Little Live Pets Butterfly Starter Pack

Little Live Pets Butterfly Starter Pack
Begin your child’s butterfly adventures with the Little Live Pets Butterfly Starter Pack and expand the collection to include all the beautiful and unique butterflies available in toy stores.
The cute robotic butterflies are flying off the shelves for the holiday season and are tops on the wish lists of children, ages 5 and up. They’re bright, beautiful and are even programmed to flutter their wings faster the more the child pets and plays with them.
Bring your butterfly to life by placing it on the Flower Station that comes with the Starter Pack. As you play with and nurture your butterfly, it will respond just as a healthy and happy pet would – by flapping its wings and having fun with your child.
The more you feed your little pet with wings, the happier and more playful it becomes. When your child places the winged beauty in his palm, it will flap its wings just as a real butterfly would.
Other butterflies in the collection include the Wicked Wings Orange Black Monarch, the Butterfly Loving Wings and the Rare Wings Blue Pink and Purple. Your child will likely want the entire collection.
You may want to purchase the house to keep them in. The Little Live Pets Butterfly House – Star Wings is shaped like a cage and lets your child proudly display his collection of these beautiful insects.
The shimmering array of colors is just one aspect of this toy’s attraction. The Butterfly collection can teach your child about the intricacy of how butterflies are made – the delicacy of their wings and how they respond.
Piquing an interest for your child of wildlife can only be good and can satisfy curiosity and make him want to learn more about the world in which we live and how to preserve it for years to come. It’s a win-win for you and your child.
Little Live Pets also makes other kits for your child to enjoy. Consider the Little Live Pets Bird Bundle – a complete set of six, which includes Angelic Angela, Delicate Dee, Cheeky Charlie, Silly Billy, Sweet Sophie and Cool Cookie.
This bird collection responds ways that will delight your child. It responds to touch by singing and you can even record sounds and make it talk back to you. The child can take it along anywhere he goes because it fits right on the finger – just like a real bird.