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FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon

The FurReal Friends toys have a reputation for being some of the most fun pet toys that kids can have. The FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon (on Walmart’s Hottest 25 Toys for 2016 list) is one of these pet toys that comes to life through hours of interactive fun.

This little baby dragon is one that your kids won’t want to let go of. The dragon is so much like a real pet that it’s amazing. Blazin’ Dragon needs plenty of tender care and will react to that care when your child plays with him.

He can make sounds and has movements that look just like a real pet’s movements would. He can react to a child’s actions and will engage any child in lots of play time. This adorable dragon can simulate the actions of a real fire breathing dragon.

furrealtorchOnce he’s correctly set up, he’ll blast out a puff of flame colored mist to delight your child. It looks like he’s really breathing out flames when the marshmallow is held up in front of his mouth.

The treat will change colors when your dragon breathes on it, turning from white to bright orange. The dragon can puff out the mist whenever your child interacts with him. He can do it when he’s being cuddles or even if there’s no touch at all.

There will always be something exciting going on with the dragon thanks to the myriad of sounds and actions he’s capable of. He can perform more than 50 different movement and sounds together.

During play time, when your child rubs the dragon’s nose, it will give off a variety of responses like puffing out the mist or turning his head from one side to the other. He can also giggle or slowly blink his eyes.

The way the dragon will snort or let out a burp always makes kids laugh. You’ll be amazed at all of the funny things the dragon is capable of doing to entertain your child. The dragon can be posed in a certain position if your child wants that.

You will have to buy 4 C batteries to operate the dragon, since these don’t come with the purchase. When you get the dragon, you also receive the treat that will change colors when the dragon breathes on it.

There’s also the piece that is used to refill the dragon with the water that enables him to produce the mist. A filter comes with the purchase and easy to read instructions are included as well. The toy is suitable for boys or girls who are at least 4 years old and up.

FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn

If you’re looking for an interactive toy that your child will love and treasure, then check out all of the features that FurReal Friends StarLily, My Magical Unicorn has. From the depths of the enchanted forest to your child’s arms, this toy will quickly become your child’s most loved pet toy.
The toy is soft and cuddly and will give your child lots of love and laughter. Watch the joy on your child’s face as she uses her imagination to have unlimited special adventures with her pet friend.
The animal is huggable and lovable and has the ability to react when your child touches her. She’ll move about just like a real pet would. The unicorn has the ability to react when your child speaks or touches her.
And she can respond with over 100 different sounds or unique movements. When your child plays with her, she’ll move her head and lift her hoof up. She’ll also indicate that she’s paying attention by lighting up the horn at the center of her forehead.
The lights will be in a variety of different shades depending on how the unicorn is feeling at the moment. Kids can play with her or simply hold her and when they do, her little wings will move.
She can be posed in different stances. Kids can move her legs to have her sit down or stand up. She can also lie down. When she listens to music, it makes the unicorn want to move.
The unicorn’s tail and mane are made of synthetic hair and can be decorated with bows, jewels or braided. The unicorn loves to interact with your child but when she starts to get quiet, just like a real pet, if you’ll pet her, she’ll bounce right back into action.
Kids can rub her back or give her a sugarberry to eat. She can mimic the sound of eating the sugarberry. The more effort and time your child spends loving the little unicorn, the more love she gives in return.
There’s also an app called My Magical Unicorn that comes with the unicorn that kids can use. They’ll be able to tag along with the unicorn in the forest. In the forest, there are a variety of adventures and games to be found.
Kids can have fun in the Crystal Caverns or see StarLily’s home. With the app, kids can visit Rainbow Falls and have fun playing in the water or they can head over to Sugarberry Orchard to see where the treats come from. When you buy this toy, you get the unicorn, the sugarberry treat and a set of instructions.
P.S. If your child is really into unicorns, you might check out the