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Magical Twilight Sparkle

Each year new toys arrive on the market, and every year a child’s “wish list” grows. Parents fight to find the best toys for Santa to leave under the tree, yet, as parents, we always end up feeling as if our child deserves more, but we will save that story for another day. Right now, we would like to focus on the Magical Twilight Sparkle …

What is Magical Twilight Sparkle? Surely you know about the Little Ponies, right? This may be something you watched as you were growing up and every time you see your child watching the Little Ponies on TV, it probably brings back memories. Princess Twilight Sparkle is the little royal pony that really understands the magic of friendliness.This is a beautiful pony figure that is pretty all on her own. She comes with a necklace and a charge, which in our opinion, makes her even more beautiful. When your little one gets this Magical Twilight Sparkle, the adventures they take part in will be endless. This pony, along with all of the other ponies feature pretty hair, unique Cutie Mark designs, and many colors.


Style the Pony’s Hair
As usual, this figure has a nice mane and tail that your little one can style. Little girls can spend hours styling the pony’s hair and dressing them up. In our adult world, we don’t really see the big deal when it comes to styling hair and dressing dolls up – but if you go back in your childhood years, you probably recall doing this many times. So, while this may seem like a simple little toy to you, it will be the world to your little girl.

Re-Create Stories
Using Magical Twilight Sparkle, your little girl can re-create stories from My Little Pony or create stories of her own. Either way you stack it, this will help improve her imagination.

Dazzling Lights and Sounds
Magical Twilight Sparkle will be a big hit among little girls around the world. When you touch the stars that she has on her, her pretty little wings will light up and twinkle. They will also make magical sounds which will be sure to make your child giggle with delight.

As you glide the little pony along, you can watch her wings flutter. There’s a button on the Cutie Mark (all little ponies have a Cutie Mark). When you press that button, the little pony will talk and sing her special song showing how happy she is. She will even move her head and blink her eyes when she talks and sings.

Not only do her wings light up when they are touched, she will also talk to you when you style her beautiful, long hair. When you put a tiara on her head, she has lights on her horn that light up.

Magical Twilight Sparkle from Hasbro will create many magical moments with your little girl. She comes with a pretty necklace and a princess tiara to prepare her for her big day.

My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle

mlpequestriacastleMy Little Pony toys have always thrilled children of various ages with all their adorable figurines. Now, with the introduction of My Little Pony Explore Equestria Crystal Empire Castle, the fun continues on.

This toy earned a spot on Walmart’s Hottest 25 Toys of 2016 list. Kids will delight in creating imaginative scenes that feature Baby Flurry Heart along with Princess Cadance.

The castle is full of exciting things to do and the playset itself is beautiful. It’s made of clear, light blue plastic so it looks like a shining ice jewel fit for royalty. The castle is open, so your child can access it from any angle and it’s large enough so that two children can play with it at the same time.

It does light up with a soft glow and when it’s lit, it shows cutie marks once the heart button is pushed down. The castle is big and roomy enough to include two staircases for Baby Flurry Heart or Princess Cadance to use.

The steps on the stairs are also clear plastic. The castle boasts two closets that are able to spin. Each of the closets features two round shelves that a child can put some of the accessories on if they want to.

There is a balcony at the top of the castle in the center, which is extended out from the floor. When little Baby Flurry Heart is tired or just wants to relax, there’s even a swing to entertain her.

While Baby Flurry Heart is in her swing, Princess Cadance can attend to royal duties. This toy comes with plenty of accessories for kids to use in play that will delight them. Among these accessories, there is the royal throne, the beautiful crystal vanity, mirror, a dress along with jewels and a cradle.

There are also tiaras, a picture frame, teapot and cups. Whether the Little Pony figurines are preparing for a royal party or planning to stay home in the castle, you’ll find plenty of accessories to play with.

The set does take some assembly but it’s minimal. Instructions are included with the set, but the batteries needed to create the light up effect are not included. You’ll need to make sure that you have three 1.5 volt AAA batteries on hand. The castle is suitable for children who are three years old and older, because the toy accessories are choking hazards.

There is an app that kids can access using the code included. This My Little Pony Friendship Celebration app will allow your child to have access to interactive parties and games. You will need a compatible device to access this feature.

My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Canterlot Castle Play

My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Canterlot Castle Play

My Little Pony has legions of fans and it’s easy to see why everyone wants these ponies. These adorable characters are so easy to love and care for. They come in an array of colors and often have a myriad of playsets that you can get to expand the play with the ponies.
The My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic Canterlot Castle Play is one such playset and it’s absolutely magical. Now your child can experience the wonder of love and friendship with the ponies as they go on fun, imaginative adventures together.
The castle is well built and sturdy and Canterlot is just waiting to welcome visitors. The lovely Princess Celestia with her pretty, sparkling hair is as kind and gracious as always.
The set also has Spike the Dragon at Canterlot. The castle itself is three stories tall so it’s about 29 inches in height and it comes with lots of fun rooms to explore. The third floor of the castle has an array of turrets and one of them is a tiara that your child can actually wear.
There is a staircase that the Princess Celestia can walk up and down and the stairs can be moved. At the top of the stairs, there’s a throne elevator that has a red cushioned back.
mlp castle2
This elevator goes up or down just to the one floor level. There are over 40 accessories that kids receive so that they can fix up the castle so it looks quite lovely. Kids can use the accessories to serve tea and pastries to the Celestia and Spike or they can pretend to have a tea party and invite My Little Pony friends.
The castle features a library that’s perfect for taking time to read or study and kids can use their imagination to light the candelabras in the room. The castle features a vanity sink with a mirror and a stool plus there is couch, food and a tray that can be placed on the little table.
The castle doors can be opened and closed. Along with the castle, kids can have access to the My Little Pony Friendship Celebration app. All you have to do is locate the code on Celestia, scan it and it will open up more fun things to do in the castle.
You can open more fun by scanning the various walls of the castle too. It’s so easy that kids can scan the areas. The set includes the pony and dragon figure, all of the many accessories and an instruction booklet. The castle can hold more than one My Little Pony figure so if your child has a collection of them, she’ll love having a place for all of her ponies to visit at once.

My Little Pony Pop Starter Kit Bundle

My Little Pony Pop Starter Kit Bundle
My Little Pony figures are so cute and popular that it may be difficult to choose just one. That’s what makes the My Little Pony Pop Starter Kit Bundle such a great gift. My Little Pony Pop lets your child use her imagination to create outfits, hairstyles, cutie marks and wings just as she wants them.
The My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Kit contains a pony body hair, wings, stickers and, of course, the tail. You can mix and match by purchasing another kit like the Applejack and let her create a personalized AppleDash.
With My Little Pony, Hasbro toy manufacturer has bridged a gap between having a real pony and one that your child can love and play with even more than she could with a real pony.
She’ll have fun snapping together the pony and even more fun decorating the pony with accessories such as hair, tail and stickers. Mix and match from parts of other ponies and keep her busy designing and playing.
She can create a unique and beautiful pony of her very own design. Other toys from Hasbro include the My Little Pony Pop Princess Twilight Sparkle Starter Kit, the My Little Pony Pop Fluttershy Starter Kit and the My Little Pony Pop Pinkie Pie Starter Kit.
They each put a unique spin on the My Little Pony collection. You may also want to consider the My Little Pony Compatible Organizer in Turquoise/Blue so she can keep all of the accessories organized and ready for play.
It’s designed to hang so she can see them at a glance. Have a sleepover with your little girl’s friends or send her to a friend’s sleepover with the My Little Pony Girls Sleepover Set, which includes a sleeping bag, eye mask and tote bag.
She’ll feel so sophisticated with the grown-up paraphernalia. Check out the plush toys and other accessories that can keep your girl busy and delighted. Most of the My Little Pony toys are for ages 4 and older, but many are great for even younger kids.
When the holiday season rolls around, My Little Pony toys make great gifts for parents and grandparents or anyone who has a little girl with a passion for ponies. All Hasbro toys are made for sturdiness and lasting qualities and the “ponies” are small enough to take on trips or to cuddle at night.