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Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart

One of the must-buy toys on children’s wish list according to Walmart’s Hottest 25 Toys list for 2016 is the Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart. Kids love the idea of helping their stuffed animals get well again when they’re sick.

It’s a toy that’s educational as well as a kid favorite thanks to the beloved Doc McStuffins character. The cart is a fun, on-the-go toy that’s designed with a lot of eye-catching colors.


The little wheels that look like flowers can roll smoothly over surfaces as your child makes her rounds from room to room to be able to visit her toy patients. The cart is packed with the various items that kids can use their imagination with to take care of any of their injured or sick toys.

They love the thought of being able to emulate Doc from the show airing on Disney Junior. They can line up the toys and have their patients waiting to be seen. During the exam or treatment time, kids can put the toys in the middle of the cart – much like a table at the doctor’s office – to find out what’s wrong with the patient.

Whether the toy is sick or just in for a checkup, the cart contains everything your child will need to help out. The cart has a light that enables kids to check out their toys and it also has a scanner.

Kids will love using the X-ray to see what’s wrong with their patients. The X-ray comes with cards that show the characters on the Disney Junior show. When checking out the patient’s heart with the EKG, the cart can enable kids to see the patient’s heart patterns.

The heart rhythm tool is on a roller at the front of the cart for easy kid access. There’s also a blood pressure pump that so kids can check out how their patient is doing. A familiar tune that kids hear on the show can play and there are various buttons as well as things that can make sounds like in a real doctor’s office.

The cart keeps all of the medical tools neatly in the drawer so when kids need to rush off to treat the next patient, all they have to do is load it up and go. The hospital care cart does have one toy that comes with it so that kids can get started right away treating him.

Findo is the little dog that needs tender loving care to go from sick to well again. The cart not only encourages kids to use their imaginations, but teaches them to be kind and caring. The suggested age range for this toy is 3 years old and older.

Disney Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Checkup Center

Kids love nurturing their pets when they need some help. Using their imagination in play helps them be more creative, but there are toys that can also boost their creative side as well as give them lots of fun playtime.
The Disney Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Checkup Center is packed with all sorts of things they can do. They can make believe they’re taking in their beloved pets for a checkup or to fix up a boo-boo.
This toy vet center is based on the Disney Junior series that kids love. For kids who dream of working with animals in a veterinary setting someday, this toy will help them learn a little of what goes on when animals go to the doctor.
There are a lot of features and accessories with this center. It’s a fairly large piece and has a green pegboard back. This pegboard is used to hold some of the tools that veterinarians need to use to care for the animals.
The upper portion of the backboard shows an image of a girl holding a puppy. Portions of the back are decorated with images of medicines and other vet supplies. There’s room on one side of the backboard where a shelf sits that holds some of the stuff the vet will need to use.
The pegboard has holders that keep the tools organized. It can hold the otoscope, the thermometer and the EKG machine. It also holds the brush. The bandage sticker dispenser sits on the shelf.
When kids use the pretend x-rays to check the pets, the center has lights and sounds that accompany the action. There’s a tub with a pretend sprayer so that the pets can get a bath if they need one or simply be cooled down to help lower their fevers.
A cute little yellow basket is off to one side that can be used to weigh the cute little friends. The basket can be removed if the kids want to do this. There’s an adorable dog bone treat dispenser underneath the surface top of the vet center and this holds little brown doggie bones that can drop into a bowl underneath it.
A small rack on the side of the vet center is perfect to use for holding leashes, a towel or a small dog or kitten blanket. When you get this toy, you receive the pet Findo along with the accessories. The center is suitable for kids starting at age 3 and older and it does need 3 AA batteries to work the lights and sounds. Some assembly is required.

Doc McStuffins Take Care of Me Lambie

Interactive toys are great educational tools to get for a child. They love to learn and play and when that toy is based on a favorite series, they love it that much better. Doc McStuffins Take Care of Me Lambie is one of those toys and it’s suitable for children who are 3 years old and up.
The toy is made of soft plush white lamb “fur” that makes it such a huggable toy. With its adorable flesh colored face, bright eyes and wide smile, this toy will quickly become your child’s favorite one.
The toy has a cute little pink skirt and a pink bow on top of her head. But this cuteness is just the beginning for this toy. Your child will be able to take care of this little Lambie and share adventures, fun and care.
Because it’s an interactive toy, there won’t be any boring play times with this one. The lamb features different reactions that she gives when your child plays with her. When her stomach is pushed, she’ll respond.
Your child can receive a delighted laugh from Lambie or she’ll perform a catchy song. The toy comes with doctor tools so that your child can check on the lamb to make sure she’s feeling okay.
Disney Jr. Doc McStuffins Lambie 7" Plush
Disney Jr. Doc McStuffins Lambie 7″ Plush
The lamb will tell the child when she’s not feeling well using a light in her cheeks. This is your child’s cue to use the thermometer included to take the lamb’s temperature. When the lamb isn’t well, your child can put the toy down and the lamb will go to sleep.
Kids can listen to the little heart design on the lamb’s chest to hear the heartbeat. When your child runs off to go take a nap or eat lunch, the little lamb will react just like she does in the series and go into stuffed mode.
With more than 50 interactive responses, your child will have hours of fun engaging with the toy. Your child will be introduced to different sounds that will delight him. Plus, the lamb features lights and movements.
There’s no end to how much fun your child can have with the toy. The toy is great at teaching play as well as how to take care of something in an uplifting and positive interaction.
When you buy the lamb, you receive the doctor tools with it. She comes with a stethoscope for listening to the lamb’s heart, a thermometer for taking the temperature, an otoscope for checking to make sure her ears are clear and sticker bandages for fixing up little boo-boos.



The Hasbro company is the creation of the Hassenfeld brothers. The still popular doctor and nurse kits that children love were produced by this company. Besides those kits, the company is well known for the Mr. Potato Head toy.
In the early 1980s, the company created the My Little Pony in addition to their other toys. The games that are created by the company are just as popular as their other toys.
One of their popular games is the game of Life, which continues to be a high selling game. They also make Monopoly (Despicable Me edition) and the Operation (Doc McStuffins edition) games.
The Connect 4 Game is one of the company’s game creations that continually hits bestselling games lists. The game is lauded for its challenge as well as its simplicity of play. The game consists of a grid in which players drop checker pieces. The first person to get four in a row, including diagonally, wins the game. It’s suitable for ages 6 years old and up.
Another one of their popular games is the Jenga Classic Game. This is a game that requires patience and skill. Players build the block up until all the blocks are gone. Once all the blocks are built into a tower, each player must carefully remove one of the blocks and place it on top. The player who causes the blocks to fall over loses the game. The set comes with 54 of the blocks and can be played by kids age 8 and up.
One of their later game editions that’s wildly popular is the Sorry! 2013 Edition Game. This is a fun race around the board in an effort to get home before another player bumps you back to start. The game comes with the board, 12 pawns, playing cards, tokens and the game play instructions. It can be played by kids 6 to 15 but adults also enjoy this game.
The ever popular party game Twister is from the Hasbro company. This game calls for players to put hands and feet on the colored spots on the mat. You can’t touch the mat with anything but your hands or feet and if you do, you lose the game. If you remain in place at the end, you win the game. The game comes with the mat and a spinner along with the instructions.
While Hasbro is well known for their games, they’re also the company that brings kids great Nerf guns like the Nerf N-Strike Elite: Strongarm Blaster.
The Blaster has the rotating barrel, which lets kids quickly add the darts. The Blaster can hit a target up to 75 feet away. Included with this toy are 6 of the darts, but you can buy the darts in separate packs. You’ll want to have a good supply of these.