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Paw Patrol Paw Patroller

There’s not a moment to waste, especially when someone needs to be rescued. Getting into the action, especially if that action is rescue, is something that kids of all ages really enjoy.
When those rescue characters are ones that are featured on favorite games, series, and in videos, they’re all the more special to kids. With the Paw Patrol Paw Patroller, kids can go from one adventure to the next with their favorite animal heroes.
The adventures of the Paw Patrol series are led by Ryker, the boy who helps the brave rescue dogs on their many different missions. This toy is a rescue vehicle that can be used to carry three of the different Paw Patrol vehicles at once and the side of it can be closed when not in use.
But during play, it can expand to hold up to six if you use the Patroller when it’s open and there are two different levels to the rescue center. Ryker comes as part of this set along with his ATV.
When the kids aren’t playing with the ATV and using it on various rescues, it can be stored in the rear of the Patroller. Kids will be thrilled to be able to play long with the different adventures using the Patroller.
The vehicle comes with sound effects just like kids get to experience when they watch the stories on Nick Jr. It also has an elevator that works. The elevator has the ability to lift the different vehicles to the top where the command center is located.
This tough toy has wide, durable wheels that allow it to be taken from one location to another through even the toughest rescue adventures. The top of the rescue vehicle can open so that kids can seat their rescue pups in the cab.
You can use the Patroller to set off on rescue missions with firedog Marshall or track down those who need help with Chase, the police dog. These different rescue dogs all have separate skills that can be used to create hours of imaginative play time.
Along with their gadgets and vehicles, your child will have never-ending fun. The rescue vehicle also has a landing area so that Skye is able land her chopper to help aid in any rescue the dogs have to take care of.
This vehicle is perfect for kids 3 and older. It requires batteries, which do come with the purchase. You’ll receive the Ryker figure, his ATV vehicle, the stickers that you need to decorate the Patroller and instructions for how to operate the toy.
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Paw Patrol Zipper Pulls/Charms
Paw Patrol Zipper Pulls/Charms

Paw Patrol Mission Chase

Kids really enjoying exploring real life adventures based on the characters from the shows that they love. With the Paw Patrol Mission Chase toy, your child will be able to use his imagination to create a variety of fun-filled adventures.
With their faithful friend Chase guiding the way, they’ll have plenty of successful rescue missions. The pup has 24 adventures that your child can work with the character to complete.
It’s easy to get started. All your child has to do is push on the badge. When he does, the guidelines about the mission are explained. These missions are all based on actual missions that were aired on Paw Patrol.
Your child will feel as if he’s right in the middle of a show’s rescue. The pup also has the ability to say more than 130 different phrases that can delight your kids. These phrases are intended to help the child understand and be able to finish the different missions the pup will share.
When you first get the pup, you can listen to the training feature where he’ll teach you how to be able to interact with him. Though the pup has a lot of really cool features, one of the ones that kids just love is the spring loaded net launcher.
To activate this, all kids have to do is to push on the pup’s backpack. To engage in a rescue, you’ll want to launch the net and when you do, the cute Itty Bitty Kitty, Everest, or other characters will be safe and sound once again.
Another feature that kids enjoy is being able to use Chase’s megaphone to amplify their voices. This feature is found in the pup’s backpack and like the net, is also spring loaded.
Kids will want to use the megaphone to call out for help but it can also be used as a light. All kids have to do is push the button to light up any area. It’s handy during the day when you need to search under furniture or during the times when the mission has to be completed at night.
The pup’s backpack also has the manual option. Kids can engage with the pet by singing along as the pup sings. He even bobs his head in time to the music. The pup is suitable for kids who are 3 and older.
He does need batteries to be able to work but those come with the purchase. When you buy the pup, you get the toy, the backpack, the launching net and the flashlight. Those items are located inside the backpack.
I hope you found this review helpful.