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Mattel’s Barbie DreamHorse (Age 3-7)

Oh yes, Barbie, a fashion doll manufactured by Mattel, Inc., a name that we have heard since March of 1959. Ruth Handler, an American businesswoman is credited with the creation of Barbie – she used the Germal Doll called Bild Lilli to inspire her. Barbie is at the top of the list when it comes to Mattel dolls and accessories, including other family members, pets, and collectible dolls. There is no denying the fact that for over fifty years now, Barbie has been an important part of the toy market. Mattel has sold over a billion of these dolls, making it the company’s most profitable line. Didn’t realize there was so much history behind Barbie, did you? Today, Barbie is ready to get out of that play house and take on some adventure! Mattel recently announced a Barbie Dream Horse and today, we are here to tell you what we know so far …

With the Dream Horse, Barbie is going to have a lot of adventures and the Barbie fans are going to be there to watch it all unfold in front of their eyes.

Features Sounds and Motions

The Dream Horse features sounds that will tickle the little one. With each “neigh” this horse puts off, your little girl is going to have a smile on her face as she watches Barbie gallop around.

Not only does this horse feature sounds and motion, but it can also interact with the little girl through the touch and sound sensor. There’s different modes on the horse, which will enable different play. The horse is capable of walking and turning 360 degrees or neighing and eating (the horse comes with a bunch of carrots).

There’s a mode called Fun and Games. When this mode is activated, when you touch it, the horse will nod yes or no.

Plays Music and Dances

The Dream Horse can also play music and dance to a total of three songs. There’s just something special about toys that contain music – it really helps the imagination flow. Barbie is wearing a beautiful riding tunic, removable boots, a helmet (for her safety, because we wouldn’t want her bumping her head if she fell of that horse) and molded pants. Looking at her, she is obviously ready to ride into her imagination.

The horse is just as beautiful as Barbie – it features a pink saddle (because what little girl doesn’t love pink) and reins. The horse has a long blond mane and a luscious golden tail that adds to the excitement. For the Dream Horse though, the colors and decorations may vary.


Children as young as three can play with this toy – if you get this for your little girl knowing she is a big Barbie fan, it’s going to be her playmate for many years to come. The toy is user friendly and has various mechanisms that are controlled by simply clicking the buttons. With a simple click, Barbie can swing up into the saddle and get ready to head out on her adventure. You can put your hand on the horse and press a button and watch Barbie make her own move to get on the horse.


If you have a little girl that just happens to be a big Barbie fan, then Mattel’s Barbie Dream Horse would make a great present for her. Besides, every Barbie needs a horse to get around on!

Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle Playset

One of the hottest new toys for kids, according to Walmart’s 25 Hottest Toys for 2016 list, is the Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle Playset. This castle offers hours of fun with fashion dolls in their very own castle.

This castle is expansive and boasts a full three floors to create whatever scenes your child’s imagination desires. The backdrop for the castle floors pop with all the bright, beautiful colors of the rainbow.

From the turrets to the bottom floor of the castle, it’s no wonder it’s in such high demand. Plenty of attention to detail is found in this castle and with the multitude of accessories, your child can create an atmosphere that’s fit for a princess for her dolls.

Some of the lovely features of the castle are found in the butterfly cutouts that you’ll see on the bright yellow doors of the castle. The turret at the top of the castle has a rainbow with clouds.


A lovely fairy doll can be affixed to the rainbow for more magical beauty. The holder will allow the doll to spin. There’s another rainbow between the turret and the end column of the castle.

The dolls can walk into the castle using the butterfly door or through the open access on the bottom floor which leads directly into the dining room. There are accessories for the dining room.

You’ll find a table and two chairs in bright colors. These cute chairs both have backs that are made in the shape of butterflies. There is a chandelier that hangs above the table, which adds to the glamour of the castle.

The accessories for the table include cupcakes for two fashion dolls along with teacups and miniature saucers. Fashion dolls can access the second floor of the castle using the stairs.

These stairs are brightly colored in keeping with the rainbow theme. On the second floor, you’ll find there’s a bedroom along with a closet and a vanity for the dolls to use. The accessories for the vanity include a bottle of perfume and a hairbrush.

For catching some sleep, the bedroom features a lovely canopy bed with a fluffy pillow. At the very top of the castle, there is a pool that’s shaped just like a seashell and the fashion dolls can relax and have fun splashing around.

The deck on the roof offers the opportunity to survey the kingdom. All three of these floors are packed with details to make the castle come to life and add to your child’s enjoyment. None of the dolls are included with the purchase of the castle – so you’ll need to buy those separately.


Barbie RC Hoverboard

Barbie has been rebooted as a cosmic princess in the upcoming Barbie Star Light Adventure movie and she teams up with a group of hover boarding friends to save the Galaxy. Barbie is boldly going where no Barbie has ever gone before!

Once your little girl has seen the movie she is going to want one of these Barbie Remote Control Hoverboards that work in a similar fashion to the quadcopter and drones that you are already seeing everywhere these days.

How Much?
The Barbie Hoverboard will be released this autumn and priced at around $60

Who Would Buy It?
The manufacturers recommend it for ages 8 and over and with parental supervision. I’m guessing it will appeal to children of a younger age as well.

Things We Like About It
First of all, we liked the look of this toy, the matching blue and pink colors for the hoverboard, remote control, and Barbie’s clothes are well designed.

The actual hoverboard and remote control seem easy to use and as well as going up and down and in all four directions it also has buttons for instant take-off and landing. The hoverboard also has preset buttons for three different stunts. The unit is charged by an included USB Cable. Drones and quadcopters are notorious for being difficult to control but this has been well designed to be easily controlled by a novice.

Things We Did Not Like About It
Until the Barbie RC Hoverboard is released later this year we won’t know of any design faults. One thing we didn’t really like is that Barbie can’t be removed from the hoverboard which would add some extra creative play to the set . The actual Barbie is made of lightweight foam, which makes sense otherwise she would be too heavy for the hoverboard to fly.

Watching the video from the Toy Fair, the hoverboard does seem fairly noisy but quadcopters usually are so this isn’t a big surprise.
There’s been no mention of how long it flies before it needs recharging which would be great to know.

Is It Worth The Money?
For Barbie fans old and new this is likely to be a must have and will be a big seller once the movie is released and will certainly be on a lot of girls’ Christmas toy lists. The hoverboard looks pretty durable and we are sure it has been rigorously tested so it should be worth the sixty dollar price tag.

Barbie Hoverboard_250x250

Where Can I Buy It?
This is a big toy release so should be available at most toy shops and certainly will be on sale at big online stores such as Amazon where you can check out the latest user reviews once released.

Final Thoughts
Barbie is getting a big makeover this year and this Science Fiction cosmic Barbie is a pretty brave move. We welcome this futuristic new Barbie and think the RC Hoverboard will be massively popular with all Barbie lovers.


Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse

There are plenty of fun toys for kids who love dolls and the Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse is one of them. There are tons of adventures just waiting for Barbie and her beautiful horse to enjoy.
She can enjoy her riding time with her horse alone or with her Barbie friends. This is a toy that allows for Barbie to be able to make a move on her own and any child will be thrilled with that.
It’s suitable for a child as young as three to use. With just the click of a simple button, Barbie can swing up into the saddle and is ready to get the fun started. By placing Barbie’s hand on the horse and pressing the button, Barbie will make the move on her own to get on the horse’s back.
She swings her leg up and over until she’s in the saddle. What delights kids with this toy is that when Barbie saddles her beloved horse, it actually moves a bit just like a real horse.
When the saddle goes on, the horse goes forward, ready to get started. When Barbie is ready to get off the horse and continue on her way toward a different adventure, all kids have to do to help her dismount is press the button on the horse and it frees Barbie.
Though the horse and the doll alone are great fun, there are also some fun accessories with this toy to add to the imaginative play time. The doll comes dressed in a short flower patterned tunic that features a ruffled hem.
The tunic is topped with a sleeveless blue jacket. She’s also wearing riding pants made of plastic in her favorite color along with a pair of riding boots that are brown.
Ever safety conscious, Barbie also sports a cute pink helmet that fastens beneath her chin for when she’s riding the horse. The horse is a lovely tan color with a darker brown mane and tail.
His legs move and are bendable at the joints of the knees and feet. He comes with a wide pink saddle that has plenty of detail that you’ll see on a real saddle. Attached to the saddle are the pink reins that connect to the bridle which is also pink.
The bridle fits on the sides of the horse’s head. After fun adventures, the horse will need to be taken care of with lots of love and grooming. Keeping the horse groomed is easy thanks to the brush that’s included with the purchase. Barbie will be able to keep the tail and mane looking fabulous.
If your daughter prefers Teresa, you can buy the Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse with Teresa Doll.
Happy Riding!

Barbie Doll Characters

Barbie Dolls and Accessories
Barbie is one of the most well known fashion dolls in the world. From the moment the doll burst onto the toy scene, she’s been a consistent bestselling toy that’s loved by children and collectors alike.
There are so many versions of the doll that you can buy along with her plentiful accessories, playsets and even household items like bedding. Many of the Barbie dolls are created after movie characters and some are created with a particular career, such as Barbie as a veterinarian.
The Barbie and The Secret Door Princess Alexa Singing Doll is a princess doll based on the story of Barbie and The Secret Door. The doll can play tunes from the movie and comes with a magical light up bodice.
The neon skirt of her dress shimmers with beautiful flowers. The doll comes with a wand and tiara and the batteries are included with the doll. The Barbie Beach Summer Doll is all ready for summer with her stylish swimsuit and sunglasses.
The doll will go great with the Barbie Glam Pool. Now Barbie can have all her friends over for a day of fun in the sun. The pool comes with a slide, umbrella and tropical drinks. Barbie’s sister Skipper is also available with the Barbie Sisters Skipper Doll and Tiki Hut Playset. In the set, along with the doll, you’ll get the tiki hut, a volleyball net and ball for games with friends, drinks, stools, a cash register, sunglasses, flippers, a snorkel and more. The Ken doll is a great doll to go along with your Barbie dolls.
You can get Barbie Beach Ken Doll if you’re looking for a Ken doll to go along with your Barbie pool accessories. Or you can get the doll as part of a two pack set in the Barbie Careers Barbie and Ken Doll Giftset.
This set has both dolls dressed in pilot outfits complete with luggage and passports. But if you’re looking for a more relaxed Barbie and Ken, you can go with the Barbie and Ken Date Night Doll, which is also a two pack set.
Even doll needs a vacation – and the Barbie Glam Getaway House makes the perfect place to relax and have fun.
I’d love to know which Barbie is your child’s favorite. Please comment and let me know!


Crayola Finger Paints

Best known for the creation of Crayola Crayons, the company was once known as Binney and Smith named after the founders who were cousins. It began in New York but the company’s headquarters are found in Pennsylvania.
The company creates a large line of art products that are nontoxic. In the late ’70s, the company gained the entitlement to make Silly Putty and shortly after that Crayola Markers became available.
In the mid 1980s, the company became a subsidiary of Hallmark. With all of the products they offer, Crayola unleashed the imaginations in children from young to older. One of their popular older products is finger paints like the Crayola Washable Finger Paints, 4-Count, with Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.
This set is for ages 36 months all the way up to 15 years. The set can help younger kids learn to explore imagination and strengthen motor skills. The paint is completely washable and easy to clean up.
The paints come in a handy flip top container. You can also get the Crayola Fingerpaints Bold and Secondary Colors, 4 fl oz, 8-Count which has 8 tubes. The Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Desk remains a popular item.
This desk allows children to color and create without leaving the havoc of a mess behind. The desk provides a stable surface that can keep the markers or paints secure while your child is using them.
This is a good choice for kids 36 months all the way up to creative artists of 15 years old. Two of the company’s older bestselling items are the Crayola Washable Watercolors, 24 count and the Crayola 5ct Art and Craft Brush Set.
The watercolors is a 24 color set neatly held in a plastic container. The brush set can be used by kids 4-15 and are high quality brushes. New from the company are their Color Alive sets.
These sets combine tradition with new technology.  In the Crayola Color Alive Barbie set, kids get 16 pages they can color. When they’re finished coloring the pages, the pages can become interactive once they’re scanned into the app. The set offers the download apps free with the purchase.
Besides the Barbie set, there’s also the Crayola Color Alive Combo Set Skylanders and Mythical Creatures. This set has the ability to let kids unlock virtual fun and offers new colors to help bring the popular Skylanders to life.
In this new line the company offers the Crayola Color Alive Crayon – Enchanted Forest. The app works with iOS and Android devices. The set includes a special color that will give creative effects in the virtual version.
Since both the Barbie Color Alive and the Enchanted Forest are popular, some people order the Crayola Color Alive Combo Set Barbie and Enchanted Forest so that they can have both at the same time.
I would love to hear what kind of art projects your child enjoys. Feel free to comment below.

Barbie Dreamhouse

The Barbie brand of toys is under the company Mattel. The toy was created by Ruth Handler in 1959 and is called Barbie due to Ruth’s daughter who was named Barbara. When the doll was first released, the doll’s eyes didn’t look straight to the front but had a side-eyed look.
This look was changed in the early 70s. The doll is well-known for her line of fashion accessories. The doll’s boyfriend Ken was introduced to the world in 1961 and was named after Ruth’s son, Ken.
One of the most iconic toys relating to Barbie is the Barbie Dream House and year after year, it continues to be a bestseller. The toy is suitable for kids ages three and older. The three story home has elevator accessible floors and comes with an amazing assortment of accessories for Barbie and her friends.
The front doorbell works, the appliances have sounds and the oven has a light that will come on. The bedroom has a bathroom located off of it and features a toilet with flushing sounds. There’s even a doggy bed by Barbie’s large canopy bed.
The Barbie Sisters Life in The Dreamhouse Camper is a great buy along with the Dream House. This Camper has the ability to turn into a pool. There’s a grill for cooking out and plenty of accessories for enjoying life on the road.
The Camper has a plenty of sleeping room with a bunk beds and a double bed. There’s a TV, blanket and more for relaxing when the travel day is done. The Barbie Life in The Dreamhouse Pet Boutique and Doll Playset can be purchased to go along with the Dream House.
This set features a fashionable Barbie doll and playset accessories. This set has a grooming area for pets, which are also included. These pets are a kitten, a terrier and a poodle.
The pet bathtub and grooming tools come with the set. There are pet fashions and accessories included as well. Every year, the company releases a new Holiday Barbie that delights children and collectors.
The popularity of these dolls continues to grow. The last version was the Barbie Collector 2014 Holiday Doll comes dressed in a stunning red gown with gold lace accents. There will be a 2015 doll this year, too!
The Barbie Feed & Cuddle Tawny Horse and Doll Playset is a favorite among those who love Barbie items. This set includes the Barbie doll, the horse and accessories which are: a saddle, a riding helmet, a pail for feeding or watering the horse, hay, a horse brush and a stand. By pressing the saddle, the horse’s neck will lower.