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Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Vehicle Poe Dameron’s X-Wing

One thing that can be said about Star Wars’ toys is that they offer a lot of attention to detail to make sure the figures, accessories, and vehicles look like the ones shown in the movie.
Another thing that can be said about the toys is that kids love to play with them and they’re in high demand. That’s the case with the Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Vehicle Poe Dameron’s X-Wing.
This toy is at the top of the list and you don’t want to miss out on getting one for your child. There’s plenty of adventure to be had for the child who has this toy and it really sparks the imagination. Age recommendation is for ages 4 and up.
Whatever mission your child chooses to go on will be full of excitement and adventure with Poe Dameron at the controls. This Resistance pilot flies the X-wing as he soars into action.
The Poe Dameron figure has some pretty amazing detail with the construction of his flight suit, vest, gloves, shoes and helmet. This helmet can be removed from the figure if your child wants to take it off.
The X-Wing comes loaded for a battle with the projectiles. Kids can create epic scenes as they fight in battles with the X-Wing. The vehicle is gray with tan areas and weighs about 2 pounds and has the narrow long nose with front end up support under the nose to hold it up. fighter
The sides of the vehicle feature sturdy wings with large engines and there are exhaust blasters molded on the backs of the engine intake. There are mounts at the ends of each of the wings on the top and bottom for holding the projectiles.
These projectiles easily fit into the spring loaded cannons. The cockpit hatch opens easily for the Poe Dameron figure to be able to slide in and out as needed. He can sit up as if he’s holding onto the flight stick.
He can lean back in the seat and you’ll want the figure to do this when you go to close the cockpit shield. There’s a crank that can lock the S-foils. He has a faithful companion along on all of his exploits into battle.
There’s a droid that sits in the back of the vehicle just past the cockpit. This is a fixed piece so it can’t be taken out. The droid does have a head that can turn. The X-Wing has the ability to fire the missiles and it comes with two accessories. Kids will get the vehicle itself, which is pretty awesome, along with the Poe Dameron figure.

Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Figure Space Mission Armor Poe Dameron

Fans of the Star Wars franchise will be happy to learn that there’s a 3.75-Inch Figure Space Mission Armor of Poe Dameron available. Poe Dameron is a human pilot that appears in Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie.
He’s a leader in the fight against the First Order and he flies the X-Wing space craft. One thing that Star Wars fans like about the Poe Dameron figure is the attention to detail in the character’s face.
He has brown sculpted hair and comes dressed in the clothes that he wears in the movie, which is the tan jacket that has such great detail you can even see the wrinkles, a tan shirt and olive pants.
He also wears brown boots. There is an alternate Poe Dameron figure that does come dressed in his orange flight suit and even though that figure was a great one, too, some collectors were disappointed when they couldn’t remove Poe’s helmet.
Fortunately, that’s not a problem with this version of Poe Dameron. Also included with the package is the armor that Poe Dameron dressed in for the movie. He’s holding his laser gun, so he comes ready to do battle.
The gun isn’t molded to Poe’s hand, so kids can use the weapon with other figures if they want to or give Poe a different weapon to hold. Along with the figure, you’ll also find a single piece suit in the box.
This suit is Poe’s armor. Since Poe is a fighter pilot, his armor consists of a helmet with the Resistance symbol, a face mask, a protective chest shield, and his jet pack, which is visible on the back of the suit.
You can easily snap his armor on or off your character with no trouble so that when he’s not in action, he be able to relax. Both Poe’s arms and legs are able to move, although they have a limited range of motion.
Kids as well as older fans of the Star Wars series can enjoy playing with this character to re-create battle scenes from the movie or they can use the Poe figure to imagine new fight scenes and missions.
Keep in mind that Poe’s figure is one of five characters from the Force Awakens line of Star Wars merchandise. This means that you can collect all five characters for maximum fun.
The Star Wars The Force Awakens Poe Dameron toy is a high quality action figure that any fan of the Force Awakens movie is sure to love. With proper care, this character is sure to last for years to come.