Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Figure Troop Builder 6-Pack

There are fans of Star Wars who enjoy collecting anything related to the film series and then there are kids who want these items because they’re fun to play with. Whatever reason you have for wanting the Star Wars items, you won’t want to miss the Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Figure Troop Builder 6-Pack.
There’s plenty of fun and adventure to be found with this troop pack. You can uncover exciting worlds where the starships rule the galaxy as you fight the battle between good and evil.
Arriving on the scene after the Empire, the First Order took shape and is determined to rule. It consists of Star Destroyers and a gathering of Stormtroopers ready to take down all that’s good.
With the powerful weapons at their disposal, they won’t be overcome easily. The characters in this 6 pack collection are based on the ones from the Force Awakens and will be the perfect addition to any Star Wars set.
They can be used to recreate moments from the movie as kids (or adults) battle it out to rule the galaxy. The pack will help kids be able to be the one in charge with the figures that come with the pack.
Kids will receive the Captain Phasma figure with the armor of metal. This character is in charge of the troopers in the First Order. Next, the First Order Stormtrooper is in the pack.
A First Order Flametrooper is included. These have the weapons that can shoot bursts of flames from the ends to end any of their opponents. The Snowtrooper in the set is basically based on a Stormtrooper design, but with some extras.
It’s designed for cold weather in both what it wears as well as its weapon and is quite the force as it goes about the assigned First Order missions. The set also comes with a First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper – the ones who take care of crowd control by any means necessary.
And finally, the First Order Heavy Artillery Stormtrooper comes with the set and will fight to the last breath for the First Order. These action figures are made in the same image as the ones in the movie and come with 14 different accessories such as their new and more lethal weapons to help build your collection. You can purchase the many different sets along with the starships and vehicles to enhance your collection or kids’ play time.
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