The Hasbro company is the creation of the Hassenfeld brothers. The still popular doctor and nurse kits that children love were produced by this company. Besides those kits, the company is well known for the Mr. Potato Head toy.
In the early 1980s, the company created the My Little Pony in addition to their other toys. The games that are created by the company are just as popular as their other toys.
One of their popular games is the game of Life, which continues to be a high selling game. They also make Monopoly (Despicable Me edition) and the Operation (Doc McStuffins edition) games.
The Connect 4 Game is one of the company’s game creations that continually hits bestselling games lists. The game is lauded for its challenge as well as its simplicity of play. The game consists of a grid in which players drop checker pieces. The first person to get four in a row, including diagonally, wins the game. It’s suitable for ages 6 years old and up.
Another one of their popular games is the Jenga Classic Game. This is a game that requires patience and skill. Players build the block up until all the blocks are gone. Once all the blocks are built into a tower, each player must carefully remove one of the blocks and place it on top. The player who causes the blocks to fall over loses the game. The set comes with 54 of the blocks and can be played by kids age 8 and up.
One of their later game editions that’s wildly popular is the Sorry! 2013 Edition Game. This is a fun race around the board in an effort to get home before another player bumps you back to start. The game comes with the board, 12 pawns, playing cards, tokens and the game play instructions. It can be played by kids 6 to 15 but adults also enjoy this game.
The ever popular party game Twister is from the Hasbro company. This game calls for players to put hands and feet on the colored spots on the mat. You can’t touch the mat with anything but your hands or feet and if you do, you lose the game. If you remain in place at the end, you win the game. The game comes with the mat and a spinner along with the instructions.
While Hasbro is well known for their games, they’re also the company that brings kids great Nerf guns like the Nerf N-Strike Elite: Strongarm Blaster.
The Blaster has the rotating barrel, which lets kids quickly add the darts. The Blaster can hit a target up to 75 feet away. Included with this toy are 6 of the darts, but you can buy the darts in separate packs. You’ll want to have a good supply of these.