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Tyco Terra Climber Remote Control Vehicle

If your child is a fan of remote controlled toy vehicles, the Terra Climber Remote Control Vehicle from Mattel will be a perfect addition to his collection. It made it to this year’s Walmart Hottest 25 Toys list!

This remote control car will keep kids entertained for hours with its ability to scale terrain both indoors and outdoors. The car can climb over logs, rocks and even piles of wood. It’s so tough and durable, that it can even go up stairs that are up to eight inches in height.

The remote is also lightweight and easy for little hands to hold because the remote only has two buttons, which can be worked in tandem. You can also use the buttons separately, which works well for those with smaller hands.


The toy is sturdy, which makes it perfect to use for playing in sand or dirt. The toy does flip sometimes when climbing, but because of its design, it will right itself. The toy is also great for indoor use.

It’s sturdy enough that it can be used to knock over toy blocks or buildings, but it’s not big enough to cause damage to walls or furniture. The toy can climb over small blocks and plastic toy figurines without damaging them.

The wheels have rubber treads, which allows the toy to go through mud without getting stuck. It also allows for the car to be able to climb stairs of any kind – including carpeted, patio, deck, and playground steps.

Although the toy conquers a lot of tough terrain, the tail works as a counter balance. If the tail isn’t extended, there’s a greater chance of the toy flipping, especially if it’s scaling stairs.

The Terra Climber measures two feet in length when the tail part is extended. The remote control toy is green with an orange underside and orange wheels. The tail is silver with a green tip.

The bright colors make it easy to spot – whether it’s hiding in the toy closet or ran out of battery juice in the bushes. This toy comes with 9.6v rechargeable batteries so it can be played with as soon as it’s taken out of the package.

The charger is also included. The toy has an extensive battery life and can be used for hours of play before it needs to be charged again. Two standard AA batteries are needed for the remote control.

The little toy doesn’t need a lot of set-up once it’s removed from the box. You just have to snap the tail on and it’s good to go. If the toy gets excessively dirty from outdoor use, it should be wiped down with a damp cloth. The Tyco Terra should never be submerged in water.

Barbie RC Hoverboard

Barbie has been rebooted as a cosmic princess in the upcoming Barbie Star Light Adventure movie and she teams up with a group of hover boarding friends to save the Galaxy. Barbie is boldly going where no Barbie has ever gone before!

Once your little girl has seen the movie she is going to want one of these Barbie Remote Control Hoverboards that work in a similar fashion to the quadcopter and drones that you are already seeing everywhere these days.

How Much?
The Barbie Hoverboard will be released this autumn and priced at around $60

Who Would Buy It?
The manufacturers recommend it for ages 8 and over and with parental supervision. I’m guessing it will appeal to children of a younger age as well.

Things We Like About It
First of all, we liked the look of this toy, the matching blue and pink colors for the hoverboard, remote control, and Barbie’s clothes are well designed.

The actual hoverboard and remote control seem easy to use and as well as going up and down and in all four directions it also has buttons for instant take-off and landing. The hoverboard also has preset buttons for three different stunts. The unit is charged by an included USB Cable. Drones and quadcopters are notorious for being difficult to control but this has been well designed to be easily controlled by a novice.

Things We Did Not Like About It
Until the Barbie RC Hoverboard is released later this year we won’t know of any design faults. One thing we didn’t really like is that Barbie can’t be removed from the hoverboard which would add some extra creative play to the set . The actual Barbie is made of lightweight foam, which makes sense otherwise she would be too heavy for the hoverboard to fly.

Watching the video from the Toy Fair, the hoverboard does seem fairly noisy but quadcopters usually are so this isn’t a big surprise.
There’s been no mention of how long it flies before it needs recharging which would be great to know.

Is It Worth The Money?
For Barbie fans old and new this is likely to be a must have and will be a big seller once the movie is released and will certainly be on a lot of girls’ Christmas toy lists. The hoverboard looks pretty durable and we are sure it has been rigorously tested so it should be worth the sixty dollar price tag.

Barbie Hoverboard_250x250

Where Can I Buy It?
This is a big toy release so should be available at most toy shops and certainly will be on sale at big online stores such as Amazon where you can check out the latest user reviews once released.

Final Thoughts
Barbie is getting a big makeover this year and this Science Fiction cosmic Barbie is a pretty brave move. We welcome this futuristic new Barbie and think the RC Hoverboard will be massively popular with all Barbie lovers.


Marvel RC Hulk Smash

If there’s one thing that kids love to play with, it’s vehicles of all shapes and sizes. They also love to use their imagination to create scenes involving their favorite heroes. With the Marvel RC Hulk Smash vehicle, they get the two combined.
It’s a vehicle – but it also has one of the Marvel heroes on top of it. That makes this vehicle a one of a kind that kids will never get tired of playing with. The Hulk sits on top of the car with his massive upper body strength on display.
He has his brow furrowed and his lips pulled back into a snarl. His oversized, muscular arms hang down on either side of the vehicle to wheel level. He can use his arms to smash anything that tries to stop him from completing whatever it is that he sets out to do.
He uses also uses his arms to make the vehicle move around in any direction. When he puts his arms back behind him, the vehicle’s front tires can lift up off the ground to show off a wheelie.
The upper body strength that the Hulk has is what can save him in any imaginative play situation. If the vehicle gets flipped over so that the hero is under it, the Hulk can fix that because he can turn the vehicle right side up again without effort at all.
Kids can use the remote control to drive the vehicle drive straight into any hard, immovable object and the Hulk will turn the car around to keep on going. Nothing slows him down.
The Hulk can do the tornado spin, which takes care of anything that’s in his reach. He’ll knock it right out of the way. He goes so fast when he’s spinning around that it’s amazing.
Although his arms are long enough to touch the ground, you don’t have to keep his arms that way. There are other actions he’s capable of doing. His arms can move into eight positions, which enable him to do so much more.
His arms are even strong enough to hold a real basketball. He can drive, he can spin, he can smash and keep on. The remote control joystick is what operates the vehicle. The hero has 10 different phrases and sounds that are uniquely his that he can say.
The vehicle can be used to ride around or through any obstacle course you set up or he can move anything out of the pathway of the vehicle. This toy is suitable for kids who are 4 and older. The toy does require batteries but these are included when you buy the toy.