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Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

Nerf guns are fun for single players or multiple players. Even adults like to get in on the fun. There’s a Nerf toy that landed on Walmart’s Hottest 25 Toys of 2016 list. The Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster is an automatic Nerf gun that allows kids to shoot up five bullets per second.

If you’ve ever been in a Nerf battle – or watched your child in one – then you know that every second counts during the fight. Pausing to reload can leave you vulnerable to an attack and make it easy for the enemy player to sneak up behind you.

That’s why the blaster comes with 25 Elite darts. You won’t have to waste time during your battle to stop and reload. This feature is what will give you an edge in any game that you play.


There’s nothing more disappointing than having the perfect angle to shoot at your target only to realize that your gun has jammed. But you don’t have to worry about that happening with the rapid fire capabilities of this blaster.

That’s because the flywheel system that the Nerf HyperFire uses to propel darts out of the drum makes it rare to for bullets to get stuck in the blaster. Nerf players know that the element of surprise is important when you’re at war with other players.

If you manage to sneak up behind your enemy, you don’t want the loud sound of your gun firing to give away your plan. Fortunately, the Nerf gun is designed to be quieter than some of the other automatic firing toy blasters on the market.

But that doesn’t mean this blaster can’t go the distance. You can fire darts as far as 90 feet away from your target, making it easy to surprise an opponent with a shot that seems to have come out of nowhere.

This distance also allows you time to duck and find cover. The blaster is easy to carry and designed for little hands. This means kids shouldn’t have any trouble pulling the trigger and watching their bullets fly.

But teens older than about 14 and some adults may find the grip is a bit uncomfortable, since it’s smaller. While this won’t keep older players from enjoying this blaster, it is something to keep in mind if you’ll be using the blaster frequently. This toy is recommended for kids starting at age 8.

When you’re purchasing this blaster, also keep in mind that you’ll want to stock up on D batteries and you’ll want to grab some refill packs of the Elite darts. The blaster comes with 25 Elite darts – but anyone who has played an intense Nerf battle can tell you that sometimes bullets end up lost during game play.

That’s why it’s smart to have extra bullets stored away. Another perk of having extra bullets is that you don’t have to spend time after your game searching for every stray bullet.

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10

Nerf is the name of fun for kids who want to play with dart guns. Many kids collect these dart guns every time a new one comes out and they have quite an impressive collection.
These toys are on the must-have list because they provide hours of fun and require cunning strategy to play to win, so kids get that bit of challenge when they use them.
With every new dart gun, Nerf aims to create something better that will keep kids entertained and active for hours. They’ve done that with the Nerf N-Strike Modulus (ECS-10) version of their dart guns.
What’s different with this one is that it’s a modular gun. That means that each kid can create the dart gun as he sees fit from the different pieces that are provided in the box.
You could buy a dozen of these and by the time each child constructed his, all 12 of them would be completely different according to the child’s preference. There are the different magazines that can be chosen so that your child will never end up with the same dart gun for the duration of the play if he doesn’t want to.
Besides the magazines, kids can use different supports for the guns. When they add a choice of scopes, they have a dart gun they can call unique. And if they don’t like what they’ve put together, it’s easy to break it all down and begin again.
Assembly and takedown is both quick and so easy that even the younger kids can do it without assistance. Even in the middle of play, the guns can be switched out.
Kids love building their own Nerf gun – and with this purchase, there are over 30 different setups that they can create just by switching out magazines or scopes. Because many of the Nerf dart guns can be used with interchangeable pieces, if you buy a few different sets, then your child will be able to make more than 1,000 different personalized Nerf dart gun creations.
The targeting scope and dual rail barrel are fun features with the gun that help kids have accuracy in their playtime every time. They’ll be able to take aim and keep on playing while hitting their targets.
The blaster has the capability for long range firing and hitting targets as far away as 90 feet. The magazine combinations can hold multiple foam darts for play. The darts are safety tested and because they’re made of foam, they’re safe to use for fast action or slow action play. This Nerf gun is suitable to give to kids who are 8 and older.
You might also be interested in the Nerf N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest Kit. The vest straps adjust to fit most any size kid.

Nerf N-Strike Mega Series RotoFury Blaster

There’s nothing like engaging in a game of Nerf with your friends. You want to make sure that you have a top of the line blaster that will quickly settle the question of who’s the best and that answer is found in the Nerf N-Strike Mega Series RotoFury Blaster.
With this Nerf, you’ll be able to feel the energy in the palm of your hands. This is the blaster that was made to own all the others. It can outshine, outperform and outmaneuver anything else that’s on the market.
When you get ready to fire away, you’ll find accuracy every single time. It’s jam packed with features that will help you own any game you play and show your opponents that you’re the one who can’t be beat.
When you use the blaster, you’ll be able to let fly with 10 darts in a rapid succession. The faster you get the darts out and toward the target, the better your odds are of winning.
That’s why you want a blaster that keeps you in the game rather than stopping to have to reload after every single dart. This one has a drum that can hold up to 10 darts. That gives you the fast performance that you need to be the winner in any Nerf battle.
This drum rotates so you get to keep firing when everyone else is ducking out of sight. You can fire all 10 darts in the space of a few seconds and you won’t have to reload until all 10 darts have been fired.
This is the method that takes care of the competition. Staying in the action is the way to win every time. Best of all is that when these darts are firing, because they’re Whistler darts, they’re going to scream.
That feature delights kids and adds to the fun of the Nerf game. These darts are in it for the long haul, too. They can scream and fly through the air for anywhere from zero to 90 feet.
That’s an impressive distance to be able to hit your target every time. The battle will lean your way when you have this Nerf blaster because your opponents can’t compete with this kind of rapid action precision.
If you want to unleash all of the screaming darts rapid fire, then you can do that. But if you would prefer to set them off individually, then you have that option, too. All you have to do is pump the handle and it will only release a single dart at firing time.
When you’re ready to let them all go rapid fire, then just give the blaster a pump while you’re holding the trigger down. When you purchase this Nerf, you’ll get the blaster, 10 of the Whistler darts and a set of instructions. Make sure you buy some extra darts so that the fun continues for months and years ahead.

NERF N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

Anyone who’s ever had a rousing game with Nerf blasters knows exactly how fun these toys can be. With every new development, the blasters contain more ways to have fun, more ways to win and the potential for unlimited kinds of play.
The NERF N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster comes on the scene to take play to a whole new level. With this blaster, users can now create their own blaster the way that they want it and one that’s suitable for the gameplay that they engage in.
This blaster gives users the ability to make over 30 different combinations so playing to win has never been easier. Depending on the blaster that you combine to create one that’s uniquely yours, you can literally own the game that day.
With the targeting scope, you’ll never miss a direct hit again. By lining up your target, you’ll knock out the opponents faster than ever before. With the drop grip, you’ll be able to stay in the heart in the action without worrying about losing your hold on the blaster.
It has a system that can churn out the darts at maximum speed for faster play and more direct hits. The blaster is loaded with power and has the ability to launch the darts at a target from a great distance, even as far away as 90 feet.
It has an accuracy level that’s compared to none so when you go after a target, you’re going to score. The blaster comes with a banana clip that allows it to hold 10 darts.
What this means for you is less time spent reloading darts and more time in the actual game. While other opponents are ducking out of sight and trying to load, you can slowly advance your ground until you gain the ultimate victory.
Though this NERF is big and has the firepower that you’re looking for, it’s not bulky or heavy. It’s actually lightweight for all the ability that it has. The 10 darts that the banana clip holds are included with this purchase, so you can get started playing right away.
But if you don’t have a supply of extra darts on hand, you’re going to want to go ahead and order those. You don’t want to stop the play because you ran out of darts.
Plus, the more you have, the more fun you’ll have because you can get together in a group play. It will work with the Elite series and other darts. The NERF blaster is suitable for adults or kids that are 8 years old and older.
P.S. You might also be interested in the Nerf N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest Kit. The vest straps adjust to fit most any size kid.