Fisher-Price Little People Musical Preschool

The Fisher-Price Little People Musical Preschool playset will delight your child from toddler stage to kindergarten. You can start early to help the transition from toddler to preschool an easy and fun experience.
In the beginning, your child will love the colorful and musical features of this Fisher-Price toy. Then, the educational factors will join the play and fun and actually teach them about what preschool will be all about.
The students in the preschool even have their own spots on a rug – just like in real school. Then, there are over 35 sounds, phrases and songs that will add so much to the experience and make them laugh with delight.
All the child has to do is press the buttons on the rug to make all types of music, lights and phrases come to life. Your child can make the dinosaur roar, cause bubbles to gurgle when they come from an aquarium and even make the school’s hamster cage squeak.
There’s a slide for playtime where they can let Eddie and Mia take turns sliding down – and even the teacher can take a turn if they want. The complete Fisher-Price Little People Preschool set comes with the entire school, Mia, Eddie, teachers and a table and 4 chairs.
The “rug” on the schoolroom floor is magical. Each spot on the rug has a button that produces a different sound and each sound can be linked together to create a new and different song.
Beginning preschool is a momentous occasion in your child’s life. You can whet their appetites for going and joining in the fun by providing the Fisher Price Little People Musical Preschool. They’ll be begging to go to school.
As usual, Fisher Price has designed the preschool set especially for very young ones. Edges are buffed so there’s no danger from sharp edges. There’s even an on-off button for sound and 2 positions for loudness on the bottom of the toy so the parents can control the noise.
This toy will also build their confidence for the first day of school that can be so intimidating for some. You may want to enhance the experience of the Fisher Price Little People Musical Preschool by checking out some other Fisher Price toys such as The Little People Aquarium Visit and The Little People Pet Center.
Check out all Fisher Price toys. They’re known for excellence in manufacturing and design with your child always considered.

Disney Karaoke Series: “Frozen” CD

Disney Karaoke Series: “Frozen” CD
Kids – and adults – love to play and sing Karaoke. Now, their Karaoke experience can be complete with the Disney Karaoke Series: “Frozen” CD. It’s complete with all the favorite songs of the movie.
Featured on the track are eight songs, including, “Let It Go,” “For the First Time in Forever,” “Fixer Upper,” and so much more. You can sing along with the instrumental format or use the vocal recording, so you can learn and sing the songs however you want.
Since Karaoke CDs are designed to be used with Karaoke machines, you’ll need to hook up the machine to the television (not a computer) so the words to the songs are displayed.
If you need to purchase a Karaoke machine, consider “The Singing Machine SML-385W Disco Light Karaoke System,” which is low-priced and specifically designed to play all of your Karaoke CDs.
It’s top-loading with flashing disco lights and comes with two microphone jacks and separate volume controls. Fans of “Frozen” will love this CD, which comes with a booklet that includes all the words to the songs on the CD.
Kids love belting out the songs in a Karaoke format – and adults will join in the fun too. Singing is a stress reliever and a great way to bring the family together. If your child is mesmerized by all things Frozen, like so many children, look at some of the other toys that Disney has created.
The Frozen Flashing Light-UP Karaoke features amplified sounds and lights. There’s also the very popular, Disney Frozen Elsa & Anna Sing Along Boombox, which is a less sophisticated version of a Karaoke machine.
It’s especially designed for little princesses and features Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Toddlers love Frozen too, and Disney has created toys designed for them. The Disney Frozen Playland with 20 Balls features an interactive panel including holes for the balls and allowing for a peek through the windows.
Disney has created quite an enormous collection of Karaoke CDs that your children and entire family will love. If you and your children like to play Karaoke, check out  “Disney on Broadway,” “Disney Mania” and other great Disney movie and presentation CDs.
You can always depend on Disney for fun and age-appropriate toys for your children. They make great gifts and are colorful and designed to last.


The Bounce-Off Game is the most popular new game of the year. Touted to be for ages from 8 to 88, this game was a finalist for the Toy Industry Association’s Game of the Year.
Two to four players can meet the challenges of the game as they bounce ping pong balls into the patterns on the challenge cards. Bounce-Off looks easy, but the play is at a feverish pitch as the challengers race to match the challenge card.
The play is based on turns, but the actual action is played at a frenzied pace. No matter how young or old, everyone will enjoy the game of Bounce-Off, so it’s great for family get-togethers or game nights where you bring the guests and the family together for an evening of fun and laughter.
The older people will especially enjoy the challenges and the family bonding experience. The youngsters will enjoy the attention from parents and other adults and the challenges that they can easily compete in.
Perfect your game and get better at landing the bounce and soon you’ll be able to meet even the best of the competition. The complete game of Bounce-Off comes with 16 balls, four ball holders, nine challenge cards, one game grid and the instructions.
The difficulty of the challenge depends on the pattern on the card you draw. Challengers will each be assigned a color and the first color to complete the challenge on the card wins the card.
You must win three cards to be the winner of the game. Mattel, who makes the Bounce-Off game, is the master of game-making. You may want to look at other games from Mattel such as the Ker Plunk Game, the most popular game of Mattel for over 35 years, the Tumblin’ Monkeys Game, a perfect game for younger kids and the Pass the Popcorn Game – a game based on movies where the players are given movie clues.
Mattel has made a point of creating games that delight both young and old and promises a good time for everyone. You can’t go wrong with choosing a Mattel game for a gift for a loved one or friend.
While you’re at it plan a game night, some great snacks and bond with friends or family members. Enjoy your holiday season with one of the many Hasbro games games make memories that will last forever.

Beados Quick Dry Design Station

Beados Quick Dry Design Station
Every parent knows that crafts keep kids’ hands busy and also educate as they go – from motor skills to creativity and imagination. The Beados Quick Dry Design Station has an extra benefit that parents will love – no mess.
The colorful beads fuse with water rather than messy glue, eliminating the need for caution when playing and designing creations. The set comes with 500 beads, six templates to create your design, two trays for display, a spray bottle, a fan that quick-dry the creations and other accessories such as a tweezer pen.
The creation of Beados Quick Dry Design Station lets your kids dry their creations in a fraction of the time it would take to air dry. The set is recommended for ages 4 to 14 years of age – but even adults will enjoy the multitude of designs you can create.
Create the designs in one tray and then spray them and dry them with the fan that helps them dry quickly. Voila! Your child’s creation springs to life and they can then display them to everyone they know.
Only one spray of water from the spray bottle is enough to join the beads together and make them adhere. There are only 3 simple steps to creating the designs: design, spray and then display.
The Beados Quick Dry Design Station comes with templates for a butterfly, ice cream cone, fish and fire truck – and more. Bead colors in the set include red, pink, yellow, purple, orange, black and white.
It’s the perfect combination for your child to create all sorts of designs for the template and many of his own creations. If your child loves crafts, you may want to check out the Beados S2 Glitter Quick Dry Design Station, which takes regular Beados and adds the shimmering of sparkly glitter.
Kids love the beautiful glitter beads that give their creations an extra punch of glamour. Also part of the Beados collection is the Beados Exclusive Crystal Quick Dry Design Station, which includes all the storage and quick drying station of the other Beado sets.
But, the beads are crystals that gleam and make more sophisticated and even more beautiful designs. Beados beading kits will provide your children with many hours of creativity and imagination.
Girls will especially love the shimmery designs possible with the Glitter and Crystal kits, but boys will love to put together their own designs and engage in their own type of creativity.

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