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Meccano MeccaSpider (Age 10+)

Did you get the opportunity to go to the toy fair this year (2017)? It was held in New York and we’re telling you right now, if you missed it, you missed out on getting a first look at some pretty amazing toys. Looking at all of the toys currently on the market and the ones that are about to come out takes us back to that quote “why couldn’t they have made stuff like that when we were kids?” Seriously, why not? For example, we would have loved to play with the Meccano MeccaSpider, not only because we enjoyed RC stuff, but because we also liked insects (yes, even spiders).

The Meccano MeccaSpider really stands out from the crowd of some of the other toys for a variety of reasons. Today, we are here to give you the sweet details on what we currently know about the Meccano MeccaSpider.


The MeccaSpider is pretty neat to say the least. Due to its sensors, it’s an interactive toy. It will play games with the little ones. In fact, the sensors are so good that kids can easily get caught up in the world of pretending this is their own pet …it acts kind of like a pet from an adult perspective.

Putting it All Together and Playing

It will take anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours to put it all together. Most 10-year-olds can easily put this together. Building the MeccaSpider is a whole lot of fun, but that is only the beginning. The real fun starts when it comes time to play. With venom attack and app control, it will be easy to keep those bad guys at bay. That’s right, you can control this toy via an app. In attack mode, he will squirt out water. Children can protect their room and dare anyone that comes in. Like we said above, MeccaSpider even has an interactive personality and built-in games, which is fun for the entire family.

This is similar to an RC – it can go all around the house and it’s easy to get up and get going. It has a 50 foot range, which isn’t all that bad for a toy like this.

He also has a tracking, so he can follow you around the house, without having to control it. Imagine your child walking this toy around the house, spraying venom everywhere – this will really get their imagination going.

The Games

This toy has some pretty epic games. There’s one where the children can sit in a circle as this toy walks around. The first one to move will get sprayed. There’s another game that asks questions – the first person to get the question wrong will get sprayed.

With these games, the venom feature (venom roulette), guard dog mode (sits in the room and when it senses movement, it’ll start spraying), it makes it much more than just an RC.

If you choose, you can program more into it.


All in all, this is going to be a really hot toy once it finally arrives on the market. The Meccano MeccaSpider would make a great present for the child in your life, especially if they enjoy stuff like this.

VEX Robotics Ball Machines – one of Forbe’s Top 10 Toys for 2015!

Any toys that can be used to teach kids about power in motion are good educational and fun toys. Kids can learn and discover as they play. They’ll learn about linkages and motion as well as cause and effect.
Toys like the VEX Robotics Ball Machines are reasonably priced toys that inspire kids to learn as they play and the manufacturer has a long list of these interesting robotics ball machines.
These are modular in construction and are very budget friendly. The sets can be used configured together to make even bigger machines. The VEX Robotics Hexcalator Ball Machine is one of the robotics that has a hand crank that kids can use to create the motion that drives the wheels to move the balls uphill to the ramp and down again.
This is all hand powered, so no batteries are needed – and the set comes with eight of the balls. Kids can build a forklift using the pieces from the Forklift Ball Machine set.
By putting together the linkage, kids will create a machine that has the ability to scoop and lift the balls. Like the other machines, this one has a hand crank that allows it to scoop and lift the balls quickly.
The VEX Robotics Handoff Ball Machine has more than 220 pieces that kids can use to build it. They’ll be linking gears and cranks that can make a machine that has the ability to move balls to holding bins.
By building this machine, kids learn engineering facts like rotational and linear movement. By using the 170 piece plus set, kids can build a VEX Robotics Screw Lift Ball Machine.
The machine can lift small items and the design of this one is based on the science of the Archimedes Screw. This works by having kids use a screw that rotates so that it can lift balls.
If you have a child that’s big on sports, he’ll love the VEX Robotics Hook Shot Ball Machine. This set combines more than 180 pieces to create a machine that uses a hand crank to toss balls through a loop.
The VEX Robotics Pick & Drop Ball Machine has an impressive piece count of over 400 pieces. Using kinetic motion, kids can use the crank to move energy that makes the hands of the machine work.
When they use the crank, the hands will pick up a ball and if kids continue to run the crank, it’ll lift the ball up and drop it on the ramp. While each of these 6 sets use linkage, gears and hand cranking, kids can still add power motors if they want to take the building experience a step further.
Do you know a child who would love one of these toys?