Meccano MeccaNoid Personal Robot

You may have seen movies with awesome robots that had the ability to do so many different things and thought how much you’d like to have one. Now you can with the Meccano MeccaNoid Personal Robot.
This robot is affordable and comes with a lot of great features that make this one of the most in demand robots on the market. The robot has the ability to recognize voice commands.
It’s already programmed to answer over 100 different commands that the user might give it. For example, you can tell it to step back, move to the left, or walk forward.
And there’s no reason why you have to limit the different commands that you give the robot. It has the ability to be programmed to understand an endless amount of commands.
The robot has a sharp and fun way of communicating. It can talk to you using the different words and some of the over 1,000 phrases that it already knows. It can crack a joke for you or share some facts with you.
The robot won’t just sit around waiting for you to give it a command, either. The MeccaNoid is smart enough to be able to ask you questions. Even if you’re not talking, the robot knows how to open up the lines of communication.
You can engage in games with the robot. It’s personal, too – and can recall the names that you share with it as well as birthdays. One of the features that users love is that the robot has LIM or Learned Intelligent Movement along with Motion Capture.
What this feature means is that you can put movements into the robot along with sounds and then the robot can perform them when you press a button. You can choose to take the robot through some motions such as turning its head or raising its arm.
You can then program the robot so that it copies what you just did. You can get the robot to repeat movements when you use a smartphone camera. All you have to do is put the camera on the robot’s chest and it will capture the motions and repeat them.
There’s an app you can use to make the robot move with just a touch of your finger on your smartphone. This Meccanoid app is a free download for users who purchase the robot.
You can have a lot of fun guiding the robot around just with your smartphone. You can amaze your family and friends at what your personal robot has the ability to do.
There are many different forms that you can use to build your robot. You can make it look like a robot or a dog or a dinosaur or even create something of your own choosing.