Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa’s Frozen Castle

All the little fans of Elsa and her friends can now take their beloved heroes everywhere! This little castle can become their personal kingdom where they can spend whole hours playing and training their imagination.

Disney Frozen Little Kingdom Elsa’s Frozen Castle – everyone willing to gift their little ones something to play with during the rainy days should check this one out right now!

How Much Is It?
Elsa’s Frozen Castle is a pretty, aesthetic toy that costs around $16. The set contains a little doll of Elsa, the castle, and a lot of other parts. These include two bodices, two peplums, two skirts for Elsa, two different capes, and four snap-ins. For this relatively small price, you get a lot of pieces for your child to combine the way they want to!

Who Would Buy It?
The toy is designed to resemble the character from the famous animated movie “Frozen”. It is an ideal gift for all the little girls who love Elsa and would like to play with her every day. The toy is made to be safe for children 4 years old and up.

Things We Like About It
The toy is of pretty and colorful construction.  It’s small and easy to carry around, so whenever you travel, you can pack it for your child without worrying about it taking up a lot of space. It’s great that Elsa’s look can be modified, seeing as a lot of dolls of this kind limit these possibilities.

Things We Did Not Like About It
Elsa’s Frozen Castle is a pretty piece but there is not much you can do with the toy. The child’s play will come down to changing the skirts and “walking” the doll up and down the stairs. The pieces are also rather small so if your girl tends to lose her toys, it’s likely she will soon have issues finding all the parts.

Is It Worth The Money?
For the number of elements and possibilities it gives, we think this product could be cheaper. It is likely that if a child isn’t a great fan of Elsa, they will quickly get bored with this toy. Otherwise, the Frozen Castle is pretty and pleasant to look at, even if just as a decoration for a child’s room. However, it is not a big price for the joy it can bring to a little Elsa fan.

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Where Can I Buy It?
The toy is available in online shops and you can read a lot of reviews of the parents who have already made the purchase. Elsa’s Frozen Castle is usually cheaper in online shops, so it is an option worth considering.

Final Thoughts
Elsa’s Frozen Castle is a pretty little toy for all the girls that loved the movie. It’s reasonably priced and has numerous elements to play with. It is a good choice for a gift, unless you prefer a toy that offers more interaction or playing ideas.

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