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Melissa and Doug Food Truck Indoor Playhouse (Ages 3+)

Have you had the opportunity to go to the toy store lately? If so, you probably noticed a lot of different toys on the shelves – ones that really stand out are the Melissa and Doug toys.

What is the Melissa and Doug Food Truck?

Long story short, with the Melissa and Doug Food Truck, children will be able to imitate a street-food vendor as they use their imagination to serve food while on the go. It consists of beautifully constructed wooden pieces and a sturdy cart that makes it so that the little one can play out different scenarios, whether it’s an ice-cream cart, hot dog stand or simply a mobile market. Putting the “hot dogs” menu and awning on display, the little ones will be able to reach inside the slide-top food compartment and grab a hot dog with some toppings to serve. There are even soft pretzels with mustard or salt! By flipping the menu and awning and reversing the storage drawers, the slide top opens onto scoops, cones and ice pops – something great for dessert!

This wooden truck comes stocked with a total of 40 pieces that your child can play with. They won’t get bored as they will be able to serve everything that is on the double-sided menu board.

High Quality Material
Have you looked at some of the toys on the shelf today? Some of them seem to be made out of some type of cheap plastic or something – we wouldn’t expect that in a child’s toy …you know, something that will be tossed around in every corner. Toys should be made in order to last for a long time – the Melissa and Doug Food Truck just so happens to be one of those toys that doesn’t feel as if it has been made of cheap plastic that is going to break. In fact, it feels as if it really can withstand the test of time. We read some reviewers that wanted to introduce the “classic style” toys to their child’s toy collection and that is where the Melissa and Dough food truck came into play.
While a lot of the other toys will end up being donated when the child is done playing with it, this is the type of toy that you will want to pack up for your little one to give to their little ones when they’re older.

Paint Job
There is just something about color that children like – they seem to really be attracted to bright, vivid colors and the designer of this food truck obviously understood this . The paint on this toy is vivid.Measurements
 52″ x 21.5″ x 4″ pig 48.2″ x 39″ x 31″ assembled

Wheels Roll Great
Rolling the Melissa and Doug food truck around shouldn’t be hard, because the wheels roll great. There’s no problems with the pivots.

The Melissa and Doug Food Truck is the type of toy your little ones won’t get bored with fast. This is the type of toy that you will want to pack up and store for their children to play with. It’s made out of high quality material and the color really does catch the eyes.

Joki Hanging Crow’s Nest – one of Forbe’s Top 10 Toys for 2015!

Life can be busy when you’re a kid. School-age children have to go to school for several hours, come home and do their homework – and many of them are involved in a lot of different extracurricular activities that take up their time and energy.
Younger kids love gentle, quiet little places where they can sit. Now, there’s a way that young kids as well as school-age kids can have a bit of tranquility thanks to the Joki Hanging Crow’s Nest.
These are beautiful, brightly colored hanging nests that are constructed of cotton. They’re made to be hung from the ceiling and give a child a sense of comfort and snugness. The material of the nest is tear resistant and the bottom interior of the Crow’s Nest has an oversized comfortable cushion with 100% polyester filling that kids just love to lounge on.
The cushion is removable. The material has the strength of a hammock and is durable and long lasting. Kids can sit and spin around the nest to their hearts’ delight. Some kids use the nest as a place to tuck their stuffed animals or dolls when they’re not using it.
Having one of these nesting toys gives kids a space when they want to go somewhere and daydream, flip through a favorite book or simply sit and swing. These nests are a great idea when you have two children sharing a room because you can give each one of them their own special space.
When kids lounge in the nest, they can feel a soft rocking motion that helps them to use their core to maintain balance. This helps kids to be able to focus when they’re engaging in things such as working on homework or relaxing with a book.
The nest also helps kids to keep good posture as well. In fact, it does so well with helping kids maintain posture that the nest has approval from the German Federal Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise.
The nest is comfortable for children to relax in but it does have an age and weight limit. It’s best for children who are between the ages of 3 and 9. The weight limit on the nest for kids 3-9 will depend on the suspension used to fasten the Joki to the ceiling, generally the recommended carrying weight is 39#.
The nest can be fastened directly to the ceiling or to beams on the ceiling. Kids can benefit from being able to have a place to get away and have their own private space. They can take a break and simply sit and swing. The outer material can be machine washed in the gentle cycle.
I wish I had one of these when I was a kid-it’s kind of like being in a hammock without the tree.