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Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy Starlord Electronic Helmet (Age 13+)

Did you get a chance to see the Toy Fair that was held this year (2017)? During the Toy Fair, there were so many different toys from well-known companies being showcased. Some of the toys really took the world by storm. Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy Starlord Electronic Helmet just so happens to be one of those “toys” that really stood out from the crowd. Today, we are here to tell you everything we know about this toy …

For those of you that are looking for a crazy set of wireless headphones or a cyborgian helmet, or perhaps both, then the Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy Starlord Electronic helmet is something you may be interested in.

The Marvel Guardian helmet comes to us from Hasbro and it has been inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. At the time of release, you will need to pay $100 in order to get this helmet, but if you look at what it is, that is a real bargain as the helmet has built-in Bluetooth headphones.

This helmet (complete with headphones) is made for adults from all walks of life as the adjustable plastic helmet can fit any adult-sized heads. During the announcement, at the booth, Hasbro offered prototype that had an external Bluetooth speaker, which showed us an idea of how it may sound when it is released. Mind you, don’t expect something like Beats – it’s not going to have AptX support, pinpoint imaging or an expansive soundstage. It’s not made for audiophiles, but it is made for cosplay fans and individuals that have a good sense of humor and just want to have fun and joke around.
Since the Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy Startlord electronic helmet is set to release this fall (2017), perhaps it would be just the accessory you need in order to complete your Halloween costume. Regardless, if you wear this thing in the subway, people are probably going to stay away from you. For listening to Daft Punk, Buckethead, MF Doom, or you know, Helmet, this would probably be the go-to can.

When you put it on your head, you may feel as if you are wearing a hockey mask – if you wear glasses, you will need to remove them. What many people seem to like the most about the Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy Starlord Electronic Helmet would be the fact that it connects to Bluetooth. Unfortunately, this headset isn’t going to be available during the next movie, but like we said, you can add it in to your Halloween plans as that’s when it’s set to be released.

The Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy Starlord Electronic Hemet is the type of gear you will want to wear around your friends to make them laugh – if you’re a cosplayer, this may also complete your costume. While it would be funny to wear in public areas, we don’t recommend it as many states do not allow headgear that completely covers the face in public.

Marvel RC Hulk Smash

If there’s one thing that kids love to play with, it’s vehicles of all shapes and sizes. They also love to use their imagination to create scenes involving their favorite heroes. With the Marvel RC Hulk Smash vehicle, they get the two combined.
It’s a vehicle – but it also has one of the Marvel heroes on top of it. That makes this vehicle a one of a kind that kids will never get tired of playing with. The Hulk sits on top of the car with his massive upper body strength on display.
He has his brow furrowed and his lips pulled back into a snarl. His oversized, muscular arms hang down on either side of the vehicle to wheel level. He can use his arms to smash anything that tries to stop him from completing whatever it is that he sets out to do.
He uses also uses his arms to make the vehicle move around in any direction. When he puts his arms back behind him, the vehicle’s front tires can lift up off the ground to show off a wheelie.
The upper body strength that the Hulk has is what can save him in any imaginative play situation. If the vehicle gets flipped over so that the hero is under it, the Hulk can fix that because he can turn the vehicle right side up again without effort at all.
Kids can use the remote control to drive the vehicle drive straight into any hard, immovable object and the Hulk will turn the car around to keep on going. Nothing slows him down.
The Hulk can do the tornado spin, which takes care of anything that’s in his reach. He’ll knock it right out of the way. He goes so fast when he’s spinning around that it’s amazing.
Although his arms are long enough to touch the ground, you don’t have to keep his arms that way. There are other actions he’s capable of doing. His arms can move into eight positions, which enable him to do so much more.
His arms are even strong enough to hold a real basketball. He can drive, he can spin, he can smash and keep on. The remote control joystick is what operates the vehicle. The hero has 10 different phrases and sounds that are uniquely his that he can say.
The vehicle can be used to ride around or through any obstacle course you set up or he can move anything out of the pathway of the vehicle. This toy is suitable for kids who are 4 and older. The toy does require batteries but these are included when you buy the toy.