Super Pop-Up Pirate

Super Pop-Up Pirate
One toy for the holiday season can light up the moods of the entire family. It’s the Super Pop Up Pirate and it’s primed and ready for your family to gather up some food and drink and spend many happy hours gathered around the barrel, taking turns sliding the colorful swords into the slits of the barrel.
Only one slit in the barrel will launch the pirate – and you won’t know which one it is until the pirate pops up. The player who launches the pirate has to walk the plank and the other players continue until only one player (the winner) is left.
It’s fun to see your mateys walk the plank. And, the switch inside the barrel that makes the pirate pop changes with each game. The game begins by setting up the barrel and pushing the one-eyed pirate into it.
Now, you’re ready to begin the game. You’ll take turns sliding the swords into the slots provided around the barrel. Be careful! You don’t want to trigger the pirate launch and walk the plank.
After the pirate is launched, the loser walks the plank and the remaining players take the swords out of the barrel, reset the Super Pirate and play again. The Super Pop-Up Pirate comes with the barrel, the pirate and twenty-four swords.
The lightweight barrel is 7 ½-inches tall and 7 ½-inches wide. Two to four players can play the game at once and the recommended age is 4 years and older. Batteries are not required.
It’s exciting when the pirate suddenly pops out of the barrel and you’ll hear giggles of delight and surprise. Their interest will be piqued and they’ll want to come back for more right away.
You don’t have to worry about the pirate hurting anyone when it pops out. The hat is made from soft rubber, so it poses no danger – but does pop out suddenly, so beware of the shock factor.
Games are great ways for families to get together and bond with each other. Many families designate a game night for just that purpose. It’s nice to turn off the television and computers once in awhile and just enjoy each other’s company.
The rules of the Super Pop Up Pirate game are easy and it isn’t overloaded with complicated steps for children to learn. It’s just a fast and easy family game that adults and kids will enjoy.