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Transformers Characters

Transformers Toy Characters
Arriving on Earth from the planet Cybertron, the autobots do their best to help the human race. Their battle against the Decepticons, their arch enemy, often causes much conflict against the humans.
There are those on Earth who would capture the autobots to use their abilities for evil. The autobots can transform into a variety of vehicles – ranging from cars to trucks and even to vehicles used by the military.
The box office success of the first Transformers movie in 2007 led to a series of the movies well known for their fast paced action and fight scenes. The leader of the transformers team is Optimus Prime.
His heroic deeds and empathy for the humans as revealed in the movies is one of the reasons toys featuring this character are in such high demand. The Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Energize Optimus Prime Figure is one of those toys.
The toy has the ability to change into either a robot or a vehicle. When it’s in vehicle mode, the autobot is a semi truck. When the figure is in robot form, he can hold the saw, which comes as an accessory.
The Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Energize Heatwave the Fire-Bot Figure was created after the character who can turn into a firetruck. He comes with a water cannon that he can hold onto. These robots are easy enough for toddlers to transform into vehicles and back again, yet tough enough to handle the rough play.
Bumblebee was the first autobot introduced to the world when the original Transformers movie came out. Audiences loved his affinity for Sam Witwicky played by Shia Labeouf. Kids love Bumblebee toys and the Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Energize Bumblebee Figure is a big hit with kids from ages 3 and up. I know this is my 3-year-old grandson’s favorite! He even has the Bumblebee costume that he loves to wear.
The figure comes with a jackhammer and in vehicle mode transforms into the sports car like the one shown in the movie. The Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Energize Chase the Police-Bot Figure can transform from a robot to a police car.
The rescue claw will mount into the front of the police car mode. This autobot, along with the other pieces do fit the Transformers Rescue Bots Playskool Heroes Optimus Prime Rescue Trailer, which is what’s used to transport the autobots when needed.
Kids love the Transformers toy – whether they’re on the ground or in the air. The Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Blades the Copter-Bot Figure is one that kids can play pretend with in the air. This autobot can transform into a helicopter. The robot can hold the rescue hook that will fit the helicopter.

Crayola Finger Paints

Best known for the creation of Crayola Crayons, the company was once known as Binney and Smith named after the founders who were cousins. It began in New York but the company’s headquarters are found in Pennsylvania.
The company creates a large line of art products that are nontoxic. In the late ’70s, the company gained the entitlement to make Silly Putty and shortly after that Crayola Markers became available.
In the mid 1980s, the company became a subsidiary of Hallmark. With all of the products they offer, Crayola unleashed the imaginations in children from young to older. One of their popular older products is finger paints like the Crayola Washable Finger Paints, 4-Count, with Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.
This set is for ages 36 months all the way up to 15 years. The set can help younger kids learn to explore imagination and strengthen motor skills. The paint is completely washable and easy to clean up.
The paints come in a handy flip top container. You can also get the Crayola Fingerpaints Bold and Secondary Colors, 4 fl oz, 8-Count which has 8 tubes. The Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Desk remains a popular item.
This desk allows children to color and create without leaving the havoc of a mess behind. The desk provides a stable surface that can keep the markers or paints secure while your child is using them.
This is a good choice for kids 36 months all the way up to creative artists of 15 years old. Two of the company’s older bestselling items are the Crayola Washable Watercolors, 24 count and the Crayola 5ct Art and Craft Brush Set.
The watercolors is a 24 color set neatly held in a plastic container. The brush set can be used by kids 4-15 and are high quality brushes. New from the company are their Color Alive sets.
These sets combine tradition with new technology.  In the Crayola Color Alive Barbie set, kids get 16 pages they can color. When they’re finished coloring the pages, the pages can become interactive once they’re scanned into the app. The set offers the download apps free with the purchase.
Besides the Barbie set, there’s also the Crayola Color Alive Combo Set Skylanders and Mythical Creatures. This set has the ability to let kids unlock virtual fun and offers new colors to help bring the popular Skylanders to life.
In this new line the company offers the Crayola Color Alive Crayon – Enchanted Forest. The app works with iOS and Android devices. The set includes a special color that will give creative effects in the virtual version.
Since both the Barbie Color Alive and the Enchanted Forest are popular, some people order the Crayola Color Alive Combo Set Barbie and Enchanted Forest so that they can have both at the same time.
I would love to hear what kind of art projects your child enjoys. Feel free to comment below.

Barbie Dreamhouse

The Barbie brand of toys is under the company Mattel. The toy was created by Ruth Handler in 1959 and is called Barbie due to Ruth’s daughter who was named Barbara. When the doll was first released, the doll’s eyes didn’t look straight to the front but had a side-eyed look.
This look was changed in the early 70s. The doll is well-known for her line of fashion accessories. The doll’s boyfriend Ken was introduced to the world in 1961 and was named after Ruth’s son, Ken.
One of the most iconic toys relating to Barbie is the Barbie Dream House and year after year, it continues to be a bestseller. The toy is suitable for kids ages three and older. The three story home has elevator accessible floors and comes with an amazing assortment of accessories for Barbie and her friends.
The front doorbell works, the appliances have sounds and the oven has a light that will come on. The bedroom has a bathroom located off of it and features a toilet with flushing sounds. There’s even a doggy bed by Barbie’s large canopy bed.
The Barbie Sisters Life in The Dreamhouse Camper is a great buy along with the Dream House. This Camper has the ability to turn into a pool. There’s a grill for cooking out and plenty of accessories for enjoying life on the road.
The Camper has a plenty of sleeping room with a bunk beds and a double bed. There’s a TV, blanket and more for relaxing when the travel day is done. The Barbie Life in The Dreamhouse Pet Boutique and Doll Playset can be purchased to go along with the Dream House.
This set features a fashionable Barbie doll and playset accessories. This set has a grooming area for pets, which are also included. These pets are a kitten, a terrier and a poodle.
The pet bathtub and grooming tools come with the set. There are pet fashions and accessories included as well. Every year, the company releases a new Holiday Barbie that delights children and collectors.
The popularity of these dolls continues to grow. The last version was the Barbie Collector 2014 Holiday Doll comes dressed in a stunning red gown with gold lace accents. There will be a 2015 doll this year, too!
The Barbie Feed & Cuddle Tawny Horse and Doll Playset is a favorite among those who love Barbie items. This set includes the Barbie doll, the horse and accessories which are: a saddle, a riding helmet, a pail for feeding or watering the horse, hay, a horse brush and a stand. By pressing the saddle, the horse’s neck will lower.

Toymail WIFI Messaging Toy – Buck the Deer Mailman

Toymail WIFI Messaging Toy – Buck the Deer Mailman
This toy has so much more to offer than a typical toy. In today’s world when loved ones are scattered around the world, the Toymail WIFI Messaging Toy – Buck the Deer Mailman can bring them closer by keeping personal messages going back and forth.
Buck the Deer Mailman is actually a disguised device that can be used to record a voice message from you to your favorite child. Designed for ages 3 years and older, this messaging toy comes with a free iPhone or Android application, so you can communicate at any time.
Parents, you get to decide who your child can communicate with by the parental control feature. It’s the perfect device for families who have to live apart or travel a great deal. Best of all, Buck’s WiFi (not Bluetooth) is built-in and connects to your 2.4Ghz home WiFi network.
Then, you send and receive “Toymail” without having to use a nearby phone for the signal. All messages are stored in the “Voice Scrapbook,” of the free Toymail application, so you can play the messages over and over again to recount and enjoy.
The child can easily reply to a message by talking to Buck. Messages are free, so you don’t have to worry about over-doing it. When your child gets a new Toymail, Buck will howl, growl, whine and snort to alert him.
He’s a cute little pal that will get your child used to getting and receiving messages – and introducing him to the world of technology. Buck, the Deer Mailman is a perfect alternative to giving your child his own device and helping them feel connected to others rather than isolated because he doesn’t know how a phone works.
There are only two buttons for children to learn – send and receive. Hearing Grandma’s voice from far away will help him feel like she’s in the room. And, when you travel, it’s easy to keep in touch with him by letting him be comforted by the sound of your voice.
Gauri Nanda and Audry Hill are co-founders of Toymail and best friends. They worked to share their joint vision for how a toy should look and work. They created Toymail for kids so it would be easy, fun and educational.
The Toymail message box is made solid and shaped like a mailbox. Distinguishing features of the various animals are accomplished by the additions of antlers, ears, nose, eyes and other features that set them apart.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stretch ‘N’ Shout Leonardo

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stretch ‘N’ Shout Leonardo
Any child who fancies himself to be a teenage mutant ninja turtle will love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stretch ‘N’ Shout Leonardo. One of the most popular and beloved of the turtles, this Leonardo shouts the war cries of the ninja turtles – and the more you stretch his half-shell’s arms – the higher the pitch of his voice.
Playmates Toys specialize in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and have used their wildest imagination to create this ninja turtle who can stretch and shout. The arms are designed to be stretched and to trigger the turtle battle cry.
Yank on the arms a bit and hear Leonardo shout, then raise the arms further and you can hear that the pitch of the voice becomes higher. When you release the arms, Leonardo will finish his word or phrase, followed by the battle cry sound.
This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stands at thirteen-inches tall and is fully equipped with a large head, the feet and hands of a turtle, and carry their weapons (including the Dual Katana) molded into their hands.
The toy requires three, AAA batteries, which are included with the package. When you hear the word, “Cowabunga,” you’ll know that it’s “Turtle Time.” Your child can stretch Leonardo’s arms up to 8-inches and the more he stretches the higher pitched is the battle cry.
He can engage in battles with Shredder and the Foot Clan and be assured of a win with Leonardo as he shouts various phrases and becomes more intimidating with each shout.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stretch ‘N’ Shout Leonardo is a simple toy, like other “Ninja” toys from Playmates, but it can keep your child occupied and engage his imagination like no other.
The Ninja, Raphael, is also available as a Stretch ‘N’ Shout Ninja, but comes in his classically designed suit and dons a red mask rather than a blue one like Leonardo. Get them both and let them battle the bad guys together.
The secret of Playmates success in toy manufacturing is the simplicity and good craftsmanship. They’re sturdy toys that can withstand hundreds of “battles” and rough treatment.
If you have some turtle fans in your house, you can’t go wrong with Ninja Turtle action figures and other fun toys by Playmates. Other of their brands include “Hearts” for girls and “Waterbabies.” When holidays roll around, your child will love the gift of “Turtle Time.”

Rue, the WorryWoo Monster of Insecurity and Storybook

Rue, the WorryWoo Monster of Insecurity and Storybook
It’s always nice to be able to choose a toy for a child that’s not only proven safe, but that’s also environmentally friendly. Rue, the WorryWoo Monster of Insecurity and Storybook meets all safety standards of ASTM and EN71 and the stories are written with environmentally friendly soy inks.
We also want to choose toys which teach our children, and Rue is a winner of the Iparenting Award and Creative Child Top Toy Award. Your child will learn about self-esteem, confidence and his or her perceptions and emotions.
Rue’s storybook is titled, “The Nose That Didn’t Fit” and is designed and written for kids of all ages to learn about insecurity that happens when they don’t fit into the “norm” and how to deal with it.
It’s a sweet and loveable monster that your child will enjoy and keep for his kids. You may have seen and purchased other WorryWoo Monsters such as Twitch, the Monster of Frustration, Fuddle, the Monster of Confusion, Nola, and the Monster of Loneliness.
These WorryWoo monsters capture the emotions of children and help them learn to concentrate on the positive rather than the negative. They’re emotions that most children deal with at some point in childhood and are dealt with in a gentle and educational manner.
WorryWoos are soft and cuddly and have unusual features that coincide with the emotion each character is presenting. The monsters come with a storybook that tells a tale also associated with the emotion.
Rue thinks his nose is too big and he feels like the nose doesn’t fit his other features of curly ears, wings and shaggy hair. Rue needs to feel that he’s perfect just the way he was made and that his differences only serve to make him interesting.
Rue is 12-inches tall and has been a star on the Today Show. His story has made him a hit with young and old alike. The storybook is a hardcover, delightfully illustrated, 88-page companion to Rue and filled with silly, but educational stories about how Rue at first tries to cover up his insecurities and then finds ways to cope with his differences.
You may want to check out the other WorryWoo Monsters or the complete, Deluxe set of WorryWoos which includes all six storybooks and all seven plush, Woo stuffed characters. You’ll also receive a guidebook in the set, plus a WorryWoo, 4-Poster pack and a tote for the Deluxe Kit.

My Little Pony Pop Starter Kit Bundle

My Little Pony Pop Starter Kit Bundle
My Little Pony figures are so cute and popular that it may be difficult to choose just one. That’s what makes the My Little Pony Pop Starter Kit Bundle such a great gift. My Little Pony Pop lets your child use her imagination to create outfits, hairstyles, cutie marks and wings just as she wants them.
The My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Kit contains a pony body hair, wings, stickers and, of course, the tail. You can mix and match by purchasing another kit like the Applejack and let her create a personalized AppleDash.
With My Little Pony, Hasbro toy manufacturer has bridged a gap between having a real pony and one that your child can love and play with even more than she could with a real pony.
She’ll have fun snapping together the pony and even more fun decorating the pony with accessories such as hair, tail and stickers. Mix and match from parts of other ponies and keep her busy designing and playing.
She can create a unique and beautiful pony of her very own design. Other toys from Hasbro include the My Little Pony Pop Princess Twilight Sparkle Starter Kit, the My Little Pony Pop Fluttershy Starter Kit and the My Little Pony Pop Pinkie Pie Starter Kit.
They each put a unique spin on the My Little Pony collection. You may also want to consider the My Little Pony Compatible Organizer in Turquoise/Blue so she can keep all of the accessories organized and ready for play.
It’s designed to hang so she can see them at a glance. Have a sleepover with your little girl’s friends or send her to a friend’s sleepover with the My Little Pony Girls Sleepover Set, which includes a sleeping bag, eye mask and tote bag.
She’ll feel so sophisticated with the grown-up paraphernalia. Check out the plush toys and other accessories that can keep your girl busy and delighted. Most of the My Little Pony toys are for ages 4 and older, but many are great for even younger kids.
When the holiday season rolls around, My Little Pony toys make great gifts for parents and grandparents or anyone who has a little girl with a passion for ponies. All Hasbro toys are made for sturdiness and lasting qualities and the “ponies” are small enough to take on trips or to cuddle at night.

VW Camper Van Pop-Up Play Tent

Love to camp, but hate the bugs, packing for the excursion and the rest of the hassle? The Monster Factory people have created a “camper” that is fast becoming the play tent every child wants – and cuts down on the stress of a camping trip into the wilderness.
One of our favorite past times now fits comfortably into your living room and can keep your children occupied for hours. It’s great for sleepovers and keeps the kids corralled in one spot.
This waterproof tent can be used inside or out, features a zipped entrance and UV protection. It sets up in just minutes.
Put together some S’mores and popcorn – and maybe a pizza or two and you have a perfect evening of fun and laughter.
Easy to assemble and put away, this VW Van Pop-Up Play Tent has enough room for adults and children to enjoy a great camping experience anytime – and within the comfort of your own home.
This a great gift choice for a child or grandchild and will give him or her many hours of playtime and adventure.

Little Live Pets Butterfly Starter Pack

Little Live Pets Butterfly Starter Pack
Begin your child’s butterfly adventures with the Little Live Pets Butterfly Starter Pack and expand the collection to include all the beautiful and unique butterflies available in toy stores.
The cute robotic butterflies are flying off the shelves for the holiday season and are tops on the wish lists of children, ages 5 and up. They’re bright, beautiful and are even programmed to flutter their wings faster the more the child pets and plays with them.
Bring your butterfly to life by placing it on the Flower Station that comes with the Starter Pack. As you play with and nurture your butterfly, it will respond just as a healthy and happy pet would – by flapping its wings and having fun with your child.
The more you feed your little pet with wings, the happier and more playful it becomes. When your child places the winged beauty in his palm, it will flap its wings just as a real butterfly would.
Other butterflies in the collection include the Wicked Wings Orange Black Monarch, the Butterfly Loving Wings and the Rare Wings Blue Pink and Purple. Your child will likely want the entire collection.
You may want to purchase the house to keep them in. The Little Live Pets Butterfly House – Star Wings is shaped like a cage and lets your child proudly display his collection of these beautiful insects.
The shimmering array of colors is just one aspect of this toy’s attraction. The Butterfly collection can teach your child about the intricacy of how butterflies are made – the delicacy of their wings and how they respond.
Piquing an interest for your child of wildlife can only be good and can satisfy curiosity and make him want to learn more about the world in which we live and how to preserve it for years to come. It’s a win-win for you and your child.
Little Live Pets also makes other kits for your child to enjoy. Consider the Little Live Pets Bird Bundle – a complete set of six, which includes Angelic Angela, Delicate Dee, Cheeky Charlie, Silly Billy, Sweet Sophie and Cool Cookie.
This bird collection responds ways that will delight your child. It responds to touch by singing and you can even record sounds and make it talk back to you. The child can take it along anywhere he goes because it fits right on the finger – just like a real bird.