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Crayola Emoji Maker

Crayola have been a trusted brand for many years and are well known for their quality arts and crafts products. This Emoji Maker contains all the equipment you need to make 16 colored emoji stamps and markers. The 16 emoji’s include different faces, animals, and sunglasses.

For those who are asking what is an ‘Emoji,’ it is basically a little image that is commonly used to give expression to a text message in digital form. If you are still confused, think of the little smiley faces you see in emails and on Facebook–that’s an Emoji.

How Much?
The Emoji Maker retails at around $20

Who Would Buy The Crayola Emoji Maker?
The set is marketed for kids of 6+. We would suggest parental supervision for children under the age of 8 as this could get a bit messy.

Reading reviews online, kids up to age 11 have been enjoying creating Emoji stamps with this. Children younger than 6 years old have also enjoyed it with help from parents.
If your child enjoys arts and crafts they will love this set. It’s also a nice way of getting them away from computer or TV screens and spending some quality time with your kids.

Things We Like About Crayola Emoji Maker
At first glance, all the various components might look a little bit daunting but if you read the instructions or watch the video it will soon become clear what to do. We liked that it is a great arts and craft set that the whole family can enjoy.

It also teaches young children about colors and how they can be mixed to form other colors as well as how to measure.
Once the child has created the emoji they also will be very proud that they have actually made something with their own hands and will encourage them in their creativity.

Things We Didn’t Like About It
It can be a bit messy so you do need to keep an eye on what is going on. Make sure that you put down newspaper first. The paints are described as washable so you should be able to remove any stains but it would be wise to be prepared. The stamps are a little small and you need to practice a bit before you can get that ‘perfect emoji.’

Is The Crayola Emoji Maker Worth The Money?
We’d say it is a reasonable price for an arts and crafts set that has a lot of repeat play value. Siblings could also play with this at the same time making it good value if you have more than one child using it.

Crayola Emoji Maker_250x250

Where Can I Buy It?
We have seen it being sold online at Toys R Us and Amazon – it’s getting some good reviews on Amazon at the moment so it’s worth taking a look at what users are saying and their best suggestions on getting the most from this emoji making set.

Final Thoughts
This is a nice set and ‘emoji’s’ are very popular with young kids at the moment so it would make an ideal gift.

Crayola Finger Paints

Best known for the creation of Crayola Crayons, the company was once known as Binney and Smith named after the founders who were cousins. It began in New York but the company’s headquarters are found in Pennsylvania.
The company creates a large line of art products that are nontoxic. In the late ’70s, the company gained the entitlement to make Silly Putty and shortly after that Crayola Markers became available.
In the mid 1980s, the company became a subsidiary of Hallmark. With all of the products they offer, Crayola unleashed the imaginations in children from young to older. One of their popular older products is finger paints like the Crayola Washable Finger Paints, 4-Count, with Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.
This set is for ages 36 months all the way up to 15 years. The set can help younger kids learn to explore imagination and strengthen motor skills. The paint is completely washable and easy to clean up.
The paints come in a handy flip top container. You can also get the Crayola Fingerpaints Bold and Secondary Colors, 4 fl oz, 8-Count which has 8 tubes. The Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Desk remains a popular item.
This desk allows children to color and create without leaving the havoc of a mess behind. The desk provides a stable surface that can keep the markers or paints secure while your child is using them.
This is a good choice for kids 36 months all the way up to creative artists of 15 years old. Two of the company’s older bestselling items are the Crayola Washable Watercolors, 24 count and the Crayola 5ct Art and Craft Brush Set.
The watercolors is a 24 color set neatly held in a plastic container. The brush set can be used by kids 4-15 and are high quality brushes. New from the company are their Color Alive sets.
These sets combine tradition with new technology.  In the Crayola Color Alive Barbie set, kids get 16 pages they can color. When they’re finished coloring the pages, the pages can become interactive once they’re scanned into the app. The set offers the download apps free with the purchase.
Besides the Barbie set, there’s also the Crayola Color Alive Combo Set Skylanders and Mythical Creatures. This set has the ability to let kids unlock virtual fun and offers new colors to help bring the popular Skylanders to life.
In this new line the company offers the Crayola Color Alive Crayon – Enchanted Forest. The app works with iOS and Android devices. The set includes a special color that will give creative effects in the virtual version.
Since both the Barbie Color Alive and the Enchanted Forest are popular, some people order the Crayola Color Alive Combo Set Barbie and Enchanted Forest so that they can have both at the same time.
I would love to hear what kind of art projects your child enjoys. Feel free to comment below.