehicle also has a landing area so that Skye is able land her chopper to help aid in any rescue the dogs have to take care of.
This vehicle is perfect for kids 3 and older. It requires batteries, which do come with the purchase. You’ll receive the Ryker figure, his ATV vehicle, the stickers that you need to decorate the Patroller and instructions for how to operate the toy.
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Paw Patrol Zipper Pulls/Charms
Paw Patrol Zipper Pulls/Charms

Max Tow Truck Turbo Speed

Of the many different toys that kids love, trucks rank pretty high on the list. When those trucks have more technology, better features and a greater ability to do things, these are the ones that end up on every child’s wish list.
That’s why the Max Tow Truck Turbo Speed is one of the hottest trucks that kids are begging to get. This truck is the kind of truck that puts all the others to shame with what it can do.
The first feature that it has is an amazing amount of power. The strength of the truck has yet to be topped with any toy truck that’s been manufactured. You would think that with the amount of strength the truck has, that it would be bulky, which in turn would take away some of its speed.
But that’s not the case at all. Even with all its power, the Max Tow Truck can outrun other trucks. When kids put Max in gear, he surges forward like he’s been set free. And this truck doesn’t stop if something is blocking his path.
He has the ability to change his power mode and get the object out of his way. He’s not about to let anything keep him from getting where he’s going. The truck is so strong that kids can use Max’s chain to hook up to an object that weighs as much as 200 pounds and the truck will take care of it.
He can push that much weight or pull it. That kind of strength is amazing. The truck will tow that heavy object from one area to the next with ease – without any limitations at all. Besides being able to pull that much weight, Max’s power and sturdy tires let him drive right over items in his path if he needs to.
Kids can fill a wagon with books, boxes or other heavy objects, fix Max’s chain to the wagon and watch him take off and he’ll do it in style and with power. Max has turbo mode that blasts him right off, ready to roll – and he’ll keep on going until he needs to shift that mode.
But pulling and pushing with incredible strength isn’t all that Max can do. This truck has the ability to interact with your child. He can say 50 different phrases as well as make sounds.
He interacts with kids when the activation areas on the truck are activated. These areas are the tow hitch, the front bumper and the siren that’s on the roof of the truck. When you buy the truck, you also get the chain and the tow hooks. The truck is suitable for kids from 6 to 9 but older kids do enjoy playing with this toy.

Shopkins S3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck Play Set

Kids of every age love collecting Shopkins. These are cute, tiny characters based on objects and foods. There are hundreds of different characters and kids can continually grow their set.
In addition to collecting the individual characters, kids can also get playsets like the Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck Playset. This Shopkins playset comes with a cute pink and white ice cream van.
The front of the van has a steering wheel and two seats – one your child can use to seat a driver – and one for a passenger. In the back of the van, there’s a little sink where kids can pretend to wash their Shopkins.
Also, in the back is a freezer where kids can place their Shopkins characters. The roof of the van lifts up to reveal a menu of tasty treats, just like a real ice cream truck has. One thing parents love about the ice cream playset is that it doesn’t require batteries and it doesn’t make any noise.
This encourages children to use their imagination while they play. The truck isn’t motorized, but the wheels on the truck do turn so kids can push the ice cream van around the floor while delivering treats if they want.shopkinsicecreamtruckset2Besides the van, the Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck Playset comes with several different accessories. The most beloved accessories are the Shopkins characters, Wally Water and Kylie Cone.
These two characters are exclusive to this playset and are great additions to any Shopkins collection. Another fun accessory that comes with the playset is the ice cream sign.
Kids can park the ice cream vehicle and then set up the ice cream sign so that their other Shopkins characters know just where to line up for a refreshing treat. The playset also has a table with a bright yellow umbrella.
The table has room to hold three of the Shopkins characters and it easily rotates so kids don’t have to move when they want to play with a different character. The seats where the characters will sit are shaped like little ice cream cones which is sure to delight fans of the Shopkins sets.
Besides the accessories, this playset also comes with two shopping bags. These bags are exclusive to this playset and can be opened easily. Kids can put one or more Shopkins characters in these bags, depending on the size of each character.
Kids love getting to play with miniature playsets like this one. But what makes this particular Shopkins toy popular is the fact that it’s so big, kids can transport twenty or thirty Shopkins around at one time. This makes it a fun toy to enjoy with siblings or friends.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway

Remote controlled vehicles are hot items in toys today and the VTech Ultimate RC Speedway is a great way to introduce younger children to the world of remote controlled vehicles.
If your toddler is showing an interest in race cars, then this toy is sure to delight him. This fun playset comes with one SmartPoint race car, one remote controller, and 13.5 feet of track – so there’s lots of room to play.
There’s a button on the car that, when activated, will say phrases, make sounds and share music. This is a learning car as well because it will say the letter R along with the name of the car.
The remote control is shaped like a steering wheel and it’s easy to manage, even for young children. This is because the controller has only two buttons, forward and backward.
On the racetrack, you’ll find that there are SmartPoints. These eight areas function as checkpoints. When the car arrives at a checkpoint, this is when it lights up and plays music.
This is useful in teaching toddlers about cause and effect as well as giving them a fun playtime. If you have more than one child or if you’re planning on using this toy at a party, you’ll want to keep in mind that the VTech Ultimate RC Speedway only comes with one car and one remote controller.
Additional cars and remotes can be purchased separately if you need them for more than one child. The Speedway can hold up to 3 cars on the racetrack at one time. That means three players can race against each other to find out who’s the fastest.
One thing that parents love about the Ultimate RC Speedway is that it can easily connect with other VTech racetracks. This means you and your child could use pieces from other playsets to create a unique racetrack that’s bigger than the one pictured on the box.
Kids love watching their car go around the racetrack and parents love the sturdy design of the toy. That means even if your child is a little rough with the racetrack, it won’t break or stop working.
This playset comes with five AAA batteries for demo purposes. These batteries will power the car and remote control for a little while, but if you imagine that your child will spend hours playing with this toy, then you’ll want to pick up some heavy duty re-chargeable batteries.  Keep in mind that if you add an extra car, you’ll need additional batteries as well. The set is easy to assemble and the pieces snap into place.
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