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Roominate – one of Forbe’s Top 10 Toys for 2015!

There’s a big gap between how many women versus how many men end up majoring in STEM subjects. These subjects, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are the key that can lead to rewarding careers in the field.
Sadly, there’s a lack in these skills among many young people today and especially in girls. Roominate, the company that creates toys based on STEM, hopes to change that. By using the toys that they make, girls can gain skills in problem solving and experience in how technology functions.
The toys that the company makes calls for kids to use their creativity to the build toys that rely on the use of STEM skills. Kids use the various kits to build motor or light circuits, to create sets and to use their imagination.
The Roominate rPower kit can be used to build a merry-go-round. By building the merry-go-ground, kids gain knowledge in how to solve movement function. They also gain confidence in themselves as they use fine motor skills to create things.
The kit helps kids learn how basic circuitry functions as well as cause and effect. Kids can use the Roominate app to control the objects like the merry-go-round that they create.
By putting the technology and engineering skills they’ll gain to work, they’ll be able to control the movement of the merry-go-round. They can make it speed up or slow down. They can also use the technology to raise or lower an elevator or to work a car.
The kit gives kids the ability to be able to control the lights as well. The set has rPower and the cable converters that make it work with the additional Roominate kids that you can purchase.
What parents really like about Roominate kits is that there’s never simply one way to create or one way to use the technology. What a child can create is endless. This kit comes with the building pieces that kids can use to build the merry-go-round as well as the circuitry to control the different lights.
They can cause the lights to stay on or they can make the lights blink. Once they’ve built the piece, they can cause the motors to move forward or they can send them in reverse.
These motions will control how the merry-go-round operates. With all the Roominate sets available, there will always be something for a kid to design and build. A feature that’s really great about these sets too is that the circuitry is inside the control pieces so you won’t have to deal with a mess of loose wires. Plus, the toys are compatible with Bluetooth, so they can be used as remote controls if you have a smartphone or other smart device.
Roominate Chateau is a 131-piece set where girls and boys can build their own structures, needs 4 AAA batteries that are not included.
Help develop your child’s science and math skills with a Roominate toy.

Meccanoid G15 – Robotic Toy

Meccanoid G15 – one of Forbe’s Top 10 Toys for 2015!
Robotic toys and sets are some of the hottest toys on the market today and there’s a good reason why you’ll want to consider buying them for your kids. By using robotic toys, interacting with them, playing with them, building them and programming them, you give your child an educational boost.
This is because robotic toys help kids in the area of S.T.E.M., which is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Kids learn skills that help them be more effective in the way they learn and are able to apply that learning.
The Meccanoid G15 is an extremely advanced robotic toy that kids will love because it has a ton of interactive features. One of the features is that it knows the owner’s voice commands.
While it comes with the ability to be able to understand commands and users can add more. The robot understands when it’s commanded to make certain movements. meccanoid2
You can instruct the robot to take a step to the left or right or to go backward or come forward. Kids can program the robot to be able to respond to commands that they think of.
This is something that helps kids in the field of technology as well as science. The Meccanoid is so sophisticated it can freely interact with people. It has the ability to have a conversation with kids because of the huge database of phrases (over 1,000) it already knows.
It’s so intelligent it can even talk to you about facts you might know or it can make you laugh by sharing a joke. When you’re quiet, the robot can speak first just like another human can.
If you tell the robot what your name is, he’ll store that in his database and be able to recall it at a later date. The robot has LIM which is Learned Intelligent Movement coupled with Motion Capture. This is a feature that lets you give the robot certain movements and sounds that you want him to do. When you want him to, the robot will then do the movements or sounds that you program into him.
When he moves, it looks realistic because he has 6 motors that are working to make the movements look natural. The robot is able to work with the use of a smartphone app.
All you have to do to make the robot move is to create the movements on the app and the robot will respond. There are 600 pieces to the robot. He comes with a charger, a rechargeable battery, a Meccabrain, tools and other assembly pieces. The Meccanoid stands around 2 feet in height and is a great gift idea for kids between the ages of 8-13.
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LEGO AppBrick – one of Forbe’s Top 10 Toys for 2015!

The world of LEGO is one that kids love to be part of. They get to use their imagination and creative skills to experience amazing adventures. Each time LEGO introduces something new, it’s always packed with innovative thinking coupled with technology – and that’s what happened with the new LEGO AppBrick.
These are LEGO bricks that you use with your fingers on a tablet. What the AppBricks do is combine the physical appeal of the LEGO worlds with the digital world to extend features and playtime for kids.
There are all sorts of things that kids can do with these virtual bricks. For starters, they can build gadgets and explore new worlds. They come in different sets that have the AppBricks to make the gadgets with.
Kids use the bricks on their tablets and as a result, they gain access to more worlds to explore. The bricks give kids the ability to have access to different features involving the game as well as access to clues for that world.
When kids use the AppBricks, they’ll have the inside knowledge that they need to use to be able to triumph over the supervillains. They’ll be able to be the heroes that can save the LEGO worlds.
What the toy does is to combine the real LEGO bricks with virtual worlds. Kids can build with LEGO bricks and then use them in the online games simply with the touch of their tablet.
So kids get the best of both of the LEGO worlds for double the fun and problem solving. Each of the different sets will have different things for the kids to do. You’ll get minifigures that are exclusive to one particular set.
These minifigures will have their own different gadgets. The apps that give the kids access to the bricks is the same app in all the sets but the mission for each of the ultra agents will be different.
The AppBricks count will vary, too – depending on the type of set that you purchase. Kids can gain access to the Ultra Agents game online. These are very hands on games that require coordination to complete the worlds.
What kids have to do with the bricks is put them on the face of the tablet and that works to make the world unfold digitally as kids begin to explore. LEGO does offer different APPBricks in their sets, and the since the sets are both real life as well as virtual, kids can use them apart from a tablet. The bricks are fairly small at 1×1 and there are multiple sets that kids can collect.
One such product meant for ages 9-14 is the LEGO Ultra Agents Ultracopter vs. Antimatter Toy.
Here is one meant for ages 8-14 called LEGO Ultra Agents Invisible Gold Getaway Toy.
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Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Gray Aluminum with Black Sport Band

This Apple Watch Sport enables you to take a step ahead into the world of technology, no matter whether you’re a tech geek or a sports addict. This dependable and versatile wearable gadget helps you organize your daily activities efficiently and achieve your full potential. The unisex watch is a virtual wrist-worn assistant.

applewatch61J1VsqJc5L._SL1200_With this Apple smartwatch on your wrist, you can receive and make calls, dictate text messages and send them to your friends or colleagues, call a taxi, browse through plenty of apps, and even track your fitness activity – all this without the need to even take your smartphone out. The Digital Crown on the Apple Watch Sport, visually resembling the analog winding mechanism on the mechanical watches, helps you swipe through app icons on the 42mm Ion-X OLED Retina display, while the side button gives you an easy access to your preferred contacts. Moreover, with its help you can send personal messages to your friends or even your heart pulse to your significant other via taps, in case they own an Apple smartwatch too.

You might also be interested in the Apple watch charging station – see picture below.


In a similar way, the unique Taptic Engine is designed to give you delicate and fully customizable nudges when you get a notification. With up to 18 hours of battery life, the Apple smartwatch is always there when you need it during your daily routine. In addition, this unisex watch helps you exercise and work out in style with its sleek space gray aluminum case and black sport band.

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