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Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle Playset

One of the hottest new toys for kids, according to Walmart’s 25 Hottest Toys for 2016 list, is the Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle Playset. This castle offers hours of fun with fashion dolls in their very own castle.

This castle is expansive and boasts a full three floors to create whatever scenes your child’s imagination desires. The backdrop for the castle floors pop with all the bright, beautiful colors of the rainbow.

From the turrets to the bottom floor of the castle, it’s no wonder it’s in such high demand. Plenty of attention to detail is found in this castle and with the multitude of accessories, your child can create an atmosphere that’s fit for a princess for her dolls.

Some of the lovely features of the castle are found in the butterfly cutouts that you’ll see on the bright yellow doors of the castle. The turret at the top of the castle has a rainbow with clouds.


A lovely fairy doll can be affixed to the rainbow for more magical beauty. The holder will allow the doll to spin. There’s another rainbow between the turret and the end column of the castle.

The dolls can walk into the castle using the butterfly door or through the open access on the bottom floor which leads directly into the dining room. There are accessories for the dining room.

You’ll find a table and two chairs in bright colors. These cute chairs both have backs that are made in the shape of butterflies. There is a chandelier that hangs above the table, which adds to the glamour of the castle.

The accessories for the table include cupcakes for two fashion dolls along with teacups and miniature saucers. Fashion dolls can access the second floor of the castle using the stairs.

These stairs are brightly colored in keeping with the rainbow theme. On the second floor, you’ll find there’s a bedroom along with a closet and a vanity for the dolls to use. The accessories for the vanity include a bottle of perfume and a hairbrush.

For catching some sleep, the bedroom features a lovely canopy bed with a fluffy pillow. At the very top of the castle, there is a pool that’s shaped just like a seashell and the fashion dolls can relax and have fun splashing around.

The deck on the roof offers the opportunity to survey the kingdom. All three of these floors are packed with details to make the castle come to life and add to your child’s enjoyment. None of the dolls are included with the purchase of the castle – so you’ll need to buy those separately.


Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush Buddy Review

The Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush Buddy is a 12-inch artificial pet toy made in the likeness of Gidget from the movie. This extremely soft and large plush Gidget is really great for playtime and naptime. She is perfect for cuddling as well. This toy talks, interacts, and makes noises whenever you tilt or squeeze her.

How Much?
Well, this pet Gidget doesn’t cost too much. The price for this is around $ 19.99.


Who Would Buy It?
The manufacturer of this charming pet toy has recommended that it is ideal for kids between 4-9 years. However, if you are a pet-lover, or you don’t want to adopt a real pet, then Gidget would be a great choice for you.

Things We Like About It

1. Though the product is an artificial pet this lovely and adorable pet toy looks quite real with her anthropomorphized face, big expressive eyes, cute floppy ears, lolling tongue, and a pink bow. If you have watched the movie, The Secret Life of Pets, you will find this product similar to Gidget from the movie.

2. Operating this pet is extremely easy. You just need to either squeeze her or tilt her to get her talking and she will immediately repeat some of the best dialogues from the movie.

3. This talking plush buddy is made from some super soft plush materials which will entice you to hug her every time. She also is a great size for cuddling in bed.

4. The manufacturer of this product recommends it as a kid’s pet toy, however, anyone will definitely like to cuddle, snuggle, and play with her.

5. The product is a very well-made talking plush ensuring an excellent longevity and great durability.

Things We Did Not Like About It
Well, this talking plush buddy doesn’t have any major flaws. But still, due to the choking hazards, this product might not be suitable for any kid under 3 years.

Is It Worth The Money?
The package comes with one talking plush buddy, one instruction manual, and three button cell batteries. The entire package is quite affordable.

Where Can I Buy It?
You can buy this Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush Buddy through the online e-commerce marketplaces. is offering the product at a very reasonable price along with free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

Final Thoughts
Overall, this product is not only affordable, but Gidget will bring fun and entertainment to  home.

LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and 2 75828 Building Kit

This 556 Lego set ties in with the Ghostbusters 2016 movie. It includes the Ecto-1 Cadillac style vehicle, Ecto-2 Motorcycle, 5 Ghostbuster mini-figures and a scary demon.
It also comes with plenty of other ghostbusting accessories to make this a must buy for Lego and Ghostbusters fans alike.

How Much?
Currently we are seeing it priced at around $60 but it’s always best to do your homework and check prices online.


Who Would Buy It?
This Ghostbusters set is recommended by Lego for 8 to 14 year olds but we think Lego fans of all ages will like this set.

Things We Like About It
Lego really got it right with the movie character representation of the mini-figures as they do very much resemble the 3 ladies and 1 guy from the movie. The mayhem demon/ghost figure is pretty good as well we really liked the translucent gargoyle wings and color scheme of this mini-figure.
The whole set has a lot of detail and if you have the existing Ghostbusters Ecto-1 set this will look really nice beside it.
Even though the collectors are likely to grab this set it also has a lot of creative play potential for younger Lego enthusiasts who enjoyed the film.
You can also seat four ghostbusters in this Ecto-1 which wasn’t possible in the previous Lego Version. Another added feature is that with this set you can open the doors as well.

Things We Did Not Like About It
This is a nice set and our issue isn’t really with the Lego set it is with the new movie which we think was nowhere near as good as the original. I suppose we are a bit old school and prefer the original movie and the original Ecto-1. If you are a fan of the new movie then you are going to love this Lego version of the vehicles and the characters from the movie.
Some of the decals can be a bit fiddly to add to the bricks so take it slowly and have some tweezers to hand.

Is It Worth The Money?
Many online reviews seem to be comparing this with the previous Lego Ecto-1 vehicle from the original movie and this one comes out on top for value as it has 2 vehicles and 1 more mini-figure. For a 500+ set we would say this is value for money.

Where Can I Buy It?
This set is available from the Lego store and from other online stores such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts
This is likely to appeal to fans of the new Ghostbuster movie but even if you are not enamored with the 2016 movie reboot it still is a set that has a lot going for it. It’s a fun build and makes a good display piece especially alongside the original Ecto-1. It will also appeal to Lego hobbyists who like to customize their own sets as there are plenty of interesting pieces and decals provided with this one.

Funko POP Movies: Ghostbusters 2016 Action Figures

Who isn’t aware of the legendary movie “Ghostbusters” in 1984; and an even legendary release of its characters in the form of a toy which you can play with and pretend to be in the movie? Gotten all nostalgic, isn’t it? The same legacy has followed after the release of the new Ghostbusters movie this year. All new characters, Jillian Holtzmann, Erin Gilbert, Abby Yates, and Patty Tolan, are molded into toys to release the new line of Funko POP Movies: Ghostbusters 2016 Action Figures.

How much?
All the characters can be bought individually through websites such as ranging from $6.71 to $8.78. You can also get them in a set of three, which will help you collect more characters at one go, and you also save some pennies! You can get the set of 7 characters at a cost of $56. You can get them in sets of 3, 4, 7 or 8.

Who would buy this?
People from the 80’s and 90’s are less than amused by the idea of replacing the old and legendary characters from the 1984 Ghostbusters with the new ones in 2016. They might look forward to something fresh and hot off the press with these new characters but children of this generation will see the rebirth of the prodigious Ghostbusters, with new heroes to look up to.

Things we like
The portrayal of the epic Ghostbusters into individual toys is great. The fact that the legacy is continued in the similar manner (just with new characters) is remarkable too, with the exact design and concept of the toy characters. These 6-inch toy characters are the exact prototypes of the new cast except a little cuter.

The resemblance and details to the characters include the blasters on the back packs and the logo near their shoulders, and details such as sculpting Patty’s hair and her golden earrings. They have a 360-degree twisting movement which is fun to play with.

You can proudly put these new characters on your toy shelf right next to the old ones: Peter, Ray, Winston and Egon.

Things we did not like
Nothing really.

Are they worth the money?
They surely are! The legendary Ghostbusters characters being molded into tiny cute vinyl toys are worth the price.

Funko Pop Movies Ghostbuster 2016 figures_250x250

Where can I buy them?
There are many online websites such as, Walmart, ebay, and If you would want to check them out yourself before buying, you can visit any store near you.

Final Thoughts
This sci-fi flick has done justice to the older one and so have the new toy characters.





Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa’s Frozen Castle

All the little fans of Elsa and her friends can now take their beloved heroes everywhere! This little castle can become their personal kingdom where they can spend whole hours playing and training their imagination.

Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa’s Frozen Castle – everyone willing to gift their little ones something to play with during the rainy days should check this one out right now!

How Much Is It?
Elsa’s Frozen Castle is a pretty, aesthetic toy that costs around $16. The set contains a little doll of Elsa, the castle, and a lot of other parts. These include two bodices, two peplums, two skirts for Elsa, two different capes, and four snap-ins. For this relatively small price, you get a lot of pieces for your child to combine the way they want to!

Who Would Buy It?
The toy is designed to resemble the character from the famous animated movie “Frozen”. It is an ideal gift for all the little girls who love Elsa and would like to play with her every day. The toy is made to be safe for children 4 years old and up.

Things We Like About It
The toy is of pretty and colorful construction.  It’s small and easy to carry around, so whenever you travel, you can pack it for your child without worrying about it taking up a lot of space. It’s great that Elsa’s look can be modified, seeing as a lot of dolls of this kind limit these possibilities.

Things We Did Not Like About It
Elsa’s Frozen Castle is a pretty piece but there is not much you can do with the toy. The child’s play will come down to changing the skirts and “walking” the doll up and down the stairs. The pieces are also rather small so if your girl tends to lose her toys, it’s likely she will soon have issues finding all the parts.

Is It Worth The Money?
For the number of elements and possibilities it gives, we think this product could be cheaper. It is likely that if a child isn’t a great fan of Elsa, they will quickly get bored with this toy. Otherwise, the Frozen Castle is pretty and pleasant to look at, even if just as a decoration for a child’s room. However, it is not a big price for the joy it can bring to a little Elsa fan.

Disney frozen Little Kingdom Elsa's Frozen Castle_250x250

Where Can I Buy It?
The toy is available in online shops and you can read a lot of reviews of the parents who have already made the purchase. Elsa’s Frozen Castle is usually cheaper in online shops, so it is an option worth considering.

Final Thoughts
Elsa’s Frozen Castle is a pretty little toy for all the girls that loved the movie. It’s reasonably priced and has numerous elements to play with. It is a good choice for a gift, unless you prefer a toy that offers more interaction or playing ideas.




DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn 12

When I was young boys were into superheroes and girls were into Barbie. Now in this much more enlightened age girls love their superhero comics, movies and characters as much as the boys.
Harley Quinn has hit the limelight recently with the new Suicide Squad movie in which the character plays a major part.

This version is a younger teen version of Harley Quinn and fits in with the online Super Hero Girls cartoon series rather than being a movie tie in and is aimed at younger children.

She is one of the most popular characters in a range of DC Super Hero Girls Action figures and is a cross between a fashion doll and an action figure.

How Much?
Expect to pay around $20 for this action figure.

Who Would Buy The Harley Quinn Action Doll
Manufacturer’s recommended age is 6 years and up. This will appeal to any girl old enough to like comic book characters like Batgirl or Supergirl. It will also appeal to girls who already purchased dolls in this range or for collectors of all ages.

Things We Like About It
If you are a collector of superhero toys and action figures this will make a nice collector’s item to keep in its box as the packaging has a great design.

For those who like to play with their dolls and action figures this one has plenty of articulation so you can pose the doll in different positions. The giant mallet that comes with the doll fits nicely into her hand. The doll also is able to stand up without needing a base to stand on. It looks great as well and is one of the more colorful in the range.

Things We Did Not Like About
We thought that this was a quality doll and fit in well with the rest of the range. We did notice one reviewer wasn’t too keen on the painted legs.

Is The Harley Quinn Action Doll Worth The Money?
$20 is a good price for this figure, it is a reasonable size at 12 inches tall, it looks great, and appears to be well made.

If you don’t want to pay $20 there is also a range of 6 inch figures for half the price. They have exactly the same features of the larger figures.
DC Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn Action Doll_250x250
Where Can I Buy The Harley Quinn Action Doll?
This doll and the full range of other Super Hero Girls dolls are available at Amazon. Other large retail stores and collector’s stores are also likely to stock it.

Final Thoughts
There are other more adult orientated Harley Quinn figures available but this one I’d feel fine buying for a younger child who likes this particular Super Hero.

There is plenty of creative play to be had with this doll especially if combined with others in the series. There is a free cartoon series that ties in with these dolls as well as game apps to play. Any young super hero fan will love one of these as a gift.



Batman Voice-Changer Helmet

Batman Voice Changer Helmet_250x250There’s a lot of toy merchandise available that ties in with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but this voice changing helmet has got to be the one that you can have the most fun with.
While critics didn’t rate the film it was still a huge hit with kids and if they like the film they will love this.

How Much?
The recommend retail price is $29.99 but currently we are seeing it for lower prices online – check some of the big online stores such as Amazon to see if they are offering it at a discount price.

Who Would Buy It?
It’s recommended for 4 to 10 year olds by Mattel the manufacturers. Reading user reviews online we have heard that people from 4 to 40 have been wearing this mask and having fun with it. Any superhero fan and especially Batman fans are going to want this mask.

Things We Like About It
It’s a nicely designed mask that requires two AA batteries luckily Mattel provide these so you are good to go as soon as you have the Batman mask out of its packaging.
The mask is sturdy and comfortable to wear and adjusts to accommodate head sizes small or large.
To turn the mask activation on you push a button inside the mask that can easily be accessed. To use the 15 pre-set sounds and phrases, there is a button at the side.
We loved that you have two different functions with this mask.
The pre-set voice says phrases from the Batman Vs Superman movie such as Gotham City needs me, villains beware, Batman is here, and you can’t defeat me Superman.
The voice changer does just that and changes what the wearer is saying into a booming Batman voice that will amuse adults [for a while] and provide plenty of imaginative play for kids.
It also has light up eyes that illuminate in time to the voice which looks especially cool and menacing in the dark.

Things We Did Not Like About It
You can’t actually adjust the volume which is fairly loud, so your child running around booming loudly in a Batman voice might become a bit tiresome.

Is It Worth The Money?
Your child will get plenty of creative long term play out of this mask with the two different settings of voice changer and pre-set phrases. If you grab a cape and a batman mask as well, they will look even more the part.

Where Can I Buy It?
The Batman Voice-Changer Helmet is available from all the big online stores and toy shops, Amazon would be a good place to start looking as they are very competitively priced.

Final Thoughts
This will light up any little Batman fans eyes [literally]! If you are looking for a gift for a child who likes their superheroes, this would certainly be a great pick and all the family will have some fun with it.




Barbie Star Light Adventure Galaxy Barbie and Hover Cat Review

The Barbie Star Light Adventure toy is based on the space fantasy movie of the same title. This Barbie has a flying pet cat known as Hover Cat who is also responsible for telling the story of their out of this world adventures. In the show, the two travel to different galaxies and meet lots of colorful and interesting characters in the process. Sometimes in their adventures they get to face dangerous situations. The two are also heroes having saved the universe in several occasions already. With this Playset from Mattel, you can now recreate the adventures of Barbie and Hover Cat.

How much?
The retail price of the Barbie Star Light Adventure toy is $24.99. It is more expensive than regular Barbie dolls but that is because of the toy’s special features. Considering the faithful recreation of the Barbie character in the movie it is easy to conclude that this toy is priced just right.

Who would buy it?
Obviously, manufacturers of the Barbie Star Light Adventure are targeting fans of the Barbie movie. But even Barbie fans who are not familiar with the movie would surely love this doll. If you are a fan of the classic Barbie doll though – the one that comes with the beautiful dresses and the cute accessories – then maybe you should skip this one. This is for the Barbie fans and collectors with a sense of adventure who don’t have a problem with the popular blonde icon getting her hands dirty and getting herself in precarious situations.

What we like about it
One of the coolest things about this set is that the cat really flies. The action is controlled by a button that is located on Barbie’s leg. All you need to do is attach the leash of the cat into Barbie’s hands and then push the button and watch in amazement as the cat flies around. There are propellers on the cat that gets activated when the button is pressed. This is a wonderful feature because it can open up the imaginations of kids for adventure and storytelling.

Barbie, the star of the show, is not too shabby herself. This version has the world-famous doll wearing a futuristic-looking–yet still fabulous–pink jumpsuit. A shiny holographic vest, plastic skirt, blue utility belt, blue star hair clip and silver boots complete Barbie’s look. If you think the cat needs some rest from all that flying, you can take her out of her spacesuit.

What we don’t like about it
There are very few negative things to say about the Barbie Star Light Adventure. As mentioned earlier, if you are looking for a classic Barbie then this one is not for you. Also, the doll cannot stand on its own. This can pose a small problem for people who like to display their collection.

Is it worth the money?
Even if it is slightly more expensive than regular Barbie dolls, this one is still worth the money because of its many cool features. Plus of course you get a flying cat.

Barbie Star Light Adventure Galaxy Barbie and Hover Gat_250x250

Where can you buy it?
The Barbie Star Light Adventure is available in stores where Barbie dolls are sold and in online stores such as Amazon.

Final thoughts
This Barbie doll is ideal for Barbie fans and collectors of all ages.



Barbie RC Hoverboard

Barbie has been rebooted as a cosmic princess in the upcoming Barbie Star Light Adventure movie and she teams up with a group of hover boarding friends to save the Galaxy. Barbie is boldly going where no Barbie has ever gone before!

Once your little girl has seen the movie she is going to want one of these Barbie Remote Control Hoverboards that work in a similar fashion to the quadcopter and drones that you are already seeing everywhere these days.

How Much?
The Barbie Hoverboard will be released this autumn and priced at around $60

Who Would Buy It?
The manufacturers recommend it for ages 8 and over and with parental supervision. I’m guessing it will appeal to children of a younger age as well.

Things We Like About It
First of all, we liked the look of this toy, the matching blue and pink colors for the hoverboard, remote control, and Barbie’s clothes are well designed.

The actual hoverboard and remote control seem easy to use and as well as going up and down and in all four directions it also has buttons for instant take-off and landing. The hoverboard also has preset buttons for three different stunts. The unit is charged by an included USB Cable. Drones and quadcopters are notorious for being difficult to control but this has been well designed to be easily controlled by a novice.

Things We Did Not Like About It
Until the Barbie RC Hoverboard is released later this year we won’t know of any design faults. One thing we didn’t really like is that Barbie can’t be removed from the hoverboard which would add some extra creative play to the set . The actual Barbie is made of lightweight foam, which makes sense otherwise she would be too heavy for the hoverboard to fly.

Watching the video from the Toy Fair, the hoverboard does seem fairly noisy but quadcopters usually are so this isn’t a big surprise.
There’s been no mention of how long it flies before it needs recharging which would be great to know.

Is It Worth The Money?
For Barbie fans old and new this is likely to be a must have and will be a big seller once the movie is released and will certainly be on a lot of girls’ Christmas toy lists. The hoverboard looks pretty durable and we are sure it has been rigorously tested so it should be worth the sixty dollar price tag.

Barbie Hoverboard_250x250

Where Can I Buy It?
This is a big toy release so should be available at most toy shops and certainly will be on sale at big online stores such as Amazon where you can check out the latest user reviews once released.

Final Thoughts
Barbie is getting a big makeover this year and this Science Fiction cosmic Barbie is a pretty brave move. We welcome this futuristic new Barbie and think the RC Hoverboard will be massively popular with all Barbie lovers.


Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Figure Desert Mission Finn

Lots of fans of the Star Wars movies are thrilled about this newest character. There is a lot of speculation and some secrets that are swirling about Finn and his background. What’s known for sure is that he is depicted at some point wearing the armor of a Stormtrooper.
It’s revealed at one point that he was indeed a Stormtrooper, but what he stands for remains to be seen. He is a warrior, however and the figure based on this character will make a great addition to any child’s Star Wars toy collection.
The Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Figure Desert Mission Finn does have a lot of attention paid to the clothes that he’s wearing. Instead of showcasing him in the Stormtrooper attire, the figure is shown wearing civilian clothes.
The action figure toy is wearing the light brown jacket that has red inserts. He’s also dressed in a black T-shirt, a pair of black pants and a pair of white shoes. Now what we know about the character based on the description given on the box is that he’s part of the Desert Mission series.
As a character in the series, his fellow Desert Mission mates are Constable Zuvio and a First Order Flametrooper. These are all sold separately, but you’ll want to make sure that you buy all three of these action figure toys for your child because of how they go together.
When you have all three of these figures and your weapons, what you get are the pieces from each pack that your child can put together. When these pieces are together, they create a bigger, much more formidable weapon than if you just had the one character’s weapon.
When you get the Finn figure, he comes with two pieces. These are a laser gun as well as a tank. The tank has the ability to be able to roll. It’s not that big but it is one of the weapons that’s needed.
It can be taken down and made small enough so that it can be fastened onto Finn’s back. It has an extended piece of molded plastic that allows it to snap into place in the small hole on Finn’s back.
This keeps it firmly in place and it won’t fall off regardless of how much rough play the figure is introduced to. The long pieces of this tank will hang just over the character’s shoulders.
With the tank mounted on his back, it ends up being just slightly larger than a backpack and it kind of looks like one when it’s folded up, too. Finn’s hands are able to hold onto the laser gun as he stands upright. The package comes with an informative instruction booklet that has some bio information in it.