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Pie Face Sky High (Ages 5+)

Have you visited the toy store lately? There are so many amazing toys currently on the shelves, with even more coming out later this year. While there are many cool toys and gadgets coming out, we would like to take a minute or two to look at the Pie Face Sky High.

What is Pie Face Sky High?
With Pie Face Sky High, someone will be sure to get a yummy pie in their face – is it going to be use? The premise behind it is simple – basically all you have to do is turn the pie thrower on and see if you get a pie slung in your face. There’s true anticipation nesting behind this game, which is what drives excitement of this game, making it suitable for members both young and old.

Who Will Love Pie Face Sky High?
Like we said, it is suitable for members of different generations. It’s great to use during sleepovers, family gatherings and even grown-up events. That’s right, this isn’t just a “toy” for the little ones – adults can have a lot of fun with this as well.

Setting it Up
When it comes to setting it up, it’s quick and easy – there’s a reason it has received a large amount of attention
* Everyone five and up can play this game
* Fun to bring out during group gatherings

* Mediocre quality. This means it probably isn’t going to last more than a couple of years, but that is okay, because you can get your fair share of fun with this.

Do You Use Real Pie?
Don’t worry, you don’t have to use a real pie. The “pie” can be the included sponge. You can wet it, or to kick things up a notch or two, you can put some whipped cream on the sponge. Some people choose to use shaving cream, but that doesn’t taste so well and it burns the eyes.

Included in the Box
* Pie Thrower
* Pair of Handles
* Throwing Arm
* Splash Guard
* Chin Rest
* Spinner
* Sponge

Basically, players take turns clicking the pie thrower according to the number they have spun. Each time you get through all your clicks for that turn, you receive one point. When you get “pied,” this means zero points will be given for that turn. The first player that reaches 25 points wins the game. This game is a game of luck and you never know when it’s going to go off and sling a pie sky high.

This is the type of game you can play at almost any party or get-together, regardless of your age. This game works great for those that are into slapstick humor and surprises. Some people are under the impression that the throwing arm is defective when they receive the product – it’s not. The curved part is supposed to face the person that is at the pie clicker – the hollowed part faces away from the person. Regardless, this game is packed full of fun and suspends and eventually, someone is bound to get splatted.

Pie Face Showdown! Game

The original Pie Face game was so much fun that it created a demand for even more fun games along the same line. With that in mind comes the Pie Face Showdown! Game – part of Walmart’s Hottest 25 Toys of 2016 list.

This one takes the same fun of the original game, but adds a twist. It features players competing against each other in a showdown style that’s loads of fun and packs plenty of laughter for whoever is involved.

You can have this great game for a family game night, or you can get together with a group of friends for some hilarious times. It makes a great team against team game. The game is easy to set up and it’s a fast paced game, too – so there’s no boredom or kids waiting impatiently for their turn to play.


Once you get the game set up and ready to go, each one of the players has to put the whipped cream on the hand of the game. This whipped cream does not come with the purchase of the game, so you’ll have to buy that separately.

In case you don’t want to deal with the stickiness of whipped cream, you just use the sponge that’s included with the game, but most people do prefer to use the whipped cream.

When it’s time to play the game, each of the players gets into position by putting his chin on the chin rest that’s associated with his face side. The instructions have it so that the players count to three for the game to begin, but if you have children who do squabble over games, you might want to have an adult handle the counting to avoid any bickering about the count.

Once the count of three is reached, each player presses the button. The button is what operates the throwing arm. This arm can swing from one direction to the other so that it’s aimed at either player – and pressing the button controls this.

It’s hilarious fun as each player rapidly pushes the button trying to get the arm to swing toward his opponent’s face rather than his own. Once the arm reaches a certain position, it will shoot up and splat whichever player the arm is aimed at.

The player who manages to escape getting a face full of whipped cream or the wet sponge wins the game. The purchase of this game includes instructions on play, the pie thrower, splash card masks, the sponge and the chin rests. The game is easy to clean once you’re done playing with it. It’s suitable for children three and older. Two people at a time can play the game.


Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition

This classic Banking and property acquisition game has been around since 1935 in various forms so whatever your age you are likely to know of it, even if you haven’t played it before. The game I grew up with used Monopoly bank notes to carry out transactions but over the years Hasbro have tried updating the game to the ‘Modern Day’ by adding present day banking methods to the mix. The idea behind this was that it would speed up the game make it more contemporary and be more fun.

Unfortunately this hasn’t always worked out and previous editions that used electronic banking have actually ended up slowing the game down and making it less fun. The Ultimate Banking Edition includes a new improved banking unit that has removed these previous issues to make a much faster and exciting game.

How Much?
This Edition of Monopoly retails for around $24.99.
Who Would Buy Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition
The recommended age range suggested by the manufacturers for this Monopoly set is 8-15 years old. Personally we would say 8+ as this is a fun family game for the young or old and Mom, Dad, Grandad and Grandma would all enjoy this game.

Things We Like About Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition
The new updated banking unit keeps track of all transactions using a touch screen interface; all the property and chance cards have bar codes so you just scan the transaction. This makes for faster game play. It also does away with the banker and reduces the chance of players cheating…darn!

There are also new cards called ‘Life Events’ that have been introduced to the game and replaced the previous Chance and Community Chest cards of old. These can cause property prices to change and other financial changes that change the course of the game. This is made possible with the new banking unit. We also liked the fact that though they had changed a lot of the features of the game they still had a ‘Go to Jail’ card!

Things We Did Not Like About It
Those who grew up with the metal tokens and wads of cash to play with may find this game a little disappointing. But ultimately times have changed and Monopoly has had to keep up with modern technology to appeal to new players.

Is Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Worth The Money?
With the modern ATM style banking unit and bar coded cards we think this is really good value for money. It’s a great family game and the modern technology used and the contemporary style should appeal to teenagers that were put off by the previous old school editions.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition_250x250Where Can I Buy Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition
Toy Shops, Board Game Shops and big online stores should stock this game.

Currently it is available at Amazon you can check here for the Price.

Final Thoughts
Monopoly has got it right with this bar code reading banking unit and the new 21st Century ‘life event’ cards. The previous electronic version ended up slowing the game down and ruining the dynamics. This is a faster version and a great game for all the family.



Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game

Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game is a cool little brainteaser. It contains a kit of cute test tubes and colored balls, and you’re expected to solve a puzzle based on a drawn card. With this review, we’ll go over a few of my thoughts on this fun game, including the price, types of things to expect, likes and dislikes, and where it can be found! Whether you’re a fan of first-person shooters or online browser games, there is something for everyone in the Dr. Eureka Speed Logic game!

How much?
The cost of the game ranges anywhere from $13-$20 based on the marketplace. Depending on whether brick and mortar stores are more appropriate for you or online shopping is a better idea, you may get better deals based on where you shop. The price point is fair and justifiable for the amount of play time you receive with the game.

Who Would Buy It?
On the package, the game states that it’s ideal for all ages and I agree with that! When played with a few kids with a lot of range in their ages, they caught on quickly, and though the puzzles can be tricky to solve, we all had a lot of fun. It’s one of those things the kids love to pull out and play when we have guests just to see the adults struggle with the puzzle! Brainteasers are something fun for everyone, so the mixture of puzzles on the drawn cards can be used to create an endless amount of games to play for young and old players alike!

Things We Liked About It
The game also says on the package that the game can be played alone, and it’s pretty easy to understand why when you understand the concept of the game. They are fun puzzles to solve when there is nothing to do or if you want to have a quick little fix in order to kill time.

Things We Did Not Like About It
The only complaint we seem to have is the repetition, as it becomes a little difficult to play for extended periods of time or on concurrent days, mostly because once you’ve seen the cards and puzzles they have to offer, you’ve run out of options. You could remedy that by adding more colors or even creating your own puzzles!

Is It Worth the Money?
Absolutely! The game is extremely fun when there is time to play it, and, regardless of skill level or interest in games, everyone can have fun when they play it. It’s a great investment for a rainy day or during visits to family and friends for some quick entertainment.

Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game

Where Can I Buy It?
For brick and mortar stores, Toys R Us may be your best bet. Dr. Eureka is largely located online, so stores like eBay, Amazon, Jet, and Miniature Market offer some of the best prices for you. Additionally, many stores offer an ordering service to order online and pick up in the store so there is no wait!

Final Thoughts
All in all, this is a wonderfully solid game that offers a lot to consumers. Puzzles can be a great way to keep your mind sharp, and it gives you the tools to create an even greater method of testing your wits!

Pie Face Game

Now here is a best selling game for the whole family that will create lots of laughs. Playing games as a family or with your friends can be a great way to relax and have some fun – especially after a long day. The funnier the game, the more you’ll laugh and laughter is a great way to not only relieve stress, but to bond with the people that you care about.
One of the hottest games to hit the market is the Pie Face Game. This game offers up one of the funniest experiences with games that you’ll ever have. It’s not complicated to play and everyone will want in on the fun.
To play the game, all the players have to do is put the whipped cream on the arm of the game. Once the whipped cream is loaded onto the arm, each person playing the game will put his head into the mask.
The mask has a cut out center for the player’s face and along the sides, it features cartoon like hair, ears and splats of whipped cream around the figure. After the player puts his head into the open face mask, they then spin the spinner.
Each of the players will take turns moving the handle that’s a plastic piece that’s attached to the bottom of where the mask fits. This handle creates tension with the spinner, which causes the arm of the game to tighten up.
And the arm keeps tightening up until one player spins the handle and the load of whipped cream goes flying. That player ends up getting whipped cream sprung at him all over his face.
You never know which player is going to be the one that ends up with the whipped cream because it all depends on the tension of the spinner. It could be anyone who receives the surprise face full of whipped cream.
This game is so hilarious that all your friends will want to get in on the fun. One of the things that makes this game so much fun is the suspense of not knowing who’s going to get the face full of whipped cream.
The whipped cream in the game is not included so you’ll have to use some that you buy yourself. The best kind to use is the kind that comes in a spray can because it stays firmer longer.
If you don’t want to use whipped cream, you can use the sponge that comes with the game. All you have to do is wet this down with water and put it on the arm instead of whipped cream.
The players earn a point each time they get through their turn without getting splatted. The first player to end up with 25 points wins the game. The game comes with a spot to rest your chin, the arm that you load the whipped cream onto, the colorful face mask, the spinner and the sponge. It’s suitable for kids older than 5 as well as for adults.

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO just keeps on producing toys that kids love and the LEGO Dimensions is one of the sets that you can bet will be on every kid’s wish list. The Dimensions set of these toys was created not long after the release of The LEGO Movie.
The movie was such a hit that toys were needed to allow kids to be more interactive in a virtual world as well as still have the feel of the original LEGO play. This one is part real play and part computer game.
The fun begins thanks to the portal or vortex that swept away some of the well known characters. These heroes were drawn into another dimension where they had to fight for what was right and defeat evil villains who wanted to run the show.
The set is an endless time of adventure and imagination as kids travel through the different worlds to assist the heroes in making sure that order is once again restored. With each of the different sets that are available, kids will be given different minifigures.
These minifigures are exclusive to one set but they can all be used in combination with other minifigures. And what one minifigure has another one can use in a different world. For example, if one minifigure hero has a vehicle that he uses, in the Dimensions world, another hero can also use that vehicle.
The Dimensions sets are the most interactive LEGO creation so far and there are limitless ways that a child can create different missions and adventures. Whatever his imagination likes is how he can link the different heroes on teams or as individuals.
There are several different sets that are suitable for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U and PlayStation 4. Each of these sets have different minifigures and different tools and vehicles.
If your child doesn’t have any of the LEGO Dimensions yet, you’ll want to start with the starter pack. This is the portal that allows the physical minifigures your child has to enter the game.
While this is a computer game, it’s much more than that. It’s also a great learning tool because kids will have to use their thinking skills to solve the way around obstacles to achieve the character’s goal.
LEGO offers a ton of different characters, so your child can start out with his or her favorite. You can get ones like DC ComicsBatman or Lord of the Rings characters. Each of these sets is compatible with the other, so you’ll be able to expand both the characters and the fun that your child can have.
Happy Gaming!

Guitar Hero Live

Inside many people, there’s a rock star just waiting to be set free. Now you can do that with Guitar Hero Live. This is the game like you’ve never seen it before with cutting edge brand new modes and a guitar controller that’s made to be played.
When you use the live mode, you’ll be onstage, peering out at the crowd. As you play, you’ll feel the adrenaline pumping as the crowd goes wild for the music you’re pumping out.
You’ll feel as if you’re in a real band so much that you can also feel the heat from the lights and feel the thunder of the applause. If you use the life mode, it will put you in different places to jam out your music.
You can play at an exclusive club for the people who really get the music or you can be the headliner in front of the crowd rocking out under an open sky. If you don’t want to be in the live mode, you can use the GHTV mode which is the music video network that allows you to play in real time.
During this play, you have the ability to find new music as well as battle it out for the best with gaming friends. You’ll be able to tap into all kinds of different videos to find the songs that you want to play or locate new ones to stretch your talent.
It’s super simple to use. All you have to do is find the channel that you want get started. If you’re not feeling the music from that channel, it’s a simple move to head over to a new channel and get a new song.
As you play, you gain game currency. You can use this currency to get songs or to gain items. Some of the items are things like player cards or note highways. This game is fun for one or fun for crowds.
You can get involved in competitions even if you’re only a beginner. Taking part in the competitions can help you improve your skill level so that you learn as you play.
You’ll be able to compete with friends from different states or countries and by watching the leatherboards, you’ll be able to see what your ranking is in the competition against other players.
Each time that you level up, you gain rewards. You want to level up to earn the Hero label. When you gain Hero powers, you get to level up your guitar and what this does is boost your score.
When you do level up, you get access to more content such as concert clips or more videos. The controller for the game is new and geared toward both beginners and experts. It has a 2×3 button, which is helpful for those new to the game – but for experts, it can use the six buttons so that it’s a challenge to them.
P.S. If you have a girl who would love to be like Taylor Swift, she would love Band Hero Featuring Taylor Swift.

Three Little Piggies – one of Forbe’s Top 10 Toys for 2015!

The Three Little Pigs is a story that’s been told throughout the ages to delight little kids everywhere. You’ll find the story is given many different formats from books to cartoons but the basics of the tale remain the same.
The three pigs have to outwit the big, bad wolf as he goes on a quest to huff and puff and blow down their houses. Based on that story, Smart Games has created a wonderful puzzle game that’s educational and fun for kids. The recommended age for this game is 3-10 years.
With the game, kids have to move the pieces around the board and there are 48 different challenges that can be done with the game so it never gets boring. The game set comes with a house for each of the little pigs along with the wolf and a picture book.
The first one is without the wolf and the second version is with the wolf. During these playtimes, the kids will have different challenges they’ll face. The book that’s included with the game tells the story of the little pigs but it doesn’t use any words to do this with.
Instead, the book is completely made of pictures so that makes it easy for kids to be able to interpret exactly what’s going on in the story and what the actions of each of the characters in the game will be.
What this does is it engages the child and helps him to be part of the story in a hands on way. He can move the pieces of the game according to how the picture book is telling the story.
The story encourages kids to use their thinking skills to overcome challenges as they get the little pigs to safety away from the big bad wolf. By using their thinking skills, kids can grasp at an early age how to solve not only the puzzle and variations of the game but problems as well.
It teaches kids to keep going to overcome the challenges presented to the pigs in turn. Kids will learn how to move the pieces to different spots on the board in order to solve the variation in challenges.
Solving puzzles is a great way to teach a child how to overcome obstacles in order to get to the end. Because there are 48 different challenges involved with the game, kids will learn to be creative to get the end result that they want.
It helps build confidence as kids reenact this age old story and even come up with new twists. The game is suitable for one or more players.
Hope you enjoyed this post!

Dohdles – one of Forbe’s Top 10 Toys for 2015!

Long gone are the days when games simply involved players moving a marker around a board. Today’s games are more interactive and a lot more fun to play. One of the fun games for families or as a party game is Dohdles by Thames and Kosmos.
These Dohdles are creations that are made by the players from dough. These creations are meant to be riddles to be solved but not solved too quickly. Each player gets to use his imagination to create a sculpture that has the other players guessing. This game is recommended for ages 10-15.
The creations are often hilarious as each player who makes the creation interprets from his creative mind what he thinks it should look like. The shapes of the Dohdles can be something like an everyday object or like part of a body such as a nose.
You don’t have to be an expert to play. You just have to have an imagination and be willing to laugh. The trick is to create your Dohdle as well as you can, but not make it so good that the other players all know right away what it’s supposed to be.
For people who have absolutely no creative sculpting talents at all, you’ll still be able to create items in certain shapes. The game works by the players being able to figure out what their opponent has made with their sculpture.
If you guess what it is, then you get points. But you also get points if the other opponents can’t all figure out what it was that you made with your sculpting clay. You want to make it so some people can figure out what it is, but not everyone – because if everyone guesses what it was that you made, then you don’t get any points.
But if no one guesses what you made, then you don’t get any points there either. The game is played with four rounds of the opponents trying to figure out what it is that you created.
When it’s your turn to play, you’re allowed to question your opponents about what they created with their sculptor to help you figure out what it is. But you’re not allowed to ask open-ended questions.
These have to be questions that can be answered with either a yes or a no. You can also ask for a letter in the creation. When you’ve been given some of these clues, if you decide that you know what the opponent’s Dohdle is, you put your guessing cube into the funnel.
This funnel sorts the cubes and sends them out. The first cube out is the player who’s allowed to take the first guess. Anytime that you identify what your opponent made, you get to move forward. The game can be played multiple times – because the clay doesn’t harden even after repeated use. It’s a guessing game that’s suitable for 3 to 6 players.
Sounds like fun to me!

Disney Toys/Characters

The full name for Disney is the Walt Disney Company. It began in the early 1920s in Los Angeles, California. The company saw much success with the creation of characters that went on to become beloved icons.
These characters were Donald Duck, Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and more. After the 1937 release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the company moved to Burbank in order to grow the size of the studio.
With merchandizing and licensing Disney blossomed into a toys and other products. One of the things that makes Disney so popular is how that the toys and games are related to characters that kids love.
Combined with virtual game play, kids get to see their superheroes come to life. That’s one reason that the Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Video Game Starter Pack – Xbox 360 is popular.
This game gives kids the Marvel Superheroes that they love in their virtual world. It comes with three figures: Thor, Iron Man and Black Widow. You can buy additional figures with the set such as the Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Hawkeye Figure or the Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 Edition, Groot.
One of the newer releases from the company in the fashion doll arena is the Disney Princess Ultimate Collection 7 Pack. This is a pack that features all of the most popular princess dolls including: Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, Merida, and Cinderella.
7princesses81m7+WtG4bL._SL1500_Also new is the Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa Doll. This doll is dressed in a gown like the one wore by the character in the Frozen movie. Complete with shoes and tiara, she’s on every little girl’s must-have list.
Just like her sister, the Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Anna Doll is a treasured doll based on the movie. With her sparkling skirt and colorful bodice, the Anna doll will charm your child.
New on the scene and to go along with Frozen dolls, there’s Disney Frozen Sparkle Kristoff Doll. Dressed like the character from the movie, the doll wears the loose pants, blue shirt and sleeveless vest.
You can also get the Disney Frozen Complete Story Playset if your child wants the additional characters of Prince Hans, Olaf and Sven. A doll version of Elsa was produced in the My First Disney Princess Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll for kids 36 months to 6 years.
When kids press the doll’s snowflake necklace, the doll will speak and her dress will light up. By raising the doll’s arm, kids can hear the tune “Let it Go,” which hails from the movie.