Little Live Pets Clever Keet

Regardless of how much you love your child and want to give him a pet of his own, you know it might not be a wise decision because he might not be ready for the responsibility.
Or he might be ready but you can’t have a pet because of restrictions on pets where you live or you have a family member that’s allergic to pets. There is a way you can make your child happy to have a pet that’s just like a real one.
The Little Live Pets Clever Keet is just like a real parakeet but without the mess a bird makes or the responsibility it takes to care for one. This toy is an interactive toy that will delight your child.
It can be taught so many different things to do – including singing and bobbing in a little dance maneuver. The toy bird is aptly called clever because it’s smart enough to move around the accessory cart that comes with him.
Kids adore how the bird responds to them in reaction to the sound of words. Your child will want to take his little friend everywhere he goes. The bird has the ability to talk as well as sing and he can even move his wings like a real bird.
As he’s taught different words, he retains them and can speak them back. He comes with his own play equipment as well as a guide detailing how to interact and care for the toy.
The bird is smart–when he sees his own reflection, he knows who he is. Packed with the latest technology in toys, playing with this bird will never grow old. Kids as young as 3 can learn how to interact with the bird and will be delighted to hear it sing and communicate with them although the recommended age is 5-15.
This digital toy has a deep learning capacity to hold the things that it’s taught. It can engage any child in a way that will keep your child wanting to learn and interact with the bird.
The bird comes with plenty of accessories to add to the fun. You’ll get the mirror that the bird uses to see himself, a swing that he likes to rest on, and the cart he’s able to push around.
When kids first get the bird, they need to give it a name. The bird will ask for a name and when your child gives him one, the bird will respond positively in return. When your child asks the bird a question, he’ll answer. When your child makes a statement to the bird, he’ll repeat it. It’s hours of fun for your child as well as for adults.
P.S. You might want to also check out the Little Live Pets Lil’ Turtle Tank which comes with a tank, turtle,  1 AAA battery and instruction booklet. The turtle doesn’t talk but it does swim and may be a good starter “pet” for your child.