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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Silent Mary Ghost Ship Playset

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales LEGO Pirate Ship (ages 4+)

During the toy fair in New York this year (2017), we got to see many amazing toys – some of them really caught our eye. Since we are a major Lego fan (a lot of Lego stuff was introduced), the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Lego Pirate Ship (71042 Silent Mary) really stood out from the crowd for us. This is the fifth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Lego Pirate Ship is set to release on May 26, 2017.

Looking at all of the pieces, you are going to have a whole lot of fun when it comes time to put Silent Mary together. This set has a total of 2,294 pieces. This is a pretty big ship, but it’s not the biggest ship Lego has ever made. It does, however, impressively measure 18 inches in height, 27 inches long and 8 inches wide. With the main mast collapsed, she’s a little over 14 inches. To give you a comparison, the largest Lego ship is the 10210 Imperial Flagship – it measures 29.5 inches long and 23.6 inches tall.

The Box and Instructions
Silent Mary will arrive in a dark and intimidating box – there’s no bright colors standing out on this set. On the front of the box, you’ll see a picture of Silent Mary’s bow opening up with Captain Jack Sparrow and the crew looking into their row boat, surrounded by a pool of ghost sharks.
One thing we noticed with this set is that it doesn’t have any stickers, which is weird, because most Lego sets come with stickers. There’s not many printed parts either. If you’re not a big sticker fan though, you’re going to be happy that it’s lacking stickers because those are always tedious when it comes to applying them.
In the box, you’re going to find sixteen bags – those contain the part you need. We personally like how Lego puts their parts in bags, because when it comes to building, you have got to stay organized, otherwise, you’re going to end up with one big headache. There’s even a bag that contains the fabric sails that are paced with a cardboard backing in order to make sure they stay in good condition.
As far as the instructions go – there’s a book that contains a total of 263-pages. Don’t worry, because the instructions are well laid out and easy to follow – Lego always does a good job with their instructions. When you open up the instruction book, you’ll find a short bio for the mini figures as well as an image of the character from the movie.

Mini Figures
The Silent Mary contains a total of eight mini figures. You will have the following mini figures:
* Henry
* Captain Jack Sparrow
* Carina
* Captain Salazar
* Lieutenant Lesaro
* Officer Santos
* Officer Magda
* Silent Mary Masthead

The ghost pirates are some of the coolest mini figures we have seen in quite some time. Both Officer Santos and Captain Salazar have transparent heads. Captain Salazar has a neat looking printed outfit and is wearing black epaulettes to complete his look.

The first thing you’re going to be putting together is the little row boat. It contains a simple seat and a lantern along with a couple of oars. When it comes to putting the big ship together, you’ll have some pretty amazing Technic builds to look forward to. Overall, there are some points that will be a bit tricky, but with a little bit of time, you’ll get past it.

If you’re a Lego fan and you enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean, then this would be a great build for you. This build will bring you hours of time and once it is all put together, you can proudly display it on your shelf.

Minions MiP Turbo Dave (Ages 4+)

When a new figure, like Minions, first comes out on the market, children throughout the world practically beg for it and here’s yet another toy many children are going to want. At the Toy Fair in London this year (2017), a new minion was revealed – Minions MiP Turbo Dave and he can be controlled by a remote! Right now, we are going to tell you everything we currently know about this little guy, so pay attention to what we have to tell you.

What is Minions MiP Turbo Dave?

Minions MiP Turbo Dave is a remote-controlled robot that is being released by WowWee in May of 2017. It will be released in time for Despicable Me 3, which debuts in theaters on June 30. It operates via a Bluetooth app that is available on Android and iOS devices. Kids and adults alike will love this toy as they can simply drive it around using an app or they can sketch out a route for it to take on its own.


WowWee is the mastermind behind Turbo Dave. For those of you that are not familiar with this company, WowWee is the company that build CHiP, the robot dog – this dog was a big hit among children last year. This is a privately owned company that is based in Hong Kong – they are fully focused on “breakthrough consumer technologies.” They are well known for their interactive balancing robot MiP and their biomorphic robot RoboSapien. They are a leading developer, designer, distributer and marketer of innovative robotic and consumer entertainment merchandise. In 2004, they introduced Robosapien, which revolutionized the way we interact with robots. Robosapien sold more than six million units and was one of the most popular entertainment robots in the world that year. Seeing the type of successful robots this company has made over the past years, it makes us really excited to see what’s in store for Minions MiP Turbo Dave.

Responds and Navigates

Turbo Dave is pretty cool, because it can respond to hand gestures, making it an interactive toy that your little ones are going to adore. There’s a build-in infrared sensor that catches hand gestures like pulling and swiping. For example, if you draw your hand away, you will have Dave follow you. Not only does it respond to hand gestures, it can also navigate around the room. As we said before, you can download the app called Turbo Dave and use it in order to remotely control the Minion. Through the app, you can plan paths that he will self-navigate as you watch or have Dave interact with other characters or props from the Despicable Me series. There’s also a coding platform that children can use in order to program Turbo Dave, which we personally found pretty cool.


If your child is a big fan of Minions, then Turbo Dave is a must have. This robot responds to hand gestures, can navigate on its own, or have you control him. This is the type of robot children will love.

Mattel’s Barbie DreamHorse (Age 3-7)

Oh yes, Barbie, a fashion doll manufactured by Mattel, Inc., a name that we have heard since March of 1959. Ruth Handler, an American businesswoman is credited with the creation of Barbie – she used the Germal Doll called Bild Lilli to inspire her. Barbie is at the top of the list when it comes to Mattel dolls and accessories, including other family members, pets, and collectible dolls. There is no denying the fact that for over fifty years now, Barbie has been an important part of the toy market. Mattel has sold over a billion of these dolls, making it the company’s most profitable line. Didn’t realize there was so much history behind Barbie, did you? Today, Barbie is ready to get out of that play house and take on some adventure! Mattel recently announced a Barbie Dream Horse and today, we are here to tell you what we know so far …

With the Dream Horse, Barbie is going to have a lot of adventures and the Barbie fans are going to be there to watch it all unfold in front of their eyes.

Features Sounds and Motions

The Dream Horse features sounds that will tickle the little one. With each “neigh” this horse puts off, your little girl is going to have a smile on her face as she watches Barbie gallop around.

Not only does this horse feature sounds and motion, but it can also interact with the little girl through the touch and sound sensor. There’s different modes on the horse, which will enable different play. The horse is capable of walking and turning 360 degrees or neighing and eating (the horse comes with a bunch of carrots).

There’s a mode called Fun and Games. When this mode is activated, when you touch it, the horse will nod yes or no.

Plays Music and Dances

The Dream Horse can also play music and dance to a total of three songs. There’s just something special about toys that contain music – it really helps the imagination flow. Barbie is wearing a beautiful riding tunic, removable boots, a helmet (for her safety, because we wouldn’t want her bumping her head if she fell of that horse) and molded pants. Looking at her, she is obviously ready to ride into her imagination.

The horse is just as beautiful as Barbie – it features a pink saddle (because what little girl doesn’t love pink) and reins. The horse has a long blond mane and a luscious golden tail that adds to the excitement. For the Dream Horse though, the colors and decorations may vary.


Children as young as three can play with this toy – if you get this for your little girl knowing she is a big Barbie fan, it’s going to be her playmate for many years to come. The toy is user friendly and has various mechanisms that are controlled by simply clicking the buttons. With a simple click, Barbie can swing up into the saddle and get ready to head out on her adventure. You can put your hand on the horse and press a button and watch Barbie make her own move to get on the horse.


If you have a little girl that just happens to be a big Barbie fan, then Mattel’s Barbie Dream Horse would make a great present for her. Besides, every Barbie needs a horse to get around on!

Magical Twilight Sparkle

Each year new toys arrive on the market, and every year a child’s “wish list” grows. Parents fight to find the best toys for Santa to leave under the tree, yet, as parents, we always end up feeling as if our child deserves more, but we will save that story for another day. Right now, we would like to focus on the Magical Twilight Sparkle …

What is Magical Twilight Sparkle? Surely you know about the Little Ponies, right? This may be something you watched as you were growing up and every time you see your child watching the Little Ponies on TV, it probably brings back memories. Princess Twilight Sparkle is the little royal pony that really understands the magic of friendliness.This is a beautiful pony figure that is pretty all on her own. She comes with a necklace and a charge, which in our opinion, makes her even more beautiful. When your little one gets this Magical Twilight Sparkle, the adventures they take part in will be endless. This pony, along with all of the other ponies feature pretty hair, unique Cutie Mark designs, and many colors.


Style the Pony’s Hair
As usual, this figure has a nice mane and tail that your little one can style. Little girls can spend hours styling the pony’s hair and dressing them up. In our adult world, we don’t really see the big deal when it comes to styling hair and dressing dolls up – but if you go back in your childhood years, you probably recall doing this many times. So, while this may seem like a simple little toy to you, it will be the world to your little girl.

Re-Create Stories
Using Magical Twilight Sparkle, your little girl can re-create stories from My Little Pony or create stories of her own. Either way you stack it, this will help improve her imagination.

Dazzling Lights and Sounds
Magical Twilight Sparkle will be a big hit among little girls around the world. When you touch the stars that she has on her, her pretty little wings will light up and twinkle. They will also make magical sounds which will be sure to make your child giggle with delight.

As you glide the little pony along, you can watch her wings flutter. There’s a button on the Cutie Mark (all little ponies have a Cutie Mark). When you press that button, the little pony will talk and sing her special song showing how happy she is. She will even move her head and blink her eyes when she talks and sings.

Not only do her wings light up when they are touched, she will also talk to you when you style her beautiful, long hair. When you put a tiara on her head, she has lights on her horn that light up.

Magical Twilight Sparkle from Hasbro will create many magical moments with your little girl. She comes with a pretty necklace and a princess tiara to prepare her for her big day.

Love2Learn Elmo (age 1.5 – 4)

Elmo …just mentioning his name sends his laugh through my ears. There’s just something about this little red guy that makes us smile. Perhaps it’s all of those memories of watching Sesame Street on rainy afternoons? Either way you go, Elmo certainly isn’t a name that is new to the scenes. In fact, he first appeared back in 1972 and ever since then, he has been a big hit. Do you remember many many Christmases ago when “Tickle Me Elmo” was a “must have?” You literally had people fighting in the store over the last Tickle Me Elmo. Now, we have Love2Learn Elmo to look forward to and surely, he’s going to be something your little ones want this holiday season, especially if they are Elmo fans!

Since you may be buying this in the near future, we believe it is only fair that you learn all about the product. This way, you will be able to tell whether or not this is a viable option for your child …
Here we are, staring at a new Elmo toy, 20 years since Tickle Me Elmo was established. We have noticed every year, a new signature Elmo doll is released and there’s no complaints about that. This year, though, there’s the Love2Learn Elmo and we actually had the opportunity of seeing him during the Toy Fair in New York.
When it comes to a new Elmo doll, you know what you’re getting – a lot of positivity in that sweet Elmo voice, lots of belly rubs, and we cannot leave out the singing. Elmo LOVES to sing …surely you’ve noticed this? Love2Learn Elmo builds on to all of that, but he is much more than just an educational toy that teaches the little one how to use the potty or laughs when you tickle his tummy – he’s a helpful assistant.

Companion App
There’s a neat companion app and that is where a lot of the value is nesting. Parents can download the companion app free of charge on their tablets or smartphones. By using the app, parents can find Elmo-led lessons in a large amount of categories. Some of the categories include numbers, colors, foods, letters, shapes and animals. You can enter the little one’s name in the app, which will let Elmo use their name, giving the toy a personal touch that the children will love. In the past, as a child, if you had the opportunity, wasn’t it cool when a toy mentioned your name?
Apart from the normal school stuff, Elmo is capable of helping parents teach their children life basics as well. There’s a parent helpers section in the app that will allow you to have Elmo say things that are related to brushing teeth, potty training, and even household chores. Elmo can prompt children to clean their rooms or use the bathroom and offer positive reinforcement afterwards – this can all be controlled and prompted by you from the app.
There’s also a large amount of bonus educational games in the app that little ones will enjoy – for example, there’s one that involved finding animals in a picture. Again, his app can connect with Elmo in order to make the experience even more fun, with Elmo sitting next to them giving positive feedback and exciting facts.

Love2Learn Elmo seems like it’s going to be a pretty big hit. It can do and say a lot that parents would normally have to take time to say. The idea here is that kids would rather hear these things come from Elmo than from their parents. This is especially true when it comes to potty training, brushing teeth and chores. If getting props from Elmo gets children to help their parents out and they’re happy to do so, then that is a major win right there.

My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle

mlpequestriacastleMy Little Pony toys have always thrilled children of various ages with all their adorable figurines. Now, with the introduction of My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle, the fun continues on.

This toy earned a spot on Walmart’s Hottest 25 Toys of 2016 list. Kids will delight in creating imaginative scenes that feature Baby Flurry Heart along with Princess Cadance.

The castle is full of exciting things to do and the playset itself is beautiful. It’s made of clear, light blue plastic so it looks like a shining ice jewel fit for royalty. The castle is open, so your child can access it from any angle and it’s large enough so that two children can play with it at the same time.

It does light up with a soft glow and when it’s lit, it shows cutie marks once the heart button is pushed down. The castle is big and roomy enough to include two staircases for Baby Flurry Heart or Princess Cadance to use.

The steps on the stairs are also clear plastic. The castle boasts two closets that are able to spin. Each of the closets features two round shelves that a child can put some of the accessories on if they want to.

There is a balcony at the top of the castle in the center, which is extended out from the floor. When little Baby Flurry Heart is tired or just wants to relax, there’s even a swing to entertain her.

While Baby Flurry Heart is in her swing, Princess Cadance can attend to royal duties. This toy comes with plenty of accessories for kids to use in play that will delight them. Among these accessories, there is the royal throne, the beautiful crystal vanity, mirror, a dress along with jewels and a cradle.

There are also tiaras, a picture frame, teapot and cups. Whether the Little Pony figurines are preparing for a royal party or planning to stay home in the castle, you’ll find plenty of accessories to play with.

The set does take some assembly but it’s minimal. Instructions are included with the set, but the batteries needed to create the light up effect are not included. You’ll need to make sure that you have three 1.5 volt AAA batteries on hand. The castle is suitable for children who are three years old and older, because the toy accessories are choking hazards.

There is an app that kids can access using the code included. This My Little Pony Friendship Celebration app will allow your child to have access to interactive parties and games. You will need a compatible device to access this feature.

Little Live Pets Puppy

Technology is so amazing that it can create toys that look and feel just like the real thing – as is the case with the Little Live Pets Puppy. This adorable pet will be a welcome addition to your child’s play time.

He’s so realistic and so interactive it’s astonishing to watch the toy in action. It will be in big demand this year, since it’s part of Walmart’s Hottest 25 Toys of 2016 list. He has light brown fur that is incredibly soft to the touch – just like a real puppy’s fur.


He has big, beautiful eyes and comes with a collar. Kids love to cuddle up to the puppy and even though he’s a work of electronic genius, the way he’s created, these electronics aren’t intrusive at all.

So if your child wants to sleep with the toy in his or her bed, you won’t have to worry about them bumping into something hard or uncomfortable in the toy. This Little Live Pet is fully interactive and will respond to any of the attention that your child gives to him.

Kids love to put his back, touch his little nose or feed him with the bottle that comes along with the purchase. The dog will delight your child the way he engages with them. If a child rubs the puppy’s back, he loves the attention and will respond by panting as well as letting out short, excited barks.

If your child rubs the top of the puppy’s soft head, he’ll react by closing his eyes, his pink tongue protrudes and he’ll make panting. The sounds and the movements are so interactive that it’s like having a real, live puppy to play with.

If you turn the puppy upside down so that his stomach is facing up, then his legs will go limp with relaxation. While he’s on his back like that, if your child gently rubs his stomach, the dog will fall asleep and begin to emit cute little snoring sounds.

What really fascinates both kids and adults alike is the action that happens once you tuck the puppy down for the night. As he lies in whatever bed you choose to buy for him and goes to sleep, his side will rise and fall and you can actually hear him breathing as well as snoring.

It’s so realistic and so adorable that kids can’t stop wanting to cuddle with him. He has the cutest brown eyes that just beg for hugs. He’s the perfect companion pet for boys or girls aged 4 or older. Along with the bottle, the puppy also comes with an adoption certificate that kids can use to put in their information as the new puppy owner.


If there’s one thing that all kids love, it’s getting a surprise. When you add that to a toy, it’s bound to create a fun, learning experience. Spin Master LTD has mixed the fun of a toy with the anticipation of a surprise with their new toy line of Hatchimals – found on Walmart’s 25 Hottest Toys for 2016 list.

A Hatchimal is a toy pet that comes in an egg. The egg doesn’t give a peek to the child as to what’s inside. The only way that the child can get to the toy is by taking care of the egg and patiently waiting until it hatches.

Once the egg has gone through the play incubation period, it will hatch. However, what hatches is anyone’s guess. Your child won’t know what’s inside his or her egg until it’s actually revealed during the hatching phase.hatchimals

Not every single Hatchimal is identical. So there will be a lot of different variations that your child can get. With that in mind, the Hatchimals are sure to be at the top of the most sought after toy list.

The details for the toy have been kept under tight wraps to prevent spoiling the surprise of what’s inside. But it’s clear that the animal your child will hatch will be one that he or she will definitely love.

The animals were created for boys or girls. There have been many hints as to what the names of these Hatchimal pets will be called. Pengualas is one of the names making the rounds.

Draggles is another one. Then, there are also the Owlicorns Hatchimal eggs. There is some speculation as to what will be used to identify the eggs – if there are any marks. Some consumers mention that one of the Hatchimal eggs will be a mixture of both purple and green.

What’s exciting about this new toy from Spin Master LTD is that word has it the toy will be one of their popular interactive ones – which is always a great idea for children. The more interactive a toy is, the more your child discovers and improves his various skills.

The different Hatchimals are said to be able to have learning abilities and be able to grow with your child. From what’s known so far, the Hatchimals toys will feature a few different modes representing learning.

This learning stage will shape the actions of each of the individual Hatchimal. To wipe the slate clean, all you have to do is reset the toy so that it goes back to the factory settings. The toys are durable and created using a mixture of materials such as metal and plastic. The recommended age level for the toys are 5 years old and older.

FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon

The FurReal Friends toys have a reputation for being some of the most fun pet toys that kids can have. The FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon (on Walmart’s Hottest 25 Toys for 2016 list) is one of these pet toys that comes to life through hours of interactive fun.

This little baby dragon is one that your kids won’t want to let go of. The dragon is so much like a real pet that it’s amazing. Blazin’ Dragon needs plenty of tender care and will react to that care when your child plays with him.

He can make sounds and has movements that look just like a real pet’s movements would. He can react to a child’s actions and will engage any child in lots of play time. This adorable dragon can simulate the actions of a real fire breathing dragon.

furrealtorchOnce he’s correctly set up, he’ll blast out a puff of flame colored mist to delight your child. It looks like he’s really breathing out flames when the marshmallow is held up in front of his mouth.

The treat will change colors when your dragon breathes on it, turning from white to bright orange. The dragon can puff out the mist whenever your child interacts with him. He can do it when he’s being cuddles or even if there’s no touch at all.

There will always be something exciting going on with the dragon thanks to the myriad of sounds and actions he’s capable of. He can perform more than 50 different movement and sounds together.

During play time, when your child rubs the dragon’s nose, it will give off a variety of responses like puffing out the mist or turning his head from one side to the other. He can also giggle or slowly blink his eyes.

The way the dragon will snort or let out a burp always makes kids laugh. You’ll be amazed at all of the funny things the dragon is capable of doing to entertain your child. The dragon can be posed in a certain position if your child wants that.

You will have to buy 4 C batteries to operate the dragon, since these don’t come with the purchase. When you get the dragon, you also receive the treat that will change colors when the dragon breathes on it.

There’s also the piece that is used to refill the dragon with the water that enables him to produce the mist. A filter comes with the purchase and easy to read instructions are included as well. The toy is suitable for boys or girls who are at least 4 years old and up.

Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart

One of the must-buy toys on children’s wish list according to Walmart’s Hottest 25 Toys list for 2016 is the Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart. Kids love the idea of helping their stuffed animals get well again when they’re sick.

It’s a toy that’s educational as well as a kid favorite thanks to the beloved Doc McStuffins character. The cart is a fun, on-the-go toy that’s designed with a lot of eye-catching colors.


The little wheels that look like flowers can roll smoothly over surfaces as your child makes her rounds from room to room to be able to visit her toy patients. The cart is packed with the various items that kids can use their imagination with to take care of any of their injured or sick toys.

They love the thought of being able to emulate Doc from the show airing on Disney Junior. They can line up the toys and have their patients waiting to be seen. During the exam or treatment time, kids can put the toys in the middle of the cart – much like a table at the doctor’s office – to find out what’s wrong with the patient.

Whether the toy is sick or just in for a checkup, the cart contains everything your child will need to help out. The cart has a light that enables kids to check out their toys and it also has a scanner.

Kids will love using the X-ray to see what’s wrong with their patients. The X-ray comes with cards that show the characters on the Disney Junior show. When checking out the patient’s heart with the EKG, the cart can enable kids to see the patient’s heart patterns.

The heart rhythm tool is on a roller at the front of the cart for easy kid access. There’s also a blood pressure pump that so kids can check out how their patient is doing. A familiar tune that kids hear on the show can play and there are various buttons as well as things that can make sounds like in a real doctor’s office.

The cart keeps all of the medical tools neatly in the drawer so when kids need to rush off to treat the next patient, all they have to do is load it up and go. The hospital care cart does have one toy that comes with it so that kids can get started right away treating him.

Findo is the little dog that needs tender loving care to go from sick to well again. The cart not only encourages kids to use their imaginations, but teaches them to be kind and caring. The suggested age range for this toy is 3 years old and older.